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This portfolio is a collection of works I’ve done as a Graphic Designer. My education and experiences have helped me to develop my design skill as a Graphic Designer. Learning Multidisciplinary Design Innovation in Northumbria University for the past year has helped me to develop more skills especially teamwork, design research, and presentation. email mobile +447534633436

Other interests Photography – I like to go for walks around the place that I live in. I find it very refreshing to go for walks and observing the area around me. Photography is my way to appreciate what I see. Music – I like to play guitar and sing in my free time. I find it very relaxing to listen to music as much as it is very relaxing to play with different music instruments. Travelling – I really enjoy travelling. Travelling isn’t only a nice thing to do every now and then to get away from routines, but I find travelling also opens my mind to various different things.


My Portfolio

Education & Experiences Northumbria University September 2011 - Present MA Multidisciplinary Design Innovation Live projects, working together with a multidisciplinary team to solve different problems, growing in various design research methods and presenting ideas to clients. BA (Hons.) Graphic Design Continuing 4th year of Bachelor degree in Northumbria University, learned a lot about layout and typography.

Wonder Stuff Studio July 2012 - August 2012

Flux Design March 2011 - August 2011

Graphic Design Internship A few weeks of internship in Newcastle-upon-Tyne during the summer. Working on various graphic design projects: branding, publishing, and a little bit of web-management.

Placement / Junior Designer After 3 months of placement, I was offered a job as a Junior Designer in Flux Design, Jakarta. I had an opportunity to experience dealing with clients myself. Did a lot of publishing works–catalogues, restaurant menus, calendars, and annual reports.

PT Muzio Multimedia January 2011 - September 2011 Freelance Graphic Designer PT Muzio Multimedia is the main distributor of the brand “Helolulu” in Indonesia. I was in charge of their promotional media–catalogues, email promotion, and some promotional prints in stores.

Bina Nusantara International University August 2008 - July 2011 Undergraduate Art and Design First three years of Bachelor degree before I went off to the UK to study in Northumbria University.

Bina Nusantara International University September 2009 - January 2010 Teaching Assistant Helping the freshers in class as their tutor.

Tictuc Photography October 2008 - may 2009 Part-Time Designer I was in charge of putting photos together in an album digitally and also editing them.

Suryavi Advertising August 2008 Internship An internship before going into University. I improved a lot of my Adobe software skills here.

Skills InDesign





Design Strategy

Premiere Pro

Design Research My Portfolio


The Chief Designer First project as a student in Northumbria School of Design. This was a group project of four people. As students of the publishing stream, we were asked to make a Limited Edition Book on Korolev (the man who invented 4

My Portfolio

Sputnik). We decided to make a diary of Korolev while he was working on the Sputnik Project. The book has a really complicated cover which gives it a sort of “Limited Edition” look. We also had two sets of stamps given with the book to give it more “Limited Edition” feel. My Portfolio


Post- it TV Advertising An Advertising module project in University. It was a very broad brief, I was instructed to make a TV advertising and I had to come up with the tag line myself too. The product that I had to commercialised was of my own choice.


My Portfolio

I decided to choose Post-it and I came up with a tag line, There are always better ways to ‘Post-it’. The concept of the video was pretty much giving an example of a creative way to use Post-it. In this case I used a situation of a proposal.

Instead of just sticking Post-it notes on the wall, I suggested that we can use Post-it notes in such a different way.

My Portfolio


Long Weekend Journey An assignment during my undergraduate degree to use Adobe InDesign for the first time. The assignment was to produce a free newsletter (4 pages long). Long Weekend Journey is a short travelling newsletter that will equipped you with information that you need for a short break: points of interest, food, and accommodations–also including the price. This particular newspaper that I made was based on a town in West Java, Indonesia called Cirebon. I went for a Bank Holiday visit and try to record everything that I did during my visit.


My Portfolio

All the pictures in this newsletter are taken by myself during the trip. This shows how my hobby to take photographs are sometimes very helpful towards what I do as a graphic designer.

My Portfolio


Panin Bank Travel Catalogue I was given this task during my internship with Flux design in 2011. The challenge of doing this task was having to fit hundreds of travel itineraries and hotels that are on offer by Panin Bank’s Credit Card. I was also being trusted to be in touch with the client myself. It was such a big responsibility to keep the client happy with what I did. During my 6 months of working in Flux Design, I was trusted to do 3 of these catalogues.


My Portfolio

Here is a quote from a reference that the client I have been in touch with for this task.

Jessica provides excellent and consistent design for Panin Bank’s promotion collateral. She manages her time well and can handle a variety of projects while meeting tight deadlines. She has been a great contributor to Panin Bank Credit Card team. –Daniel Ricardo Sandan (Panin Bank, Indonesia)

My Portfolio


Photo Album A personal project I made as a ‘good-bye gift’ to my family before leaving to study in England. When I made this album, I haven’t been doing layout work for quite a while 12

My Portfolio

because I have been going on a holiday so I thought it will be good to practice some layout work by making this album.

My Portfolio



Nine I collaborated with a friend to do this project. This project was part of an assessment but also an opportunity to enter D&AD design competition. The brief was to design a packaging for a 21st Century Scotch Whiskey that appeals to international women. We picked the name Nine from the story of nine diamonds that were stolen from Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. We tried to tell the story on the bottle packaging layout. We used the Argyle pattern as the main theme of the packaging because it is a popular Scottish pattern and it has diamond shape. We also tried to put a modern touch to the Argyle pattern to create a modern feel to the packaging.


My Portfolio




My Portfolio


Multidisciplinary design innovation In the past year, I’ve been pursuing my Master degree in Multidisciplinary Design Innovation. I had been given a lot of opportunity to work on live projects with companies such as AkzoNobel, Baltic, Unilever, and Traffic and Parking Tribunal England and Wales. The course taught me how to work in a multidisciplinary team of business and engineering students and also sharpened my design thinking skill. All of the projects have different sets of challenges–communication within a company, changing human’s behaviour, and trying to regenerate a city or a town. I learned to do primary research and also generating ideas regarding the solution of the problem. I have also been assigned to go to different companies to present our ideas. Other than the challenges that is offered by different companies, the course has also helped me to develop my v skill. Working in a multidisciplinary environment–people with various discipline background–is a challenge on its own.


My Portfolio

My Portfolio



My Portfolio

Photography I don’t own a dog, so I like to take my camera for a walk.

My Portfolio


Email // mobile +44 7534 633436

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