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Facebook Followers Facebook introduced Facebook Followers the last year which helped people to follow random people on Facebook. If you have sent friend request to anyone and if that person is not accepting your friend request then you can follow that person and get all the updates he/she is doing on your Facebook feed. Moreover at the time you send a friend request to an unknown person you automatically become follower of that person, so even if you are not being accepted as a friend you will get updates shown on your Facebook wall feed. Before Facebook Followers, Facebook brought Facebook Subscribers into action in the year 2011 where users were able to subscribe public posts which were published by other people on Facebook. After the introduction of the subscribe button, more functionality was added to this social media giant Facebook, as people were not only able to make friends and spend hours goofing around but also subscribe to the posts submitted by them. After few months of introduction of Subscribes, Subscribers were converted into Followers. But only the name was changed and there was no change in functionality. Having Facebook Followers have many advantages and we have mentioned a few of them here. •

If you are having a large number of Facebook Followers then you are popular, a celebrity on Facebook. Whatever you share will come on wall of all your followers which will be shared by them and will ultimately turn you into an online celebrity.

You can easily promote your business, product with the help of these followers. Take this for example, if you are having a lot of followers and you want to promote your product, just share it and write in the post that “Share this post and you will get this product for free”. This will make your followers to share your post which will be beneficial for your business. But don’t cheat with your followers, if you are promising them something fulfill it. Don’t make fake promises.

Followers and Friends, Where’s the Difference? If you are wondering what is the main difference between a follower and a friend let me throw some light on it. •

As already mentioned that you can follow anyone without approval of that individual, but if you want to become friend with someone, you need to wait for the acceptance of your friend request. You can easily follow anyone but it might be difficult to get accepted as a friend sometimes.

If you are a follower, you are interacting in one way. You will only get the updates of the person whom you are following and the person won’t get any update of yours, whereas if you are a friend both of you will get updates of each other activities and can communicate with each other easily.

It is the option of the person whom you are following to give the permission to followers, to comment and like on the activities done by him/her. It totally depends on the individual.

So this was all about Facebook Followers and having more number of followers in today’s time is just great. Source:

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