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Rebranding Feminism

Listen up ladies! We are currently riding the fourth wave of feminism and we think it’s time for YOU to ride the, all new, singing and dancing tremendous tidal wave of feminism waves. You will no doubt have your own ideas and visions of what feminism really is but ultimately this an attempt at rebranding it and simplifying the old and new analogies for the lovely yet confused nation. The newly refurbished feminist ideologies are a fusion from the likes of Virginia Woolf all the way to Germaine Greer. Both women have had positive influences on feminism so why not create a union of ideals and combat conflicting ideas of feminism such as “We hate men” or considering sporting a hairy armpit. Feminism reflects many issues in society that we need to deal with immediately to stop oppressing girls of a young age; body image, age, gender, race, the list is endless and the solution… EQUALITY and DIVERSITY! To be equal is to be free but being CAREFREE is the ultimate goal for most. We need a revolution, a following, a hash-tagging trend for the young whipper snappers of today to engage in. Something for them to follow and aspire to. So here is a collection of 30 images demonstrating an evolution along the feminism timeline. All I want to ensure is that women feel empowered and strong, as fitness guru Jane Fonda might say “strong is the new sexy” so strive to be the best you, reach your goals and don’t let anybody stop you! The 1950’s is a shadow of our former female pasts, lets break the mould and build on self-confidence as its been hacked away at for too long.

The Iron Lady

Since the 1950’s the perfect ‘stepford wife’ ideal still remains where women stay at home and men bring home the bacon and the wife err cooks it.




Girls and ladies alike are being controlled by the environment and media, the need to look a certain way is so influential on the younger generation.


Men are not the main cause for equality problems, women label women too, making it hard to survive out there in the ‘cat eat cat’ world.




The winner takes it all, we constantly battle with each other when what we should be encouraging is empowering one and other and always remaining respectful.



Who said you can’t enjoy the moments where you feel you can’t complete a task without the help of a man, to gain equality is to engage with the opposite sex.

Speak No Evil

To speak no evil is to live in a dream world, the current tongue lashings hurled at high profile women in the UK via social media is at an

Silent Movie

Actions speak louder than words, Protesting is an acceptable way of sending a powerful message but why not use that energy to promote the wellbeing of women.

See No Evil

Turning a blind eye to sexism is not an option, we need to hit this nail on the head, women face sexist behaviour day in day out in the workplace.

Miley Cyrus is not being the greatest role model in the world for our younger generation but she sure is standing up to the world and changing her former idyllic self

Wrecking Ball

The theory that a woman should try to have both masculine and feminine qualities seems to be an intriguing one but perhaps an achievable one.



Wearing masculine clothing could provide a balance in gender, but we’ve been working the cigarette trouser trend for some time.

Nurture plays a humungous part in how we look at the female species and how we shape our views on the world.

Nurture Vs Nature

Eyes on the prize Having an aim or objective in life firmly in sight will always keep enthusiasm going, so for a woman to think the impossible is possible is a leap for (wom) mankind.

Comic book

Many female comedians are now firmly placed on the comedy circuit. It is slowly becoming a welcoming place for the females! Go Mirander Heart!

e l a

d a e


m e F

Championing female Olympians for their achievements is something we need to encourage instead of drooling over Victoria secrets angel like bodies.


eF em a




The rise in women leading businesses into success has dramatically increased since the 1980’s, those shoulder pads have boosted our egos as well.

Extreme Sextreme To burn a bra, gaffe tape your mouth or hold a placard is not getting a message across to the masses, using social media is now the key to promoting something on a vast scale.

Keep talking

The more we speak of our concerns and criticisms the more we can help one and other, don’t be afraid to speak what’s on your mind.


Gone are the days of parading around with brash writing all over your body to make a statement! You can achieve so much more with the power of technology advancements.


After the transsexual Austrian singer with a full grown beard won 1st place at Eurovision 2014, why not start sporting some facial hair? This symbolises role reversal and how it is now internationally accepted.

Thinking like a man was one of Virginia woolfs idealisms so we need to embrace our inner man and leave the emotions at the door.

Role Reversal

Round of applause

So many well-known stars such as beyonce, lady gaga and lily allen all favour feminist behaviour to get women equality.

Stab in the back

A male employee still gets paid more than that of a female employee in the same job specification.

Freedom Fighter

Always stand your corner, try to avoid being a pushover and earn respect in that same way from important people in your life.

Fabulous Who said you have to dress more masculine now? Wear what you want and feel as confident in a dress as you would in 80s shoulder pads.

The Heidi Klum Effect

She was at the centre of ‘feminism’ for a couple of years after this replicated shot was taken. A carefree, wild attitude was something many feminists admired.

Challenges will come, but we will take them in our stride, we have many objects to overcome but the future is bright.


Virginia Woolf

Mimicking Woolf ’s famous pose, a portrait of her usually looking glum and not enthusiastic about the future for women.

Close Shave

Taking on masculine characteristics and mannerisms seems to be a positive way of gaining respect and gratitude but we are not the weaker sex and will remain to look feminine thank you.