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To Whom It May Concern: Jessica worked with us at Arenas Entertainment Fall of 2010. During that time she assisted our publicity and promotions team with several of our most important clients, including Warner Bros. Pictures and Walt Disney Pictures. Our interns are a vital part of the success of our company and Jessica certainly did not let us down. She was of great assistance on Disney’s Toy Story 3 home video release and on Warner Bros. releases Here After and Yogi Bear. There is a lot of cold-calling in our industry, and it is perhaps one of the most challenging aspects of what we ask of our interns. It requires great confidence and an ability to think on your feet. None of this was an issue for Jessica. She jumped right into uncomfortable or challenging situations and handled them with finesse. Jessica also helped a great deal with research and reports. While I was impressed with Jessica’s success in her day-to-day workload, it was her character/personality that made her an asset to our organization. She smiled everyday she was here and had the sort of disposition that just makes the people around her happier. There is a shortage of people like Jessica almost anywhere I’ve worked. We were very fortunate to have her here. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions about my recommendation. Sincerely yours, John Stromme Promotions Manager Arenas Entertainment

Hi Jessica, I've published the last article on The Fashion Section. Thanks for your amazing work throughout the last few months, you've done a remarkable job and I'm very proud to have had you on board TFS. Your writing skills are of a high level, with sophisticated language, tone and style that is easy and engaging to read. You've shown an amazing amount of dedication and creativity throughout your work at The Fashion Section and I really hope you keep up writing in the future as it's clearly something that you excel at. Good luck with travelling and everything in the future, and don't hesitate to contact me for anything you need. I've attached my confirmation that the timeline is correct & have forward the evaluation to your Internship co-ordinator. Let me know if you need anything else, Regards, Rebekah Pickett.

1212 Bellflower Blvd. Suite 239 Long Beach, CA 90815Phone 562.985.4867 • Fax 562.985.2320 • Email • Web To whom it may concern, While on exchange at CSULB, Jessica Meisels was a staff writer for the Union Weekly newspaper from September 2010-March 2011. She was a friendly face at our weekly meetings, and eagerly wrote many quality articles. Meisels gained experience in learning about the workings of the paper that equated to completing the satisfactory required amount of hours for a journalism internship. And we, in turn, were able to learn from Meisels unique experiences. While Meisels worked with our newspaper, I was the paper’s culture editor. Meisels was a great asset during her time here, bringing a strong voice to a newspaper that aims to spread the student’s voice. Besides writing for my culture page, she displayed great versatility as she also wrote about literature and covered sporting events. It has been several months since Meisels left, and she is greatly missed here. Sincerely, Leo Portugal Managing Editor (818)395-7182

List of References -Jessica Meisels  
List of References -Jessica Meisels  

1. John Stromme, Manager at ARENAS Marketing Group. 2. David Weiner, Online Content Editor at Entertainment Tonight. 3. Leo Portugal, Man...