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How Many Calories in a Banana

information on calories in banana milkshake, fritters, chips, bread and various other products that are made from the curvy yellow fruit.

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Chocolates, Sweets, Pies Condiments Calories in Types of Foods bananas are good for you, you are going to find that explained right here too.

This really is the all you need to know guide to the banana. Besides covering different sizes of the fruit, we are also going to provide you with additional

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How Many Calories in a Banana

Ladies and gentlemen, please have no doubts in your mind about the banana being good for you, as this is a fact that you can take to the bank. The question is more, 'why are bananas good for you?', and here is where we will proceed to explain just that. You have seen how many calories is in a banana, and there are relatively few. There is also next barely any fat in a banana, with an even smaller proportion being the saturated fat that you want to be avoiding in foods. Being a food that derives from a plant, there is also no cholesterol in a banana. Another plus point is that they are very low in sodium. The majority of banana calories come from the sugar that it contains, but along with the potassium this is something that is going to give you energy. Bananas are renowned for having a decent dose of potassium in them, and this is a mineral that also helps in the function and recovery of your muscles. This is why you often see athletes such as Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal tucking into a banana during their matches. You can get a very hansom amount of vitamins C and B6 from bananas, as well as another mineral in manganese. They are also a relatively good dietary source of fiber. There are some wonderful plus points in here, that make the banana a fruit that can play a solid part in any diet. 2/ 3


How Many Calories in a Banana Vitamins and Minerals in Foods (index) Bananas are also incredibly versatile, and this means that they go well with any meal as a desert, as well as the fact that you can use them as a snack any time of the day or night. They go incredibly well with other foods, and you can use them to make health concoctions such as fruit smoothies and salads. Reaching for a piece of fruit when you are hungry is going to do you all manor of good, and the banana is a truly well balanced example of something that is both nutritionally beneficial, and moderately low in calories.

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About the banana The banana fruit is grown across the world in tropical areas, making up the fourth biggest fruit crop in the world. Ten to fifteen months of frost-less conditions are required in order to produce the stalk of the flower. Freezing temperatures will quite simply destroy the foliage, which is why they thrive in temperate conditions. If the temperature drops below approximately 53 degrees Fahrenheit almost all types of bananas will cease to grow, it really is a case of only the toughest survive. If temperatures while the plant is growing reach approximately 80 degrees Fahrenheit, the growth of the plant will start to slow down and even stop entirely should temperatures reach around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. High temperatures and exposure to bright sunlight can damage both the leaves and the fruit of the plant, so it is common for plantations to be protected in order for the maximum benefits to be obtained in both the number, and the quality of the fruit. Plants are generally not very robust and can be damaged easily, or even blown down by wind. It really does take perfect conditions, time and care to produce the banana, something you don't really think about

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