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Jessica Jones


LEED Green Associate, IIDA Associate Member phone 651.329.5466 email address 5713 upton ave. s. minneapolis, mn 55410 website

swede hollow health and wellness center

senior thesis

first story floor plan

reception view

Filet lace was created through the net making techniques in fishing communities. Filet is derived from the Latin word filatorium, which means network. The lace represents the network, in which The Swede Hollow Health and Wellness Center will create. When broken down, the threads, which create the different curves and knots of the lace, symbolize the unique cultures and community of Swede Hollow. The fibers of the threads making the lace embody the individual entering the center. The Swede Hollow Health and Wellness Center will unify visitors upon entry by offering spaces that entwine the individual and the community. The center will create a collective experience through interlaced details and connected spaces that change with the use and the individual, to foster health and wellness and stimulate a unified community.

resource library view

second story floor plan

exam room view

corridor view

market roundtable

small office design consultation

Kitchen cabinets provide extra storage, while allowing for entertaining, and food preparation

Soft seating area, allowing for more entertaining, and to have a drop down spot for impromptu meetings

Bar Height Table allows for entertaining, and quick meals and meetings

Left and Right Combinations of desks allow for collaboration between team members, while maintaining privacy

Conference room area, for later development for more privacy. Walls or demountable walls can be added to surround.

Market Roundtable is a company that focuses on research for different retailers such as, grocery and convenient stores. The company strives to create an easy and approachable way to gain knowledge from the retail users. The research provided information for the retailers on what was marketable and popular. The objective was to create a space that was functional and efficient for the employees, yet aesthetically pleasing and welcoming to their clients. The clients wanted something that was light and relaxed. They wanted it to reflect where there company was going. Later on, it was discovered that the design of the office space influenced the rebranding of the company, which is now Real Insight.

o.b.o. playhouse

children’s theater team project

first story floor plan

second story floor plan

exterior view

Curiosity. Play. Humor. Through each of these characteristics, children discover the world around them and begin to take on new perspectives. The O.B.O. Playhouse engages visitors upon entry by offering spaces that develop mystery and broaden imagination. The theater lobby creates unexpected experiences through obscure details and layered spaces, which change with time and position, to foster create thoughts that stimulate growth for all.

waiting lobby view

event space view


senior living facility






To create a space that has an emphasis on vitality and youthfulness, which promotes connections between the users who want to maintain a zestful lifestyle. The connections are made through lively and interactive community spaces. The space has a sense of verve throughout with the use of energy within the lines and hues. The concept of verve was carried throughout the space; the use of diagonal lines creates a sense of dynamic energy. The spaces demonstrate the private and social environments of the senior living facility. The restrooms included in the design are individual use, which creates privacy between the user. Also, the different textures of tile provide an energetic approach to a small space. The salon is one of the most social spaces of the facility, it was designed to maintain an open feel, allowing for the user to be able to talk with others.

ASID corporate offices

large office team project

To design an office space for asid headquarters that cultivates growth with an emphasis of sustainable thinking. The space cultivates connections through sustainable, social, and structured interactions, which is demonstrated through the think spaces and conference rooms. After the design process was completed, it qualifies to be LEED platinum. Another goal of this project was to work with a team using each other’s thoughts to improve the design. renderings done by amy martin team members: serenity bernston and amy martin




The materials that were used in the space demonstrate warmth and the harvest colors, which reflects the concept of cultivating connections, a sustainable, social, and structured environment. through collaboration the team developed a ceiling treatment made of refurbished wood planks, which create repetition thoughout the office.

mixed media


From left to right: house exterior hand drawing (markers and pen) small object hand drawing (ink, pencil, colored pencil) wallpaper design drawn in autocad.

LEED Green Associate, IIDA Associate Member phone 651.329.5466 email address 5713 upton ave. s. minneapolis, mn 55410 website

Jessica Jones


design work

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