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a UAH student ...and ...and I’m aI’m UAH student from Huntsville, Alabama from Huntsville, Alabama

this is my story...


iving on campus has definitely changed my whole life. I went to Bob Jones High School in Madison, Alabama and all I did was go to school, go to work, and then go home. When I started at UAH and moved onto campus I learned how to get out of that regular routine and actually live my life. There is nothing like being able to walk outside your room and walking five steps to adventure and opportunities every single day. Living on campus has completely changed my experience due to all the programs and opportunities that the RAs have provided. There is always something going on and always someone around to help. Living with people that are just like me has made me form new friendships and bonds that will last a life time. I have met so many new people from just being around the building! Being a local student I am always telling incoming students that living on campus has been worth every single penny! I wouldn’t exchange living on campus for anything in the world. I absolutely love this school and am totally in love with the people that are here.

Living with people that are just like me has made me form new friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

live on campus

Living on campus is a major component of the college experience. We offer several great communities for first year students including Engineering, Honors, Leadership, LEAP, Health Professions, and General Interest. We also offer a 6 Week Trial Period for students in the 30 mile radius of campus where students can live on for 6 weeks at a prorated cost without having signed a full year contract. After 6 weeks the student can opt to stay living on or leave free of contract. Learn more about our communities and trial period at

sign up today! To complete your housing application: Go to Select “Prospective Residents” Select “Apply Now” Select “1st Year Housing Application”

Andrea's UAH Story  
Andrea's UAH Story