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Hookup Culture, Charcoal and Graphite

Life Size, Charcoal

Self-Loathing, Kawaii-Worshipping Girls, Mixed Media

Hieroglyphic Bitches, Marker on Vellum

Smaller and Smaller, Pen

hOt bItChEs, Ink and Graphite

The Flip Side, graphite

fall leaves xoxo, graphite

The Masters 1, graphite

The Masters 2, graphite

Having a coke with you, charcoal

Obligatory Boots, charcoal

Untitled, Mixed Media

Untitled, Mixed Media

Untitled, Mixed Media

Elijah Wood with Nipple Rings, charcoal

Untitled, Charcoal

Like Boy with Horse, Charcoal

Pretty Girl Extraction, charcoal

Jessica Hicks studies Art and Art Education. She emphasizes in drawing and photography. ***PHOTO PORTFOLIO COMING SOON***

Recent Work- Evidence of Creative Research and Production