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Smooth Voyages Nifty gadgets to combine joy and convenience BY JESSICA CUMBERBATCH RoverTV The AirTamer

Nearly 768 million people are expected to take flight by year's end, and all of the high-tech security in the world is no match for the airborne masses they'll be smuggling along with them. Germ alerts are high during the busy Summer travel season, so you'll want to be sure that your defenses are up. Invest in a little screening of your own: Filter Stream's AirTamer personal breathing space purifier. The pager-sized air cleaner is like a bodyguard of sorts, putting a three-foot sphere of clean air between you and those unquestionable vacation saboteurs—bacteria, viruses, smoke, mold and dust mites, oh my! Ionic technology (meaning positive particles meeting negative ones and becoming too heavy to stay afloat) stands guard around your neck, arm or waist, so you can breathe easy in close quarters. Never mind those hacking, sneezing health hazards who insist on standing too close in line or nodding off in your direction during flight. Deflector du jour, the AirTamer lasts for 20 days straight on a single battery charge. If only we could find a travel buddy to last us that long. AirTamer, $59.99

Oh, the joy of finding something good on TV. The latenight rendezvous, the eager anticipation until the next meeting, it's like those blissful early days of a new relationship. Travel maven, meet RoverTV. The current object of our affection has both brains and beauty, recording hours of your favorite TV and movies so you can play them back in digital, hi-res splendor. The mobile media player records directly from your television, DVR, DVD, VCR, CD or computer, but the real reason why we love it so? It's portable. Take your music and photos along too, or even listen and record from a builtin FM radio receiver. Weighing in at only five ounces, Rover has an integrated rechargeable battery and no hard drive to keep it slim and trim. That also means that it's rough enough to withstand the elements down in the bottom of your bag. Built to last and to impress, Rover's got it all. We could go on boasting about our love, but we'll let you see for yourself. RoverTV, $299-$349 Portable Travel Profile Now let's review those fundamental principles of getting away. Lesson number one: paper umbrellas, good; paper trails, bad. You know what it's like trying to remember that passcode for the room safe where you've stashed all of your important docs. And once you're finally settled in by the pool, consider the code as good as gone. Portable Travel Profile gives you one (and two, and three, and four...) less things to think about on your next trip. Plug it in to your computer's USB port before heading out and input a plethora of travel essentials, such as your passport, driver's license, reservations and ticket confirmations, even fingerprints. The nifty minidevice hooks on to a keychain and can even weather a dip in the ocean. Seems simple enough, but it comes with an instructional CD, just in case. ^ ,^



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Portable Travel Profile, $49.95

Odyssey Couleur Enterprise Zone, June/July 2007  

Odyssey Couleur travel technology column

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