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Brand Identity By Jessica Elizabeth Waters

The London Loves LA identity is the signature of a journey. When you are wearing London loves LA clothes, you are carrying on a story, an adventure that started with the fun and love of the 90s. “LOLA is all about friendship, 90s love, and sisterhood. We place as much importance on the journey of the clothes as the products themselves.� (Sophie & Ella Berman, Founders) Here lies the story of how the visual identity has grown to reflect the narrative of London Loves LA.

The Brand Re-brand brief.

Background. London Loves LA is a vintage clothing company. Started in 2010 by young entrepreneurs and sisters, Sophie and Ella Berman, selling one-off high quality American vintage in London. They currently sell through their own online boutique and through ASOS. Living between London and LA they source their clothes from secret locations in LA, a collection of hot spot markets and thrift stores which they learnt over the years of flying back and forth can yield some real treasure.


London Loves LA has a strong ethos and style which Sophie and Ella live and breathe every day. They believe in their business growing organically. Through friends of friends they find their photographers, networking and promoting predominately through word of mouth trusting their fun loving ethos and quality product to talk for itself. Through their clothes selection and blog posts they maintain an air of verve and escapism. Sophie and Ella’s goal is to allow everyone to experience what they love most about LA. They are selling a lifestyle rather than just clothes. Giving their customers a taste of ‘the dream’; an LA attitude.

The Brief. The task for the rebrand was to give the identity a sense of gaiety and fun whilst respecting the ethos of the company: the importance of the journey and Sophie and Ella’s very personal reasons and background of the company.

Logo Design/ Illustration/ Typeface/ Colour palette.

The logo is an integral part of the brand identity. It is to be used on all of London Loves LA’s 3D, printed and digital forms, from promotion and printed media to letters and merchandise. It can be used out of context as an icon to further promote the company, ie, in articles and magazines, it is not restricted to London Loves LA stock or branded items only.


Final Logo, set with type.

The intention of this logo was to create an illustration that could work independent from the company name. The end result can work in several different layout arrangements and colour ways and retain recognition to the principal logo, opposite. The design also allows the illustrated swallows to be applied to merchandise and bespoke items as a motif. The design is bold and represents a modern approach to a vintage clothing company. This decision was due to the era that the clothes are from. The clothes reflect the fun, freedom of the teenagers in the 90s. This design was to contrast the old logo that had the appearance that echoed an older era.

The Illustration. The two swallows work on two levels, firstly representing the journey to and from LA and secondly representing London and LA coming together as the swallows strive to kiss. The logo is only complete and balanced with both swallows. Keeping clean lines in the bold vector image enables the use on any scale. When reduced onto a small clothes label it is not lost due to it’s dense silhouette appearance. The delicate and unimposing nature of the bird outline also allows for it’s presence on other images, a campaign poster for example, not to distract but stand out enough to be noticed. The silhouette of the swallows is slightly sinister and not perfect and round. This was inspired by the sinister eagle featured on the Harley Davidson t-shirts that are featured on London Loves LA’s website as inspiration and for sale.

The two swallows may be separated and used individually, however this represents one half of the journey and should always be countered with the other swallow facing the other direction at some point. For example the front and back covers of this book. If the purpose is to use each one separately to represent the two flights of journey then the right swallow should be used for the direction of LA and the left for the direction of London. The swallows, when paired, should be 10% of one’s full width apart from each other.

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

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Typeface. Matching the colour palette in it’s big personality. Light-hearted in the round shape, it reflects the fun element of the company’s nature. The type in the principle logo is thickened in illustrator to achieve a ‘bold’ effect. The typeface should only be used for the company name and in London Loves LA’s printed ephemera; not to be used for body copy. Also not to be used in other publications, such as magazines or articles on London Loves LA apart from as part of the logo itself or the company name independently. Peggs is a typeface from the Colophon type foundry based in Brighton, UK.

Colour Palette. The colour palette should flow through every aspect of London Loves LA print media. The colour palette is designed to be as saturated, vibrant and fun as the brand. Using pure Magenta and Cyan as the principle colours is reminiscent of the over indulgent colour palettes used in the 90s. The black palette is for the logo and type only; not to be incorporated with the magenta and cyan in merchandise.

C=85 M=50 Y=0 K=0

C=100 M=0 Y=0 K=0

C=39 M=90 Y=0 K=0

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Print Business Card/ Swing Ticket/ Magazine.

Business Cards. On coloured card, 200gsm, following the colour palette, using the principal logo design. The type is printed and the illustration is ink stamped. This gives each one an individual outcome. This reflects the nature of vintage clothes being one-offs. There are machines that use ink stamps that give the same individual outcome, and using a machine is a lot more practical for large runs.

Swing Ticket. Bottom two, type printed on cotton with swallows printed as cotton labels, then sewn on, coloured card behind for clothes details/prices and tied with black satin. The added sewing gives each tag a unique and individual outcome, reflecting one-off vintage pieces. The top image is for the majority of London Loves LA clothing but the sewn in illustration tickets are for the more expensive pieces. The leather jackets etc. This is to create a sort of high end part to the boutique but still in keeping with the colour palette and individuality.

Lola Banner is a vector shape, with the characters cut out. This allows it to run over any image and have a different fill to the type every time. Lola, the name of the magazine is spelt with a heart, drawn in illustrator. This is a clear explanation of the name Lola. L stands for London the O/heart refers to Loves and LA is the shortening of Los Angeles. Together this is the abbreviation of the company’s name, London Loves LA.

Magazine. Quarterly Magazine. To be sold on London Loves La website and at London Loves LA pop up shops and events. Should always keep to colour palette, but not overly structured in that respect. The features should be consistently interviews with friends of friends to encourage organic growth and promotion. The photographic feature should be on gloss to contrast with the matt paper stock the rest is printed on. Paper weights used: Cover: 210gsm Inside spreads: 130gsm Format: 21x25.7cm

Spreads. Grid is in place but it to be followed only with roughly 70% of the contents. This is to keep the pace and energy of the magazine high. Body text typeface: Georgia 10pt Feature body text: Georgia 8pt Image labels: Helvetica 8pt Lola Girls and boys: Peggs 14pt

Bespoke Clothes Hangers/ Mannequin.

Clothes Hangers. Bespoke hangers to be used at pop up shops and events to hang London Loves LA stock only. Not for sale. Four different finishes, first (top, opposite) is for the more expensive pieces to carry on the high end part to the boutique. The other three finishes: distressed; light cyan; and light magenta. These are for the majority of the stock.

Mannequin. The mannequin is to be used on the boutique page on the London Loves LA website to model the clothes. The Mannequin should also be used on the product shots for sales through ASOS. The design is of the two flags, the Union Jack and the US stars and stripes. A visual concept using two elements from the company name, hand tailored and sewn onto the mannequin. Illustrated logo patch is sewn on the left thigh.

London Loves LA Brand Book  
London Loves LA Brand Book  

Brand book for new brand identity for London Loves LA.