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She wandered the streets again only to find more monsters.

Baltimore Lab School recently had an academic fair on Thursday, December 14,

This time, her violin and bow

2017. When I got into school, I saw that there were many displays all over the

turned into a big, beautiful

school, highlighting the things that we had learned, or were learning. Also,

bronze sword that was exactly

there were multiple bowls filled with snacks, such as mints, and Hershey

her size. She swung at the

Kisses, near some of the displays. The teachers said that the snacks were for

monster but missed. The

everybody, but we could only take a limited amount. While 1st period was

monster charged and hit her

going on, there were multiple demonstrations in classrooms for parents.

square in the chest, then it

During 2nd period, another student and I gave a demonstration of some of the

began to lift her up and

features of Google Chrome, such as Google Classroom, Google Docs, and

squeeze her. She felt the air in

Google Drive. I really enjoyed teaching parents about Google Chrome,

her lungs trying to fight its way

although I was sort of nervous.

out as everything started to go black. Suddenly, she was

When 3rd period began, the academic fair started to pick up as students and

dropped to the ground as she

staff gave tours of the school to parents. At that time, I began to take my own

saw an arrow sticking out of

tour of the school as I took notes on what was going on. On the second and

the monster. She watched as

third floors, I caught some glimpses of a fitness demonstration, as well as a

the monster began to turn to

music and dance demonstration. Near the end of 3rd period, I went down to

sand, which was scattered into

the Black Box, and I observed the Theater class demonstrating improv in the

the wind. She began looking

forms of two games: Weird Friend and Freeze. In Weird Friend, 2 students

around to see who had saved

would get up on the stage, and 1 of them would describe their weird friend,

her, but there was nobody

such as what they look like, and things that they did. After describing their

there. She gathered up the

weird friend, the weird friend would start describing their weird friend. In

sword, which had transformed

Freeze, two students would get up on stage and act out a random scene for 30

back into a violin and bow and

seconds, and then once the 30 seconds were up, another student would

then she went back home.

replace one of the students, and they would either have to continue the scene or make up a new scene. This year's academic fair was really fun, and I can't wait for the next one!

SCHOOLS CLOSING BY NATHAN H.  My article is about the Teacher’s Union of Maryland debating how to handle schools during cold spells and heat


waves. Many people have said that trying to provide a stable learning environment for students while under extreme conditions like cold spells and heat waves is practically impossible and also inhumane as students cannot focus on their work due to the temperature. Older buildings

On January 7th, 2018 the annual Golden Globe Award event occured. This year was different because the celebrities had to dress up in black to make a statement against the epidemic of sexual harassment in the entertainment industry and beyond. The attire was organized by a campaign called Times Up. The black showed unity and power. There was another way that stars showed support for the campaign; They wore specially made pins.

are in a much worse position than newer ones because pipes can burst at any time,


boilers can break, and structures can become drafty among many other problems. Due to the many problems that extreme conditions cause, many schools are forced to close, which causes them to have make up days. The recent cold spell has shed some light on the actual problem that Maryland’s school systems are facing, which is that they have been underfunded for years, and as a result, students and teachers are forced to suffer, because they do not have the funds necessary to be prepared. In my opinion, more money should be devoted to not only Maryland’s school systems, but also school systems all over the country in order to prevent situations such as this one from occuring again.

Bitcoin is used by businesses  to sell old and new stuff for their company.  Bitcoin was created by a software company called  Satoshi Nakamoto according to coindesk. You can't actually touch a bitcoin because it is digital. There are different companies who use bitcoin like BIPS and ANX and Airbitz and 37coins

not everyone had arrived, so we were able to get some food and then get in line to meet some NBA players. They were twenty minutes late, but that's okay because they’re the Wizards. The first player I met was Otto Porter. He was not very friendly, but that's okay cause the next player I met was Ian Mahmi and he was. I saw that he had a ring and I asked him if it was a championship ring; he laughed and said no. I saw the general manager and was star struck.  He saw that, walked up

Note from the Editor: Go BLS Dragons!

to me and shook my hand. After that I saw Jason Smith and we

Me with Ian Mahimi

started talking about him dancing; he's a cool and funny guy. I even saw Gortat the “Polish Hammer.” 

MY DAY WITH THE WIZARDS BY BEN B. On Saturday, October 7th, I

It was a great event! I was glad to meet the team and get to know their personalities along with their talents on the court. It made me even more excited for the season to start!

drove with my dad to Six Flags in PG County to meet the Washington Wizards, my favorite team. It was a long drive to get there, but was well worth the wait.  As soon as we got there, I was greeted by the team's cheerleaders, the Wizard Girls. My dad and I then went to check in to get our tickets.  When my dad told them our names, they said our information didn’t come up on the screen! I was about to lose my cool, but then they checked manually and found our names. We were handed our tickets and then went on our way. We were headed to the area where the team would be, but before we got there, we went on one roller coaster; it was the Joker's Jinx--  I highly recommend it. When we got to the area where the team would be, we were lucky that

Me with Otto Porter, small forward

Top 10 songs of 2017

THOR RAGNAROK BY NATHAN H. Thor Ragnarok was released on

By: James B. might have changed.

November 3, 2017 and I think that it’s one of if not the best Marvel

Overall, Thor Ragnarok might just

movie that has been released yet

be the greatest Marvel movie ever

or at least the best Thor movie.

and I highly recommend that you

Even though I don’t normally read

check it out!

Thor comics, I still enjoyed Thor

10. The Chainsmokers - Honest 9. Calvin Harris/Pharrell/Katy Perry - Feels 8. Noah Cyrus/Labrinth - Make Me (Cry) 7. Calvin Harris/Frank

Ragnarok a lot.

Ocean/Migos - Slide

I really liked Thor(played by Chris

5. Shawn Mendes- There’s

Hemsworth) in Thor Ragnarok. I liked him in Thor Ragnarok because he was much funnier and stronger. In the movie, Thor goes through a lot of changes, such as losing his signature weapon, Mjolnir, and getting his hair cut off. I was a little bit disappointed that Thor lost Mjolnir, but afterwards it turned out Thor didn't really need it. I also really liked that they cut Thor’s hair, because he looks really awesome without long hair. I can’t wait for Thor to meet back up with the other Avengers in Infinity War and see their reactions to his

6. Camila Cabello - Havana Nothing Holdin’ Me Back 4. Hailee Steinfeld/Alesso/Florida Georgia Line - Let Me Go 3. Maroon 5/SZA - What Lovers Do 2. The Weeknd/Daft Punk - I Feel it Coming I thought long and hard whether I wanted this to be #1 or #2, and I picked #2. But the chorus is my favorite part of this, because it sounds like a Michael Jackson song from the 70s, and it has that 70s disco vibe. This song didn’t become awfully underrated,

short hair.  

which is good to hear.

Another character that I really

Okay. Here is my #1 song of 2017:

liked in Thor Ragnarok was Loki(played by Tom Hiddleston). Loki had been amazing in the first Thor and the first Avengers, and he was fine during the second Thor movie, which ended with Thor thinking he was dead, but he was actually alive and was masquerading as Odin on Asgard. Thor figures this out during Thor Ragnarok, and Loki is dragged along in Thor’s quest to find their father. However, when Hela shows up, Loki and Thor are sent to Sakaar, although Loki is sent there weeks before Thor shows up. Loki then betrays Thor, but is then roped into helping him. A really interesting scene was when Loki once again betrayed Thor, but, unfortunately for Loki, Thor had learned not to trust him. Once again, Loki decides to help Thor fight Hela, and at the end of the movie, it appears as if Loki 

The Chainsmokers - Paris The Chainsmokers started off this list and ended this list. Cool, right? This song was released on January 13th. I was very happy to see my song achieved the top. I love everything about this song. I love the four chords, the verses, the beautiful guitars, the chorus, the drop,  Seeing this song get popular made me very happy.

New York Bans Vaping By: Mia H. On July 25, 2017, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo of New York State signed a bill to ban vaping in public spaces, similarly to the ban of smoking cigarettes in public places. It is expected to go into effect within 30 days of signing. About 70% of cities in New York have enforced and removed vaping in public spaces.The remaining percentage will eventually be enforced by the statewide policy. Despite researchers’ medical evaluations, customers of the product strongly believe that nicotine inside the ecigarettes helps in weaning themselves off cigarettes. It has been proven that ecigarettes are a slightly better option than cigarettes, but despite the growing popularity, New York has applied hard enforcement. Due to the ban on vaping, New York is losing $2.5 billion in industrial production. The New York State Health Department continues to warn people of the effects and ingredients which they're evidently inhaling due to aerosol emissions. Some of the ingredients found in e-cigarettes include formaldehyde, cadmium, which is commonly found in batteries, and benzene, which is normally found in gasoline. A vape free future is far away since the nicotine in e-cigarettes can be

applied into other products, such as flavored candies or sweets. The number of students who have been monitored for vaping has also increased substantially.

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Volume 6, Issue 2  

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