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oming to Huntsville to attend UAH has been the ultimate decision I’ve made in regards to college life and education! From my hometown to UAH is about a two hour drive and I rarely go home. My major is Computer Science and I really became infatuated the course curriculum here at UAH. I am a first year student and I have enjoyed EVERY second of my time here attending UAH. I did that exactly and later attended “Admitted Student Day” and completely fell in LOVE with the campus life. Leaving my hometown was a huge step to take because I left behind family, close friends, and everything that I was used to. I personally wanted to leave my hometown, though, so that I could venture out and see what being in another city is like and I can personally say that it truly has been awesome! Living in on campus has given me the ability to connect with other people that I may have never met if I would have stayed at home! My favorite part of living on campus is sharing a suite with three other people and having my own individual room. Staying on campus has helped me meet tons of people in my own residence hall. I live in CCRH and I liked to play video games in the lobby because I’m able to continue to meet new people who may or may not live in the building. I have gotten pretty involved on campus and it’s been extremely rewarding. I am currently involved in UMMP, ASPIRE, High5Friday, UMMP Mentor, and LEAP Mentor. UAH has so many organizations to choose from so that you can get involved on campus and “find your place” on campus. There are endless opportunities to finding different activities or events to attend on campus. I encourage you to make the most of your college experience, but remember what you are here for!

UAH has so many organizations to choose from so that you can get involved on campus and “find your place” on campus.

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Living on campus puts you in the center of the college experience. You’ll become a part of a diverse, inclusive campus community, and gain a sense of personal independence that will stay with you throughout your life. Campus life offers a lot of incentives that include the convenience of being close to classes, the Charger Union, the fitness center, food services, campus events, tutoring, Charger athletic events, and so much more! Along with the convenience of campus resources, you’ll develop friendships that will be as lasting as you’ll ever know.

At UAH all of our residence halls are suite style and include a private bedroom and bathroom that is shared with one other suitemate, along with a kitchenette and living room in every suite! We offer several great communities for first year students including Engineering, LEAP, Honors, Health Professions, Health & Wellness, and General Interest.

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Learn more about our communities at To complete your housing application: Go to - Select “Prospective Residents” Select “Apply Now” - Select “1st Year Housing Application”

Nick's UAH Story  
Nick's UAH Story