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US GLOBAL MAIL - YOUR PERSONAL SHIPPER Personalized Mail & Package Concierge Services For Expats With the flurry of details and logistics connected to relocating overseas, it is easy to understand why mail is often overlooked. That is, until you miss an important piece of mail or package. And let’s face it, by then it may be too late! US Global Mail is the perfect solution for mail management while you are away! We are one of the original mail and package forwarding companies, serving expats in over a 120 countries HOW EXPAT MAIL/PACKAGE FORWARDING & CONCIERGE SERVICES WORK 1.) At USGM, we provide you a physical address in the USA where your mail and packages are received. 2.) As your mail comes in, it gets uploaded to your private Virtual Mailbox, accessible 24/7. 3.) You log on to your virtual mailbox and see all details with images and dimensions of your letters and packages. It’s like standing in front of your mailbox at home, only better! 4.) You control and manage all aspects of your mail- forward it to yourself or others; items repacked or bundled; letters scanned; discard junk mail; select shipping method and transit time; track packages to your door- all with the click of the mouse. Why Thousands of Expats use our service Trust and Reliablity From Fortune 100 companies, corporate relocation companies to individuals, USGM works with more expats than any other forwarding company. Our A+ rating with the BBB and candid reviews from many of our 25,000 fans on Facebook, tell our story better than we can! Convenience and Ease of use We’ve taken the pain points out of mail management. Sign up is simple and takes 5 minutes. Our proprietary technology delivers you images of all your mail and packages as if you were standing in front of your mailbox. Control your mail with the click of a mouse. Need an important document scanned? Right away! Want to get a packet in 2 days? No problem! All at a fraction of what you would pay with retail shippers???. Amazing Customer Service The only thing that outshines our technology is the people who power it. At USGM, you can expect great customer service. Our dedicated mail concierges are only a phone call, email or live chat away. Great Features To Make Your Life Easier Virtual Mailbox

Provides you a virtual mailbox with 24/7 access to view and manage your mail and packages. Your online mailbox will show you images of all your mail with details i ncluding sender, type of item, description, weight and dimensions. Whether your prefer a hands off approach and choose Automatic Forwarding or wish to control how each item is shipped, we ensure your needs are met. Ship, discard, hold and bundle items as needed. Choose from various carriers, prices and transit times and track every item to your door.

Scanning Feature We believe you should be able to access the contents of your mail right away. Our Mail Scanning feature delivers you scans of important mail- tax statements, IRS notices, time-sensitive documents etc.- on request and saves you overnight or express mail costs for urgent access.

Consolidation & Repack Feature This feature lets you get any number of packages delivered to your address and consolidate multiple items into one shipment. Our mail concierges will gladly combine your items, discard extra packing and repack them securely which helps you save big in shipping costs. It’s just one of the reasons why 99% of the expats who try USGM, stick with USGM!

Discard Junk Mail Feature You’ll never have to pay for unwanted advertisements and solicitations forwarded to you. Use the discard option to throw away unwanted items with the click of a mouse and rest assured your discards will be shredded securely and all paper recycled. The security of your mail is our responsibility and we take it seriously.

Customs Declarations Assistance Whether its customs paperwork or declarations, we’ve got you covered. Your personal mail concierge will be happy to provide any and all assistance to make sure your packages meet all customs regulations.

Personal Shopping In crunch times, when you need us to buy an item for you, a mail concierge will be on hand to shop on your behalf and send your items/gifts to the address of your choosing. You will never have to ship holiday or birthday gifts using expensive international postage.

Family Share Plan Feature We deliver the maximum number of features for one low price. Add your family members on the same account and forward mail/packages to unlimited number of addresses. One simple plan, for all your mail and shopping needs!

WHY YOU WILL LOVE OUR SERVICE Service with a smile We are happy only when you are! Our mail and package concierges are dedicated to making your life easier and experience, delightful. We are only a phone call, email or live chat away. 24/7 Access Gain peace of mind that comes from knowing you can see every mail piece and package as soon as it comes in and can access important documents right away, when needed. Get set up in 5 minutes We’ve simplified the sign up so you can get your very own US address within minutes. If you have 5 minutes, visit and start receiving your mail and shopping, no matter where you are Maintain Your American Lifestyle. Shop all your favorite US brands like a local, while living abroad. Don’t wait for a friend or family member to visit to get your stuff. Save on shipping costs We get discounts from shipping companies and pass them on to you, saving you 30- 50% over retail shipping rates. Ensure Your Privacy. Your mail is no one else’s business. USGM offers the utmost privacy when it comes to receiving, uploading and shipping mail or packages on behalf of our Expat clients. Prescriptions, magazines, legal notices and personal items go directly into your private mailbox and are for your eyes only. Keep Up With Family and Friends Your gift will always be in time for a niece or nephew’s birthday. The USGM’s Personal Shopping service takes the hassle and delays out of shopping and mailing while abroad. ABOUT US We are mail and package-forwarding experts who specialize in mail management solutions for US Expats and International Shoppers. USGM works with fortune 100 companies, corporate relocation companies, individuals, travelers and small businesses to provide a US address, access to the US market and mail for their personal and business needs. Visit USGLOBALMAIL.COM to see our service in action and Sign up. Refer us to your Expat friends and get a FREE MONTH of service for you and your friend! or VISIT OUR WEBSITE : TO TAKE A TOUR OF OUR SYSTEM TODAY. ALSO REMEMBER TO REFER US TO OTHER EXPATS YOU KNOW! 1.866.596.8965


With the flurry of details and logistics connected to relocating overseas, it is easy to understand why mail is often overlooked. That is, u...

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