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Teens Succeed

Jessica Lucier Visual communications 1-6-14



For this final project I had taken pictures of the girls varsity basketball team. I think that taking pictures of the girls basketball team was a good way to show how teens spend there time doing something good. Doing a sport with school is hard to juggle . Going to practice every day can take up most of your time. At their practice these girls have to work hard memorizing plays and drills. The picture in my title page is a girl on the varsity team running out as a starter for the game. Every one supports her as she is running through the line.


Warming up In this photo the girls basketball team is warming up. As they are running through the lines they give each other high fives. They support one another while they are on the court. This is also a motion picture because they are running through the lines/

In this picture the girls are ready to start the game. Before they start they meet with the captains and say good luck to there opponents.

Ready to start the game

In this picture a student is going up with a layup. This takes practice and time to do this.

Following the shot

It is important to always have a strong defense. This photo is an example of aesthetics because it is capturing a moment in time of her defending someone.

Strong defense

Its always important to look for the shot when your playing basketball. The girl on the right has the ball but no one to pass to and the girl on the left is trying to get open.

Looking for the pass

Its always important to be aggressive playing any sport. As you can see on the score board the game is tied in the first period and it is a very close game.

Fighting for the ball

These girls are running a press break. When they go to practice they need to memorize these plays to make sure they win the game. Some sports don’t just involve exercising but also studying and learning.

Press break

In this picture the girl is scanning the court to see who is open so she can get the ball down the court.

Scanning the court

When you get pressed on the court you have to make sure they cant steal the ball from you. Dribbling takes a lot of practice and time to learn.


Teens succeed powerpoint  
Teens succeed powerpoint