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"If you're debating on whether or not to hire a wedding planner I highly recommend Jessica! She went above and beyond on my wedding day making sure everything was exactly how it should be... All I can say is if you hire Jess, it'll be one of the best wedding day decisions you can make!" AMANDA & JOHN - JUNE 2018

! e r e h Hi t I'M JESSICA GARDA

I'm the owner and lead planner behind Jessica Garda Events. I'm also a loving wife to my handsome hubby and mom to my cute-as-a-button daughter - with another one on the way!) Most days you'll find the three of us either curled up on the couch and reading a book or ten, riding bikes along the Montour Trail, or visiting with family. Whiskey is my drink of choice. Sci-fi movies and TV shows are my guilty pleasure; and I can never, ever have enough cheese. One of the first things I notice about a person is their laugh. I can be a bit nerdy at times and love when I find someone with a kindred sense of humor. I'm madly in love with my job! It has allowed me to meet so many incredible people - many I now consider friends. I'm honored that each one of these couples entrusted me with their "Big Day." I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment when they tell me our work together gave them the peace of mind they needed to fully enjoy the start of their new life together.





I understand that wedding planning can be overwhelming. After all, how many events have you had to plan before? But you know what? It's going to be just fine! With over 8 years of experience in planning events, I have the know-how and skill set to make your planning process smooth, stress-free and most of all, FUN! As a team, I'll help you balance all the necessary elements of an unforgettable wedding: cherished moments with friends and family, personal and gorgeous design, and a stress-free and celebratory atmosphere. The end result will be a celebration that perfectly represents you and your partner's aesthetics, priorities, and personalities. It will not only look like you, it will feel like you. Both of you.

So what are you waiting for? Let's start planning!





We'll be with you every step of the way. You can be as involved as you wish while we handle budget planning, contract review, wedding design, etc.

Ideal for couples who've booked most of their vendors, but would like the help of a professional to help with the finishing touches.

Our most popular package! We'll create a custom timeline and work closely with your venue, vendors and wedding party to make sure it all runs smoothly.

Starting at $5,000

Starting at $2,500

Starting at $1,250

Full and Partial Planning packages include Day of Coordination. Each package is tailored to fit your wedding's unique needs.



s l i a t e d FULL SERVICE PLANNING Custom budget creation

Floor plan creation

Personalized wedding checklist

Pre-wedding vendor communication

Design and theme development

Attend vendor meetings

Menu development

Monthly meetings

Vendor selection

Unlimited phone & email contact

Vendor contact management

Access to our online planning portal

PLUS all Day of Coordination services

PARTIAL SERVICE PLANNING Personalized wedding checklist

Bi-monthly meetings

Vendor referrals

Unlimited email contact

Bi-monthly meetings

Access to our online planning portal

Unlimited email contact

An a la carte item of your choosing

PLUS all Day of Coordination services

DAY OF COORDINATION Development of wedding day timeline On-site walkthrough at venue(s) Vendor communication and timeline distribution one week out Vendor contact person week of

Set up and breakdown light decor and personal items Distribute vendor final payment and gratuities Day of conflict resolution

Coordinate ceremony rehearsal

Unlimited email contact and phone calls starting 6 weeks out

Organize and manage bridal party

Access to our online planning portal

t c e p x E o t t Wha PLANNING

This service can include everything from planning, styling and coordinating for those who want complete management of their wedding day. From the invitations to your getaway car, I'll help you put together a team of professionals who share your vision and who will ensure everything is how YOU want it. I'll be with you every step of the way to select vendors, manage your budget, assist with styling whatever you need! Planning services also include day-of coordination. I'll handle communication will your vendors, wedding party, and parents to ensure all the details come together and remove any wedding day stress.


About 6 weeks out from your wedding, we'll meet and go over every detail of your wedding plans. Normally, 1 - 2 meetings and a site walk through are needed to ensure the creation of a throughout wedding day timeline. Around two weeks out, I'll take over all communication with your vendors, distribute the timeline and confirm any last-minute details. On the wedding day, I'll ensure everything runs smoothly and discretely handle any problems that may arise.



A d d i t i o n a l c o n s u l t a t i o n m e e t i  n g  s  Additional day-of assistants 

$50 / hour


Event design, color scheme &  m  o o d   b o  a r d 


Establish & manage budget w h  i  l e  c o  o r d i n  a  t i  n g   v e n d o  r  p  a y m    e n  t  s R S V P l i s t m a n a g e m e n t , t r a c k  i n  g  ,  a n   d  f  o l l  o w   u p 



I d e n t i f y h o t e l a c c o m m o d a t i o n s  &  f i n  d  b l o  c k  r o   o  m  s  f o r  o  u  t -  o  f -  t o w   n   g u  e s t  s   D e s i g n , a s s e m b l e a n d d e l i v e r   w e   l c o  m  e  b  a g s    f  o r  o  u t -  o f - t  o w n   g u e  s t s  D e s i g n a n d a s s e m b l e f a v o r s  f o r  g  u e  s t s 


C o o r d i n a t i o n o f e n g a g e m e n t p a  r t i e s ,  s  h o w   e  r s  o  r  l u n c h  e o  n s  C o o r d i n a t i o n o f r e h e a r s a l d i n  n e  r 







A few testimonials from real clients who have allowed me to be a part of the most important day of their life. I would not be doing what I love without my amazing clients. Many of the couples I work with end up keeping in touch long after the wedding day and become good friends, and I'm incredibly grateful. I've talked a lot about myself in this magazine, but now it's time to let others do the talking!

Working with so many wonderful, amazing people has been one to the biggest gifts of my life. it has brought meaning to my work in a way I didn't dream possible. Here are just a few testimonials from real clients who have allowed me to be a part of the most important day of their life.





...[A]fter our first call with Jess, our decision was easy. She is a warm and kind person who is genuinely just as excited about your big day as you are. Her calm demeanor helped us to stay as relaxed as possible through the last few weeks of wedding planning. When our wedding day arrived, we were fully confident that Jess would deliver everything she promised because of her clear experience, professionalism, and organization. We couldn’t imagine our wedding day without her and would recommend her to any couple looking for help planning or executing their big day.

Like most, we were leery about whether we really needed a wedding planner. As we got closer to the day, the more we realized we needed help coordinating the day-of details and timing. I also found myself worrying about who was going to make sure things got set up at the church or how things would get to the reception. That is where Jessica came to the rescue —we hired her for month-of coordination. She stepped in and completely took the lead. Jessica thought of and covered every little detail. I cannot recommend her enough. You will not regret hiring her for your big day!



Jessica was our day-of coordinator for our wedding and she was great! We debated about whether to hire a day-of coordinator, but it was so worth it! Jessica kept everything running smoothly that day so that we could just enjoy our wedding. I was worried about relinquishing control and trusting that things would turn out the way we wanted them to, but she completely brought our vision to life. Everything looked perfect and we could not have been happier! We were so, so, so happy with her services.

Jess was excellent to use for my wedding! She maintained total calm in the face of any bumps in the road day-of, made sure everyone knew (and adhered to) his or her role, and kept everything neatly organized. I would highly suggest using her for any event, large or small-she's an absolute asset to have!



You've probably already spent hours, days, weeks, months dreaming about your wedding, looking through magazines and scrolling through Pinterest. Then suddenly it hits you. You need a budget. And a day-of wedding timeline. And a vendor contact list. And, and, and... Don't worry - I've got you! The next few pages are filled with worksheets and tips to help get you and your partner started on your planning journey and keep you organized along the way. And if ever you become overwhelmed and need advice - just let me know! Even with my Day of Coordination clients, I'm here to guide you along the way. I find that it leads to happier, calmer couples and, in the end, makes my job that much easier on your wedding day!

Relax. We've got this!


1 0 1 g n i n n a Pl You’re engaged! Congratulations to you and your partner. Now what? Oh sure, you’ve spent hours – days, even – on Pinterest looking at beautiful pictures and thinking about your perfect day, but how do you start making it a reality?

STEP 1: THE GUEST LIST I firmly believe that who you celebrate with is far more important than how you celebrate. Yes, the aesthetics are the yummy, sweet, awesome icing on the cake, but I guarantee you that it will be the moments you share with your friends and family (not the flowers or the linens) that you and your partner will talk about for years to come. So sit down with your partner and make a list of everyone you want to invite. Check with your family, too, to see if there’s anyone you missed. I recommend that couples make three lists: List List and List

A - Family and close friends who you absolutely want there. B - Friends and extended family with whom you still keep in touch would love to have in attendance. C - People you would like to invite, if budget allows.

Tip: Remember that not everyone you invite is going to attend. Work commitments, lack of resources, other social events - these are just a few reasons why someone might be unable to attend. The rule of thumb is to expect around 80% of your list to attend.

STEP 2: THE DATE(S) I’m not talking exact date (unless a particular day holds an emotional significance for you) but a month or season. This is helpful because the time of year might affect your choice in venue - especially whether or not to host it outdoors. The time of year will also affect availability. The more popular the month, the more likely that a particular venue will be booked further out. Tip: If you’re looking for ways to alleviate your budget, an off-season wedding (late fall to early spring) might give you the room to negotiate with vendors. Also, consider a Friday or Sunday wedding.

STEP 3: THE BUDGET – HOW MUCH? Now it’s time to start thinking about how much you are willing and able to spend. Please, don’t worry yourself with national averages or how much so-and-so spent on their wedding or what others think you should be spending. Be completely honest with yourself and your partner about what you are comfortable spending on your dream wedding. Tip: If your family has offered to pay for the wedding – completely or in part – now is the time to talk to them about how much. If they haven’t yet made an offer, but you think they might want to contribute, don’t be afraid to ask. You’re not asking for a hand-out; you’re offering them an opportunity to participate.

STEP 4: THE VENUE Once you have your guest list and your ideal dates, you can start researching venues. Think about what kind of venue you’re looking for (ballroom, outdoors, trendy restaurant) and make a list of the venues that fit your description and also fit your budget and location requirements. Narrow it down to three or four and arrange for a site visit. Tip: Your choice in venue is certain to dictate the aesthetics of your wedding and the budget more than any other decision.

STEP 5: THE BUDGET – BREAKDOWN You and your partner (and your family, if they are paying) have decided on how much money you’re willing, able, and comfortable spending. Now it’s time to talk about what you’ll be spending that money on. It will help to sit down with your partner and talk about what is most important to you on your wedding day. Make sure your budget reflects that. (ex: Want an epic dance party? Put a little more towards an amazing band or DJ.)  It’s okay to revisit and revise as you move along. Maybe you didn’t realize how much that award-winning photographer would cost. Consider spending a little less on centerpieces to even the budget out. Tip: Use caution when considering DIY options. Many times these projects do not save you time or money. I mean, if you really love the idea of folding 1,000 origami cranes, that’s one thing. If not, you might be better off finding other ways to save money. 20

ck a B g n i v i G Your wedding can be a great opportunity to give back to your community. And to day it's easier than ever to accomplish. Here are just a few ways you can share the love on your wedding day.

DONATE YOUR FLOWERS Share those gorgeous blooms with someone else and donate them to a local hospital, nursing home, or other long-term care facility. Ask your florist if the partner with any particular organizations to donate your flowers. Or reach out to Centerpieces 4 Seniors or Scent with Love - both organizations will pick up your flowers, re-purpose them, and distribute them to homes and hospitals.

DONATE YOUR ATTIRE There are a number of organizations - local and national - that have use for secondhand bride and bridesmaids gowns, either to create beautiful custom burial gowns and angel wraps for families who have suffered the loss of a baby or to give to lowincome teens dreaming of looking like a princess at their prom.  

DONATE YOUR FOOD According to the USDA, food waste in America is around 40% of our estimate food supply. That means almost HALF of all food in America is thrown away - 133 billion pounds!!! Chances are you’ll have some food and sweets left over at the end of your wedding. Talk to your caterer to see if they work with any groups directly.

DONATE YOUR DOLLAR DANCE For those of you who don’t know what a Dollar Dance is, it’s a wedding tradition in some neck of the woods where the guests pay a dollar to dance with the bride. That money then typically goes towards the couple’s new life together, but why not dance for donations and give it to charity!

DONATE YOUR REGISTRY Through online portals like SoKind Registry, you can provide your guests with a list of charities that you and your partner support and let them choose which one to donate to. This option is great for the couple who is already fairly established and doesn’t need any more “stuff”.

Here are a few organizations that can help you give back with your wedding! If you're looking for more was to be socially conscious and eco-friendly with your wedding-day choices let me know! I know a number of vendors who specialize in these types of weddings. FLOWER DONATIONS


Centerpieces 4 Seniors

SoKind Registry

Scent with Love

The Good Beginning


412 Food Rescue Light of Life Rescue Mission City Mission (Washington, PA) Rainbow Kitchen

GOWN DONATIONS Littlest Angles, Inc. Still Remembered Project Prom Brides Across America

VENUES RUN BY NONPROFITS The Andy Warhol Museum Carnegie Museum of    Art & Natural History Carnegie Science Center  Carrie Furnaces & The Pump House           (Rivers of Steel Heritage Area) Children's Museum of Pittsburgh Heinz History Center National Aviary Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens Pittsburgh Botanic Garden Pittsburgh Opera


Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium

Men's Wearhouse Suit Drive

The Studio on Fifth at WQED 22

t s i l k Chec YOU'RE ENGAGED!


Celebrate! Compile your guest list Discuss a target budget Select a few potential dates Research and tour venues

Research wedding insurance Discuss bridal shower plans Book your honeymoon (international)

12 - 18 MONTHS BEFORE Finalize a date and book a venue Interview and hire a photographer Schedule an engagement photo session Shop for wedding attire Pick your bridal party Create a wedding website

6 - 7 MONTHS BEFORE Interview hair and makeup artists Start thinking about your vows Select ceremony and reception music Order or design your invitations Discuss rehearsal dinner plans Discuss any extra wedding events   Begin marital counseling

4 - 5 MONTHS BEFORE 10 - 11 MONTHS BEFORE Plan your décor Interview and book a caterer Interview and hire a florist Finalize your guest list Start your gift registry Interview and hire an officiant Order or design your Save the Dates

8 - 9 MONTHS BEFORE Buy your attire and accessories Mail your Save the Dates Hire your ceremony musician(s) Hire a reception band or DJ Hire a videographer Schedule cake tastings and hire a baker

Schedule hair and makeup trials Order rental items Reserve hotel blocks for your wedding Finalize any rehearsal dinner plans Create a spreadsheet for RSVPs Update your passport, if needed Book your honeymoon (domestic) Finalize your menu Book/Coordinate any transportation Discuss bachelor/bachelorette parties

3 MONTHS BEFORE Mail your invitations Script out your ceremony Buy your rings Make wedding night reservations



Begin any DIY projects Schedule your fittings Research marriage license requirements Write thank you notes for any gifts

Final walk-through of your venue(s) Call guests who haven’t RSVP’d Confirm head count with your venue Confirm menus with your caterer Send final guest list to needed vendors Confirm final timelines and schedules Finish all DIY projects Do escort cards Create a day of packing list

2 MONTHS BEFORE Confirm all flowers with your florist Confirm vendor final payments Research vendor gratuities Begin drafting your vows Start a rough draft of your timeline Make sure everyone has their attire Buy your rehearsal dinner attire Create a honeymoon packing list

6 WEEKS BEFORE Compile your seating chart Design or order your escort cards Confirm all vendor payments and tips Confirm your music selections Inform bridal party of critical details Schedule a final dress fitting Schedule a spa appointment Order your wedding programs Confirm all rentals Apply for your marriage license Review vendor contracts

1 WEEK BEFORE Pack overnight and honeymoon luggage Get your manicure and pedicure Confirm your honeymoon plans Pick up your wedding attire  Prep all final payments and tips Try on your entire wedding ensemble

1 DAY BEFORE Print out your vows (if needed) Rehearse the ceremony Attend the rehearsal dinner Set your alarm and get plenty of rest


Tip: Let technology be your friend! Schedule reminders. meetings, and due dates into your calendar to help keep you on track. Plus, you'll then be able to easily share these reminders with your partner, planner, and anyone else involved in the planning process. All of my couples receive access to my online planning software that will come pre-populated with reminders for everything you see on this checklist! 24

et g d u B SUGGESTED PERCENTAGES RECEPTION (42 - 50%) Venue Catering Bartending Cake & Sweets PHOTOGRAPHS & VIDEO (18 - 20%) Photography Videography FLOWERS & DECOR (8 -18%) Personal Flowers Decor Flowers Rentals Lighting Other Decor WEDDING PLANNER  (5 - 15%) Planner / Coordinator ATTIRE & ACCESSORIES  (8 - 10%) Partner #1  Partner #2 Alterations Hair & Makeup ENTERTAINMENT (6 - 10%) Band/DJ/etc.






STATIONERY (3 - 7%) Save the Dates Invitations & RSVP cards Programs Menus, Place Cards, Escort Cards, etc. Thank-you Notes Postage CEREMONY (3 - 7%) Venue Marriage License Officiant Ceremony Music Rings FAVORS & GIFTS (2 - 3%) Welcome Bags Wedding Party / Parent Gifts Favors TRANSPORTATION  (1 -2%) Wedding Party Transportation Hotel Guest Transportation Valet Parking EMERGENCY FUND  (4 - 5%) For unforeseen expenses

Tip: Talk to your partner about your priorities and adjust your budget from there.Want to spend less on decor and more and an awesome band? Go for it! These percentages are merely guidelines to help you - not hinder you! 


s e u n e V VENUE Contact Name Site Fee Capacity Dates Available CEREMONY Rain Plan Bridal Ready-Room On-site RECEPTION Is the location indoors or outdoors? If outdoors, do I need to rent a tent? Are tables, chairs, china, etc. included? Are bathrooms included? Is there a discount for non-Saturdays? What are the restrictions? Are extras included? (Dancefloor, etc.) Any parking/transportation notes? Will other events scheduled on my day? When we will have access to the space? How long will we have it? FOOD AND DRINK Is there an in-house caterer? Is it required? Can we bring our own alcohol?


Tip: Everything is a balancing act. A venue with more character and charm might be more expensive, but chances are you'll need less decor to make a statement!




y t r a P g n i Wedd PARTNER #1








Siblings & Spouses

Siblings & Spouses

Honor Attendant

Honor Attendant



Flower Girl

Flower Girl



Are there any family situations (such as divorce, death, etc.) that your planner should be sensitive to?

Are there any family situations (such as divorce, death, etc.) that your planner should be sensitive to?

Ceremony If you're opting for a secular or non-traditional ceremony, writing your ceremony script can be overwhelming. But you don't have to start from scratch! Here are the typical ceremony components to help get you started!



The officiant enters, introduces themselves, thanks guests for coming, and makes any small announcements.

The officiant speaks for a moment about the meaning of rings. Usually along the lines of, “Rings are a circle which is eternal, as is love,” but varies.

THE PROCESSIONAL The entrance of the wedding party.

THE ADDRESS If the officiant is a friend or family member, you may want them to tell a personal story about you and your partner and/or how you met. They may or may not write their address.

THE READINGS You may want someone to read a poem, lyrics, a Bible verse, etc. Your officiant introduces the reader, and they come up and proceed with the reading.

THE DECLARATION ON INTENT The officiant asks you and your partner are if you take this person to be your legally wedded partner, and you say, “I do,” etc. THIS PART OF THE CEREMONY IS LEGALLY MANDATED.

THE RING VOWS You and your partner present each other with your rings while repeating short ring vows after your officiant.

THE UNITY RITUAL Unity candles, sand ceremonies, signing of a marriage license - any ritual that represents the life that the two of you will share together.

THE PRONOUNCMENT The officiant pronounces you husband and wife, wife and wife, husband and husband, etc. … and then you kiss! Announcements about the reception can be made here as well.

THE POST-CEREMONY RITUAL Rituals such as the breaking of the glass and the jumping of the broom.



You can either read or memorize your vows or repeat them after the officiant.

Party time! 30

Reception I'm frequently asked, "When should we [cut the cake, have the toasts, do our first dance]?" The order of your reception will ultimately depend on your priorities as a couple. However, here are three common variations to get your started.

VARIATION ONE Wedding party & newlyweds enter First dance Cake cutting Welcome speech & blessing Dinner served / Buffet opens Toasts during dinner Family dances Open dance with other events (bouquet toss, etc.) taking place throughout

VARIATION TWO Wedding party & newlyweds enter Welcome speech & blessing Dinner served / Buffet opens Toasts during dinner First dance followed by family dances Cake cutting Open dance with other events (bouquet toss, etc.) taking place throughout

VARIATION THREE Wedding party & newlyweds enter Welcome speech, toasts & blessing Dinner served / Buffet opens Cake cutting First dance followed by family dances Open dance with other events (bouquet toss, etc.) taking place throughout

s p i T e n i l e m Ti An effective wedding day timeline is one that is concise yet still provides plenty of padding for when things (inevitably) take longer than expected. Here are a few tips on what to consider when creating your wedding day timeline.

HAIR AND MAKEUP A good rule of thumb is 1 hour for the bride and 45 minutes for each bridesmaid, assuming that your hair and makeup artists will work simultaneously. If your bridal party is a bit bigger, ask your stylists to bring an assistant.

PHOTOGRAPHY Have your photographer start about an hour before you get dressed. Allow for two hours of photos before the ceremony for a First Look, Individual & Couples Portraits, Wedding Party Portraits, and/or Family Portraits.  During the cocktail reception you can continue with any portraits. Another great time for couples portraits is 30-45 minutes before sunset.

CEREMONY START TIME The earliest guests will show up is about half an hour before your "invite" time. Be prepared to start 15 minutes after the "invite time" for late comers.

DINNER A double sided buffet line can serve 100 guests in approximately 30 minutes. If you're doing a plated dinner with multiple courses, they will usually be spaced about forty-five minutes apart.

TOASTS Each toast should be 3-5 minutes in length. I encourage people to do toasts during dinner, when you have a captive audience.

DESSERT Traditionally it’s considered acceptable to leave a wedding once dessert is served —at that point you know that nothing else major is going to happen (just partying). 32

e n i l e m i T e Sampl 8:00 AM

Hair & Makeup / Getting Ready

11:30 AM

Photography Coverage Begins

12:00 - 2:00 PM 12:30 PM

Most Vendors Arrive for Setup Everyone Dressed

1:00 PM

First Look & Portraits

3:30 PM

Ceremony Site Ready for Early Guests

4:00 PM

Ceremony Invite Time

4:15 PM

Ceremony Start Time

4:45 PM

Ceremony Ends

5:00 PM

Cocktail Hour / Additional Photos

6:00 PM

Guests Moved into Dinner

6:10 PM

Grand Entrance / Welcome / Blessing

6:20 PM

Buffet Opens / Dinner Served

6:45 PM


7:30 PM

First Dance / Family Dances

7:45 PM

Cake Cutting / Dessert Served

7:50 PM

Open Dance

8:00 PM

Sunset Portraits

10:15 PM

Last Dance

10:30 PM

Reception Ends

11:30 PM

Breakdown Complete


Office Hours

Monday: Evenings by appointment Tuesday & Wednesday: 10am - 7pm Thursday: Evenings by appointment Friday - Sunday: Reserved for events

Contact Info

Main: 724.413.8716 Email: Mail: 215 Sassafras Drive, Washington, PA, 15301


We’ll meet wherever you decide - your place, a coffee shop, local bar. My home is also available. Meetings must be requested at least 72 hours in advance.


In order to keep every detail organized, I partnered with a private planning portal, Aisle Planner, which includes a number of features, including: a planning checklist, a space for uploading all event contracts, and place for continual communication. This will me our main mode of communication for all non-urgent matters. For urgent matters, please email or call.

Vendor Contact

In order to provide accurate guidance throughout the process, please CC me on any vendor emails.


Your payment schedule will be outlined in your contract. An invoice will be sent via email 10 days before payment is due and will serve as your receipt. Please make checks payable to Jessica Garda.

I hope you're just as excited to start planning together as I am. Remember, if ever you have a question or concern - let me know! xoxo,



a c i s Jes a d r Ga WEDDINGS & EVENTS 724.413.8716

Jessica Garda Events - 2018-2019 Pricing Guide & Planning Tools  
Jessica Garda Events - 2018-2019 Pricing Guide & Planning Tools