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*My name's Jessica Sailema, I'm 19 years old, I'm Ecuadorian, I was born in 1994, September 20.

*My parents are Carlos and Gladys.


*I have a sister. She's Gabriela. Also, I have a half sister but I don't know her. and I don't have brothers.


* My mum is very hardworking.

She's 42 years old, She's very loving, She' s housewife.

My dad is Carlos, He's 42 years old. He works in a factory , It is in Picayhua,

He transforms the leather and He sells the leather in Cotacachi.

My parents

* Gabriela is 21 years old, She's a student, She study in education and human sciences career and She doesn't work.

* Her boyfriend is Marlon.

My sister

I lived in "El Proa" for 5 years but when I was 5 years old I went to live in Picayhua. Actually I live here with my sister and my mum.

I studied in Alfonso Troya School and I had a best friend, Her name is Jessica but She traveled to Spain when She was 10 years old so, I was very sad.

* My secondary I studied in Ambato High School, I had 4 best friends.


We practiced tae kwon do two years ago, It was fantastic because when the teacher taught exercise. It was very hard but interesting for me after we went to eat pizza or we went to walked. I miss it.

* I passed for difficult moments

because My sister was ill, She had Anemia, She was very sad all time. She didn't like to play. She always was tired and exhausted.


My happy moments was when I went to Cotacachi with my dad I knew some beautiful places and I saw a lot of things made of leather.

My free time:

I enjoy playing soccer, I like to read magazines, I like to play video games, I meet with my friends.

* I have two dogs and a cat, my cat is Peter and my dogs are Pincesa and Diana, they're very playful , they bite the furniture or clothes.

Now I study in UTA, I study in accounting career, this career is very important for me because I am interested in the numbers.

When I finish my career I want to work in my own company.

*My Future


My Biography


My Biography