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DCP Study  Abroad  Info  Session   Hosted  by  Alpha  Rho  Chi  

UF DCP  hosts  a  considerable  amount  of  study   abroad  op>ons  to  our  students  to  help   provide  a  more  dynamic  and  global   perspec>ve  for  our  students.  

DCP’s Programs   UF  in  East  Asia  (Summer  C)   UF  in  Vicenza  (Fall  or  Spring  Semester)   UF  in  Guadalajara  (Summer  C)   UF  in  Paris  (Summer  A)   Paris  Landscape  Architecture  Program  (Fall    Semester)   •  UF  in  Lippe  Interior  Design  Program  (Summer   A  or  A2)   •  •  •  •  • 

The Facts  -­‐  UF  in  East  Asia   • 

Program general  schedule:        Summer  A:  6  weeks  of  travel  and  joint  studio  in  China  at  the  Chongqing  School   of  Architecture        Summer  B:  2  weeks  of  extended  studio  in  Gainesville,  FL  


Program website:  hVp://uf-­‐    


Faculty: Dr.  Hui  Zou,  Prof.  Albertus  Wang    


Courses:      For  undergraduate  students  -­‐  Studio—6  credits        East  Asian  Architecture  Seminar—3  credits  


Enrollment: 20-­‐24  students    


The Program  (2012)   •  Summer  C   •  Hong  Kong,  Shenzhen,  Chongqing,  Beijing,   Shangri-­‐La  

Exploring East  Asia   •  Sketching   •  Joint  Studio  Project  (3  weeks  in  Chongqing)   •  Exit  paper  on  a  topic  of  your  choice   •  Tons  of  traveling,  firm  tours,  fun  ac>vi>es  

Some of  the  projects  visited…  

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More Informa>on  

–  Professor Zou   •    

–  Professor Wang   •    

The Facts  –  UF  in  Vicenza   • 

Program general  schedule:        4  months  living  in  Italy  with  trips  throughout  Italy,  to  Spain,  and  to  Switzerland      1  full  week  and  a  number  of  free  weekends  for  personal  travel  


Program website:  hVp://  


Faculty: Lisa  Wong,  Alfonso  Perez-­‐Mendez  


Courses:      VIA  Italian  Language  and  Culture  –  3    credits    Architectural  Theory  2  –  3  credits        Architectural  Design  7/8  –  6  credits        Sketching  –  3  credits  

Vicenza Study  Abroad  Program  

Vicenza Study  Abroad  Program  

The Vicenza  Ins>tute  of  Architecture  gives  you  the  opportunity  to  spend  four  months   in  this  city,  surrounded  by  the  Renaissance  masterpieces  of  Andrea  Palladio  and   within  the  reach  of  many  Carlo  Scarpa  designs.  Being  in  Italy  also  gives  you  an  ease   of  access  to  prac>cally  any  loca>on  around  Europe  for  fairly  cheap  prices.  

The program  is  designed  to  allow  the  students  to  roam,  whith  a  calendar  that   purposefully  designates  half  the  three-­‐day  weekends  and  week  break  along  the   semester  designed  for  student  travel.  Some  notable  trips  are  also  included  with   the  class  and  professors,  such  as  Switzerland  (Vals,  Bellinzona,  and  other  smaller   towns),  Rome,  and  Barcelona.  

Smaller day  trips  include  Venice,  Verona,  and  quick  trips  in  and  around  Vicenza  and  the   Veneto  region.  This  is  an  amazing  opportunity  to  visit  great  buildings,  both  old  and   modern,  and  to  connect  with  a  different  culture!   Visit  the  Venice  Biennale!  (every  other  year   Is  architecture)  

The Facts  –  UF  in  Mexico   • 

Program general  schedule:          Summer  A  –  write  a  paper        Summer  B  –  3  weeks  in  Mexico  followed  by  a  3  week  intensive  studio  in   Gainesville,  FL.    


Program website:  hVp://>on-­‐ins>tute-­‐caribbean  


Faculty: William  Tilson,  Alfonso  Perez-­‐Mendez  


Courses:      Design  7  or  8  –  6  credits      Poe>cs  of  Climate  and  Construc>on  –  3  credits  

•  • 


The  trip  includes  several  visits  to  firms  in  Mexico  City,  and  a  mul>tude  of  cultural  experiences.   You  begin  in  Guadalajara  for  about  10  days,  then  visit  Mexico  City  for  4-­‐5  days,  and  you  return  to  Guadalajara  for  another  6-­‐7  days   Basic  sketching  while  abroad  

Gainesville Studio  

•  •  • 

Then the  work  really  begins  when  everyone  is  back  to  Gainesville  for  the  studio  work.     There  are  3  weeks  of  studio  in  Gainesville  that  takes  place  every  day  to  finish  the  project   There  are  readings  and  a  paper  for  the  elec>ve  that  relate  directly  to  the  project  that  is  taking  place  in  the  studio.    

The Facts  –  UF  in  Paris     • 

Program general  schedule:          2  week  program  during  May  intercession  (before  Summer  classes  begin)  


Program website:  hVp://  


Faculty:  Nancy  Clark  


Courses:        Architecture  of  Paris  –  3  credits  

The Architecture  of  Paris  Program  

A combina>on  of  guided  tours  and  self-­‐discovery  the   architecture  of  Paris  gives  you  an  insight  to  the   beauty  of  this  city  of  varying  architecture.  Your   fortnight  journey  is  chronicled  through  your  own   sketchbook  which  comprises  most  of  the  coursework   along  with  some  research  and  presenta>on  of  a   couple  buildings.  

Nancy Clark  has  set  up  a  series  of  guided  tours  that  vary  from  the  Maison  De  Verre  to   the  French  Na>onal  Library  along  with  tours  of  French  architecture  firms  such  as   Jean  Nouvel  and  Renzo  Piano.    Discover  the  majesty  of  this  city  as  you  walk  its   streets  and  experience  its  architecture.  

The Facts  –  Paris  Landscape   Architecture  Program   • 

Program general  schedule:        One  full  semester  in  Paris  with  addi>onal  trips  to  Spain  and  other  parts  of   France.      


Program website:  hVp://­‐abroad/paris  


Faculty: Mary  G.  Padua,  Terry  Schnadelbach  


Courses:      Design  Studio  –  6  Credits      French  Language  –  3  Credits      French  Culture  and  History  –  3  Credits  

Paris Landscape  Architecture  Program  


The Department  of  Landscape  Architecture  offers  the  chance  to  study  abroad  in   none  other  than  Paris,  France.  The  city  of  lights  offers  both  architecture  and   landscape  architecture  found  nowhere  else.  The  program  consists  of  a  studio  class   that  focuses  on  French  designs  and  the  cultural  aspects  along  with  a  beginning   French  language  course.    

The last  class  consists  of  touring  the  city  and  learning  about  the  history,  architecture,   and  culture.  With  classes  four  days  a  week,  enjoying  your  >me  abroad  is   emphasized  much  more  than  school  work.    


The semester  also  includes  trips  to  other  countries  including  Spain  and  other  parts   of  France.  From  the  Eiffel  Tower,  to  Versailles,  to  The  Louvre,  studying  abroad  in   Paris  is  an  unforgeVable  experience  to  say  the  least.    

The Facts  -­‐  UF  in  Lippe   • 

Program general  schedule:     –  Summer  A:    May  6,  2013  -­‐  May  24,  2013   –  Summer  A2:  May  6,  2013  -­‐  June  14,  2013  

•  Program website:  hVp:// FuseAc>on=programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=11309   •  Faculty:  Candy  Carmel-­‐Gilfilen,   Courses:     Summer  A  (3  week  op>on)   •  Undergraduates:  IND  4940  Design  Field  Experience  (3  UF  GPA  credits)   •  Graduates:  IND  6941  Design  Field  Experience  (3  UF  GPA  credits)   Summer  A2  (6  week  op>on)   •  Undergraduates:  IND  4940  Design  Field  Experience  (3  UF  GPA  credits)    IND  4930  Design  in  Detmold  (3  UF  Credits)   •  Graduates:  IND6941  Design  Field  Experience  (3  UF  GPA  credits)  IND  5937  Design  in  Detmold  (3  UF  GPA  Credits)  


The Program  (2013)   •  Summer  A,  A2    2013   •  Berlin,  Detmold  

Highlights •  UF  students  are  hosted  by  German  students,  further  adding  to  the  enjoyment  of  the  program.   •  Students  experience  the  culture,  view  magnificent  architecture,  and  take  enlightening  walking  tours  in  ci>es,  including  Berlin,  Dessau,  Potsdam,  and  Oranienburg.   •  Create  interna>onal  project  work  that  can  be  included  as  part  of  design  portolio.   •  Experience  mul>ple  design  firm  and  industry  tours  to  understand  interna>onal  prac>ce.  

German Food   The  Food  is  here  is  delectable        I  had  one  of  these  (>ramisu)  at  every  restaurant   I  went  to!  

 The food  also  looks  like  this  

Rich, natural,  uVerly  delicious!  

Travel, Fun  and  Projects…  

Study Abroad  Ques>on  &  Answer    Ask  ques>ons  and  receive  informa>on  on   travel  advice,  cool  places  to  see,  and  general   >ps  for  your  study  abroad  experience.  

UF DCP Study Abroad Seminar Presentation  
UF DCP Study Abroad Seminar Presentation  

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