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Jessica Wooten FASM 420 Importing to the US

Darling Owla: Business Plan •  Mission Statement: ““Darling Owla seeks to offer quality merchandise by offering unique and eclectic designs within a varying price range. Darling Owla creates one of a kind silhouettes, while, keeping social good and ethical practices in mind when outsourcing.”” •  Sourcing : Women’s woven tops from El Salvador •  Sub-classifications: Cotton blouse, Crop Button Up Top, Short Sleeve Blouse, ¾ Short Sleeve Button Up. •  Paying for goods: Letter of credit. •  Goal MU of 65%

BWA, Inc •  Full service apparel company •  American owned •  Continuously improve manufacturing resources to maintain highest level of quality, productivity & competitiveness •  Majority of product they ship to the US is imported duty free under CAFTA-DR •  Social compliance is their highest priority. •  Believe in well being of employees in the factory (Medical clinic, daycare, educational facilities (free of charge)

BWA, Inc & El Salvador’s Relationship with the US •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Location : Carretera a Santa Ana, KM 26.5. La Libertad, El Salvador, C.A. Relationship with the US : El Salvador offers an open market for US goods & services Tariffs are low due to the implementation of CAFTA-DR. US & El Salvador have a bilateral commercial relationship The US is El Salvador’s #1 investor & leading trade partner. Majority of El Salvador’s imports come from the US and nearly 50% of El Salvador’s exports go to the US

Traits: El Salvador •  Political: According to the US department of Senate, El Salvador has a democratic republic type of government. In the past there have been issues of human rights violations and war reforms. •  Economic: GDP (purchasing power parity) : $44.78 B •  Growth rate: 2% •  GDP per capita: $7600 •  Industries: Apparel, Agriculture & Services •  Geographic location: Central America, bordering the North Pacific Ocean, between Guatemala and Honduras •  Transportation: Airways, Roadways, Railways, Waterways

Business Etiquette •  Masculine or Feminine: Depends, women are making a lot of decisions, but in some areas men are the only ones working •  Negotiation Styles: : Decisions, are typically made by the person in a senior level position. Decisions are based on strengthened relationship. Decisions made with intuition rather than fact. •  Type of communication: Salvadoran’s •  prefer indirect communication •  Appropriate business attire:: Formal business attire

Business Etiquette Cont’ •  Introductions: Presentation of business cards: Exchanged during introduction. One side of business card needs to be translated in Spanish. •  Greetings: Handshakes but not too fim. Eye contact. Use of professional titles. First name basis comes later in the relationship.

Code of Conduct •  •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Mission Statement Compliance Labor Human Rights Safety Labor Contacts Grievance System Environment

importing to the us  
importing to the us  

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