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Bespoke Tailoring    

At Jessica Maë, we believe women deserve to look great in clothes that are created to their precise taste, with a perfect fit.


Personalised Luxury We’ve all struggled to get those well fitted, flattering trousers, and that jacket that stops and starts in all the right places. It can be a challenge finding clothes that fit our unique individual shapes, which is why we offer the choice to be able to own clothes that are unique, not just is style, but in fit.

Made–To –Measure                                            


Our made to measure service offers the opportunity to choose one of our original Jessica Mae pieces, tailored to your exact measurements.

We strive to design clothes that are stylish, elegant and timeless, clothes women can invest in, that can also be personalised for our clients.      


Our Bespoke services ensure your pieces are indeed “Yours” entirely.    

From design to construction.        

Our Bespoke  service  enables   clients  to  have  pieces  designed   specifically  for  them.  This   begins  with  design   consultations  where  original   one  of  pieces  are  designed   specifically  for  you,  whether   for  a  particular  occasion,  or   just  to  create  something   unique  you’ve  always  wanted.   We  take  combine  our  classic   aesthetic  with  your  tastes,   interests  and  lifestyle.  

Bespoke services at jm  
Bespoke services at jm