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What is an email list? • An email list is a collection of email addresses that a business can create by engaging with potential customers through lead-generating campaigns. Email lists can shrink as members opt out of email subscriptions, and grow as the business solicits contact information from website visitors. If you're not working on building your email list already, or you've run out of ideas to do so, here are 29 simple ways to grow that email list. • Growing an engaged email list is one of the most important parts of creating a successful email marketing strategy. And for a lot of businesses and organizations, it’s also one of the most challenging. You know you have something valuable to offer current and potential customers, but how do you get people to actually enter their email address to sign up? Luckily, there are a number of tools you can use to grow your email subscriber list

• 1. Use a paper sign-up sheet (and let people know what they’re going to receive) • 2. Add a sign-up button to your email • 3. Put a sign-up form on your website • 4. Collect email addresses when people sign up for an event • 5. Collect email addresses at industry tradeshows • 6. Look to your existing database • 7. Offer a downloadable whitepaper (lead magnet) • 8. Ask at events • 9. Let people sign up with their phone • 10. Use a postcard • 11. Add a sign-up option to your membership forms • 13. Collect through guest wifi • 14. Run a Facebook Ad

Ready to grow your email list? • Think about all the different places customers interact with your business. Could any of these strategies work for you? • Pick at least one of these email growth strategies and see how it works. You’ll be amazed at what a big impact it could have for your email marketing and business success!

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Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List Improve your Market Research wit...

Simple Ways to Grow Your Email List Improve your Market Research wit...