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Jessica Claire Birchall Undergraduate Design For Industry Northumbria University Third Year Student






| 05

| 01 Live Project


Date- 17/10/16- 10/11/16 Duration- 4 Weeks Year of study-3rd Year

PROJECT OUTLINE During the winter term of 2016 Jessica Birchall participated in a collaborative design project with Gillette and their innovation partner, Matter. Due to the commercial sensitivity of this work to Gillette, the students are unable to share their work at this time; however, what follows is a short project overview:


As part of a four-week project, students were tasked to create small teams and operate as a design consultancy. Each team worked against a brief to explore new grooming solutions for male and female consumers. The consultancies were challenged to uncover local market insights, create new found empathy with their target consumers and innovate solutions using P&G’s Moments of Truth framework.

FEEDBACK GIVEN Principle Design Engineer, P&G Beauty and Grooming R&D Matt Hodgson “The final output was a well thought out, holistic concept that delivered against market, consumer, brand and business requirements.


The continued quality of work, professional attitude, and high level of creative thinking demonstrated by the NE1 CAN consultancy was commendable and of great value to the Gillette business.”


Design Director, Matter Matt Wright “Team NE1 initial exploration of a vibrant market and business understanding was the foundation of a clear, concise, relevant and well researched concept that delivered on all aspects of the key moments of truth - so important for success of this project. This understanding led to a well resolved concept with supporting business strategy thinking and elevated brand experience. The final breadth of concepts cleverly outlined clear and diverse opportunities that begin to work together and with potential collaborators. A great challenging reposition of a brand in a very well researched market.”

This project was one of the most beneficial to me in many different ways, as I learnt more about myself and how to structure a project to get the best result out of myself at the end . I learnt not to be so precious about sketches and to just get them out effectively.


| 01 Live Project Date- 14/11/16- 8/12/16 Duration- 4 Weeks Year of study-3rd Year

PROJECT OUTLINE This brief was based on looking into the household cleaning part of Black & Deckers product catalogue, it was quite a broad brief so allowed us to explore.

KNOWLEDGE GAINED I’ve discovered that one of my main focuses within projects is research. I really enjoy doing it and it inspires me so much as the insight I gain really helps me to ideate and produce concepts that hit on all parts of a consumer journey.



| 01 Live Project Date- 19/01/16- 01/03/16 Duration- 6 Weeks Year of study-2nd Year

All projects I completed in my 3rd year are confidential. APOLOGIES...

PROJECT OUTLINE This project focused on the product retailers and what suited them, including how to challenge them and inspire others whilst still staying true to a historic brand.

KNOWLEDGE GAINED I learnt on this project that trend based research is vital and looking into the target audience. I realised that using personas is very beneficial as it’s helpful to keep them in mind when designing as this is who the client is focused on attracting.

SKETCHING PRACTICE Year of study- 1st Year




These are a few examples of a project I undertook, where I focused solely on details and the development process, such as speakers in the above example.

This project focused on the design of everyday objects we take for granted, in this example the toothbrush, in order to develop sketching skills.

This project involved designing for a specific purpose and target audience, such as a person with physical limitations who benefit from exaggerated features.

| 02 WORK EXPERIENCE Placements & Internships

Lucid Innovation – Unit 32, The Greenheys Centre Manchester Science Park, M15 6JJ +44 (0) 161 860 0058, Week Experience starting08/06/2015

Ilsa Parry/ Rethinkthings – Studio 1 Ward Street, Liverpool, L3 5XX +44 (0)7974186677

Industrial, Product & Medical Design

Week Experience starting29/03/2015

Partnership Design–

Neil Wilson Design–

Fidelity House, Stocks Lane, Boughton, Chester, CH3 5TF, 01244 342600

Studio 5, The Brickworks, Hannington St, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE6 1JT 0191 645 0161

Week Experience starting01/06/2015

Branding & Graphics based

Branding, Product design

Week Experience starting12/03/2016

Branding & Graphics

| 02 Internship BRIEF A new tea cafe was opening and still needed branding and a logo within four days. Along with a menu and merchandise.

KNOWLEDGE GAINED This was the first logo I’d ever designed for a real life situation, so I learnt that time is a big constraint in reality and deadlines are frequent and constant which made me push myself to be faster and try many different things even if they didn’t work out.

CONFIDENTIAL BRIEF The project isn’t complete yet but I re branded the Cornmill Shopping Centre in Darlington creating their logo and image.

| 02 Work Experience

BRIEF The brief was to create a sub brand for NEXT, to be targeted at young women which would rival the likes of high-street brands such as George on an affordable and fashionable level. Following this, the creation of a summer campaign for this new concession was undertaken.

MY FOCUS I focused on creating the brand itself, designing a youthful logo that reinforced the idea of affordable and fashionable. I then approached the summer campaign and worked on possible website layouts, apps, shop fronts, promotional items and business cards.

KNOWLEDGE GAINED I gained alot from this placement as I had never really done any graphics before, so a placement in a graphics design company was very informative I learnt alot about style and all of the Adobe suite in particularly Photoshop where I learnt how to manipulate images.

Eventually, all that remains is the ever growing memorial that acts as a gravestone representing the circle of life, creating a sculpture that has positive everlasting connotations.

SNIP IT | 03 Year of study-2nd Year

BRIEF The competition brief was to use plastic in an innovating way focusing on the pet industry and their welfare. So I found that during operations there are many problems with the drapes used as they fall apart, and that many different types have to be bought for all different parts of the body for each specific animal.

MY SOLUTION This design makes the preparation of an operation easier, faster and most importantly safer. One sheet can be used for any size or shape and therefore produces less waste. It’s an all in one drape which is easy to rip to suit every operation with an easy dispenser so no extra tools are needed.

KNOWLEDGE This project was rather unexpected I hadn’t gone down the medical route before, however, all of my first hand research from talking to vets showed a clear problem that needed attention. Therefore, I put my own personal interests aside to focus on a problem I had no personal experience in, which resulted in alot of research to combat this issue.


“The materials rips, cuts and tears too easily during the operation as blood effects the drape and it deteriorates”




“The attachment of the fabric varies each vets from adhesive tape, self adhesive and instruments to the fur etc.”

“There’s many different packs of drapes for different operations disposable drapes are used for more irregular shapes and operations. Which is an inconvenient process and wastes time.”



KEY FEATURES Molds into shape and stays in position. Super absorbent of blood but keeps strength. Keeps animal warm during operation. No scissors needed. Rips for any shape or size with guidelines.

FABRIC PROPERTIES 1- Topsheet: Microscopic ventilation layer - draws fluid into the drape to be absorbed away from the animal, keeping the animal dry and reducing chances of infection. 2- Printed layerTo highlight the pre-cut perforations creating a personal drape each time for every type of operation style and size. 3- Absorbent Layer- Infinicel-Moulds to animals body to hold in place so no attachment needed. whilst absorbing 30x it’s own weight. 4- Heat Reflective Layer- MPET- Prevent heat loss due to loss of blood. Reflects 97% of radiated heat. 5- Release PaperKeeps the drape sterile until being used to keep the germs out.

| 04

Year of study- 2nd Year

SHORTLISTED DESIGN The Lexus Design Award is an annual international design competition targeting up-andcoming creators from around the world whose ideas and work help shape a better society.


MY FOCUS I focused on anticipating a solution for the non-sustainability of current burial methods that occurs due to lack of land and from overpopulation. Through this design space can be utilised in a more Eco-friendly, space efficient and even cost effective way.


The bio-degradable design allows for people to return to the earth in comfort alongside their loved ones, in a process that reflects the circle of life and ensures an eternal family bond in their final resting place.

Eventually, all that remains is the ever growing memorial that acts as a gravestone representing the circle of life, creating a sculpture that has positive everlasting connotations.


Body in fetal position within the pods saves space and references the journey of life from the womb along with circular monument.

Over time, the remains will decompose due to the natural compression of the earth, which will in turn create new space for future burials. The pods spiral around a center point to create a compact structure.



Multi-burial focuses on family and ancestry, explaining and documenting the past. Whilst also saving space in a new way.


Pod form to highlight loved ones are together for eternity for comfort and reassurance.

DECOMPOSITION The pods are fully bio-degradable due to being made out of natural woven materials, which take approximately six months to deteriorate. The deceased are therefore returned to the earth, referencing the natural life cycle.








Virgin Soil





Traditional burial is not space effective and typically only allows for up to two bodies per plot.



Purchase a plot of land as an economical investment, which also acts as a memorial for the family.

The plot is prepared for burial, a twelve foot cylindrical hole is dug underneath the memorial.






4. 2.

The deceased is placed into the fetal position inside of the biodegradable willow woven pod.

The pod is buried in the designated space, awaiting future burials to complete the eternity symbol.





The space indicator designating plot capacity is removed and the required piece is sundered, consequently being used as a headstone engraved with personal details.





4 3





3. 1.

Once completed the occupants will decompose along with their pods, returning to the earth and creating space for future burials.


The engraved headstone is placed on to the plot monument to document family history.

| 05 NON LITERAL FORM Year of study-2nd Year

BRIEF For this project, the main focus was to convey an emotion and to create a design that has a clear user interface, that a consumer would be able to use despite it not necessarily having a purpose.

MY FOCUS My focus was on the feeling of being imprisoned and observed, such as being watched through a lens or being seen through a keyhole, making you feel like you are confined and restricted.

KNOWLEDGE GAINED This project mainly focused on developing my model making skills especially with foam. I wanted to learn how to be effective with smaller details and how a user would naturally interact with my design due to its features. I also learnt how products need split lines, etc.

MY DESIGN My designed focused on a lens style, although it doesn’t clearly indicate what the function is.

This was enabled through the abstract nature of the design, which involves curves and tapering to create an eye-catching silhouette that is bottom heavy.

I kept the design quite simplistic with minimal detail in order to emphasise the user interface features, which are inviting and easy to understand.

It has a compartment for batteries, rotating areas which are adjustable and is hand held. It can also stand alone due to the ergonomic design. The solid, bold form reinforces the ideas of imprisonment and locks.

| 06 Live Project Mind CHARITY Year of study-2nd Year

BRIEF The intention of this project was to develop a new client-focused service for younger people, which utilised a service design approach that tackled mental health issues amongst 16-24 year olds.

MY FOCUS My focus during this project was on low self-esteem and low self-worth and value. I felt that it was important to try and have a positive affect on a person’s emotional evaluation of themself, and their subsequent judgment and attitude towards themselves and others. Through this I hoped to educate younger people on this to normalise this topic in regards to it being an important conversation.

Target Audience Young people aged 16-24, focusing on educational environments such as sixth form, colleges and universities.

Almost 80,000

Children and young people suffer from severe depression



Built up emotions can stimulate self disruptive behavior as there is no other form of release.

People with close friends/family who have mental health issues can struggle to approach them effectively.

People can lack motivation to do things that are good for themselves.

Comparing yourself to others can become a habit and insecurities can consequently become heightened and impact self confidence.

One in Four (26%) Of young people in the UK experience suicidal thoughts

70% increase

In the rates of depression and anxiety among teenagers in the past 25 years.

A touring educational workshop which would create a fun and interactive way of spreading advice and guidance through schools within the Tyneside and Northumberland area.

55% of children Who have been bullied later developed depression as adults.






Floor Plan Service map This service map is to illustrate the process a young person would go through and a variety of possible touch points along this service. This is to highlight possible ways young people could become aware of “the brain� and possible results of their experience.


Aims - Encourage constructive behavior through novelty. - Educate on self value and worth - Making group activities more accessible and less intimidating. - Normalise and promote health issues.


TheBrain Brain Branding

The Brain would be a sub-brand of Mind and therefore required its own branding. The logos below show examples of simple yet memorable designs, which would be effective for our word of mouth campaign that could make use of stickers and other promotional tools.

The Brain

The Brain

TheBrain Brain


Brain Brain TheBrain Brain Brain

The Brain

TheBrain TheBrain Brain


Selfie Station


Help Desk Information Stickers Advice


The postables stand would give out free poster outlines that would entice people to sign up to the Online scheme, where the person gets sent regular gifts, such as nail varnish which encourages young people to look after themselves. These gifts also come with stickers that over time complete the poster, which reiterates the feeling of accomplishment. Postable stands require online registration, therefore we created a website that takes details and customises the service to each person, tailoring the experience specifically to them. This feature also provides information about other aspects of the event, such as the touring schedule, and details of how to get involved.



Selfie Station


Help Desk Information Stickers Advice


The selfie stand would act as an interactive souvenir aspect of The Brain, which in turn creates an online campaign. The selfies include personalised messages which highlight your accomplishments rather than being defined by a mental health issue. The shared photos are used to encourage positive self worth amongst others and to spread awareness and positivity online. The selfie station is vital to the Online presence of The Brain, as the photos taken are shared directly on its Twitter page, which is then linked to the individual accounts of the people in the photos. From this, the images can be further shared and retweeted, favourited and replicated by others which promotes a community spirit.



| 07 AL FRESCO Year of study-1st Year

BRIEF The brief was to design a product that would enhance the experience of eating outdoors. This involved eating on the go and activities such as picnics, where I was given the freedom to choose my own direction.

MY FOCUS I investigated outdoor eating, mainly involving modern young families who do not have much storage space in their homes. Therefore my intention was to create a compact, all-inone product that can be easily stored.

KNOWLEDGE GAINED Mostly I learnt that models don’t have to be a monochrome version and that using different unexpected materials is very helpful in visually communicating my design. Similarly,W model making with sketch models was vital to develop my concept into the effective final result.


RESEARCH I conducted research into households with young families, hoping to understand how my product could encourage spontaneous social interaction. Along with saving storage space as an all-in-one product.

“There are over 300,000 items in the average American home�

- LA Times

CONCEPTS & IDEAS From this research I decided to make a multipurpose picnic box, which would be a flat-pack all-in-one piece that saved space. In order to visualise this idea I created various sketches.

DEVELOPMENT After I came up with the concept I focused on developing the key function, which is the folding and net formats. I did the developing mainly with models so that I could get a feel for the way it worked and what would be most effective.

5. Chosen Design




This is the product in its easy to store flat-pack stage, as it would be seen prior to and after use.

This indicates the assembly stage where by using the products simple folding format, the box can be assembled by zipping the sides together.

This is the product in its transporting stage in which the contents are fully supported and easy to carry. In this state it creates pouches, which can be used to store cutlery.

MY DESIGN This is the product whilst being used where after being opened to retrieve the contents, the box can be unzipped to be used as a mat. The waterproof fabric also helps to keep the food cool when packed.

| 08 EVERYDAY RITUALS TEATIME Year of study-1st Year

BRIEF The brief here was to make people appreciate everyday rituals, using the ‘slow down’ movement to encourage people to enjoy the brewing process.

MY FOCUS Specifically, I focused on educating a younger audience about the health benefits of tea, as opposed to carbonated drinks, whilst encouraging social interaction and quality family time.

RESEARCH 47% of children consume fizzy drinks everyday. 92% of tea drinkers are thought to be 18+

Brewing time

Brewing time

Brewing time

Brewing time

4-7 mins

3-6 mins

4-5 mins

1-3 mins

Brewing time

2-3 mins




From my research I discovered that there are many different types of tea and they all have different properties, such as different brewing times and health benefits.

I wanted to encourage young people to learn about this and created tea characters that have different personalities, to highlight different properties so children can identify with them and learn. After trialling a top trumps style idea which explained the different types and their characteristics.

I decided upon a more interactive way to get children involved. This resulted in a timer clock face that indicates the required brewing length for each tea.



The timer had to be child friendly and interesting so that they would want to join the parent, whilst encouraging them to try different teas instead of fizzy drinks. The stick element of the design rotates and stirs the tea whilst moving the leaves gently.

I went with this design as it refers back to tea and their leaves whilst being inviting and engaging for children. Although the design is still subtle enough for an adult to use and learn from as well.





HOW IT WORKS 1. The parents hope that the product can interest their children into trying new things in replacement of fizzy drinks. They themselves can be interested by the stirring element.

2. Parents introduce the product to the child and teach them about tea and their different properties, such as their health benefits and brewing times.

3. Child spends quality time with their parents, brewing tea together and learning about its properties. Children can set the timer and interact like an activity together.

4. Both parties are enjoying the time together and learning about tea whilst being encouraged to try different types of tea for their health.




Contact Number-

Jessica Claire Birchall


EDUCATION. The Whitby High School–

12 GCSE’s

Sycamore Drive, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire, CH66 2NU 2006- 2013

A-levels Product Design Applied Art Media Studies

Manchester Metropolitan University-

A/A*’s A A* B

Art & Design Foundation Diploma

All Saints Campus, Manchester Art School, 2013-2014

University Address-

Home Address-

10 Beadnell Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE2 1YD

29 Shepton Road, Great Sutton, Cheshire, CH66 SJ

SKILLS Research, Ideation, Concept development, Sketching, Model making, Cad, Adobe Suite, Presenting, Team work & Independent work.

CAD I have a good knowledge, level of skill and experience in CAD in particularly solidworks, due to confidentiality I can’t put any of my latest CAD work in my portfolio but I can ensure you I regularly use it and find it very useful.

Focused on Fashion

Northumbria University-

Design For Industry BA (Hons) First year2:1 Second Year1:1

Design Building, City Campus East, 2014-2018

Third year


LATEST ACHIEVEMENTS. SHORTLISTED DESIGN LEXUS DESIGN AWARD 2016 Selected to present to many - By Principle Design Engineer, P&G at offices to international professionals.


As a result of using CAD I’ve got first hand experience in using 3D printing to create Models and prototypes

Engaging in all aspects of the design process from beginning to end is vital to me. I like to focus alot of my work on the user experience and the target audience. I finding it interesting to learn about new things and explore the unknown at the start of a project. It’s where I get all my insights from that is vital to all my projects.


Design For Industry- Third Year Portfolio- Jessica Birchall