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Career Opportunities Names and Numbers was founded on the belief that when good people work together, great things happen! Today, our team of professionals is the springboard for one of the fastest growing independent print, online, and mobile directory publishing companies in the country. We help millions of users with high quality, accurate, timely products across the 62 market, 11 state area that we serve. And we are not done growing yet...

Are you the next good person to make a great thing happen at Names and Numbers? We are looking for success-driven, hardworking individuals who seek prosperous and exciting careers in yellow pages publishing, with opportunities for future advancement. Career opportunities in Administration and Operations reside in our corporate office, located in Pittsburg, Kansas (KS), while Sales and Delivery job openings may be found in any one of the 11 states listed below. Careers/Jobs Available Near You We want YOU to be a part of our team! Select a state image and take the first steps on your new career path with Names and Numbers today. Your dream job awaits you.

Serving Communities for Nearly 40 Years Names and Numbers was brought to life in 1974 when Ken Brock purchased a small directory business based in Springfield, MO, with money from his savings account. Daring to dream, Mr. Brock moved the business into his living room located in the small southeastern Kansas town of Pittsburg and renamed it Names and Numbers. In the beginning, he alone organized all aspects of the five directories published, including sales, production, and distribution.

Names and Numbers continued to grow steadily over the next 10 years. In 1984, unexpectedly, the landmark antitrust court decision had a profound effect on Mr. Brock's business. The competitive environment was changed by the deregulation of the telecommunications industry. The judicial decision to break up the AT&T monopoly into the seven regional Baby Bells allowed Names and Numbers to focus on smaller communities rather than just produce one large directory that covered an entire telephone company area. It opened up the markets and allowed the business to customize for individual areas. The vision was to make a more accurate, complete, and easy-to-use phone book for the areas it served, as well as build the advertisers' business by giving them a highly effective advertising campaign. Designed specifically for each individual area, Names and Numbers' phone books contain an abundance of information, including an Emergency page, Service Guide (providing area code/time zone map, toll free numbers, and state zip codes), Community information (providing calendar of events, local area maps, and local stadium seating charts), and the increasingly popular Caller I.D. Guide. Names and Numbers also produces an enhanced Internet Yellow Page product that allows advertisers even more opportunities to reach their customers. It is everything you need in a phone book and web site.

Our Products ... When & Where You Need Them! Whether In Print, Online, or Mobile, Names and Numbers provides its users with the easiest, most technologically advanced ways to search for local information. Our One-Stop Shop variety of products is the most complete and accurate for users, and the most cost-effective for businesses looking to attract new customers. Shouldn't you be where your customers are looking? Review our products below and contact a multimedia consultant today. We'll put your business in a print and online program that's right for you! Print Yellow Pages

Names and Numbers' phone books reach over four million homes throughout 11 states. With 76% of adult Americans utilizing Print Yellow Pages, there is no better time to become a Names and Numbers customer.

Online Yellow Pages

Names and Numbers' online yellow pages expand beyond the reach of its print phone books with a nationwide search product designed for today's search engines. Place your advertising with and reach more consumers looking for your business!

Mobile Search / Apps

Finding information on-the-go is as easy as a touch of a button with Names and Numbers' Mobile Yellow Pages. Same great product as our print and online yellow pages ... in the palm of your hand!

Mobile Marketing

Communicate with potential customers through one of the fastest-growing forms of advertising today must add more text for box to stretch to edge of side!

Greener Than You Think

PLEASE RECYCLE YOUR OLD PHONE BOOKS AT A RECYCLING CENTER NEAREST YOU! Select a phone book from the dropdown list below for locations. Visit to renew your ideas about print.

Our Vision Our vision at Names and Numbers is to develop a culture of winning, growing, building, and entrepreneurship. We desire for the people associated with Names and Numbers to recognize their personal and corporate value, and to become more prosperous as a result of joining our team.We aspire to contribute to an improving quality of life for our customers, and staff members, alike. It is our intent to build a highly skilled, well-motivated team who share in the same passion for our opportunities.We want our dreams and goals to continue becoming reality. And, one of those dreams is to make a positive, long-lasting difference in the lives of our customers, employees, and communities we serve each day.

Our Goals 1. To serve the best interests of our Customers by listening to, and understanding, their needs and objectives, and partnering with them to grow their businesses. 2. To efficiently produce and deliver: on time, high quality, accurate, complete, and easy-to-use Phone Books which exceed the expectations of the communities we serve. 3. To uphold and strengthen Names and Numbers' culture by embracing change and working together to promote a positive working environment that rewards success, innovation, and effectiveness, while creating the opportunities to improve each Employee's quality of life.

Contact Us Names and Numbers Corporate Office 1225 E. Centennial - P. O. Box 1479 Pittsburg, Kansas 66762 1-800-592-7625 Customer Service Theresa Buchanan Human Resources Tammy Shepherd Sales Executives For Sales - Account Executive positions, please send a current resume to

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Local Online Yellow Pages by Names and Numbers - Search business listings in our online phone books: Yellow Pages, ratings/reviews, maps, di...

Names and numbers  

Local Online Yellow Pages by Names and Numbers - Search business listings in our online phone books: Yellow Pages, ratings/reviews, maps, di...