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Holmes who was appointed as Director, Market Development in the Electrical Division. Lance was previously a District Sales Manager for the Southeast Region and has been with Thomas & Betts since 2012.

If you haven't already don’t so please welcome and congratulate Lance on his new role.



Mike will be work Petko as Sales S ucts in FL, GA an kets.

Mike comes to IC experience in the having spent the distributor in Flori and related equip quickly be getting tomer support an systems from the side.

Please welcome

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Tyler McMillan



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king alongside Tom Support for all prodnd the Alabama mar-

CS with a wealth of e electrical industry past 14 years with a ida selling controls pment. Mike will g involved with cusnd learning the T&B e representative

him to the ICS team.

Account Development Manager

Matt Lane Rhodes Sales Inside Sales

Matt is a graduate from Ole Miss who began working in the industry right out of college. He grew up in Philadelphia and recently relocated to Memphis, TN in January.

Please welcome him to the Rhodes Sales team.

Tyler Graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelor's Degree in Spanish and World Business. His family has been in the automation industry for over 20+ years. The bulk of his experience has been in sales, working for AT&T Advertising Solutions upon graduation. After success in the advertising industry, he joined the sales team at Landon Electric, promoting a line of automation and engineering products and solutions to end users throughout the east TN area.

His territory will be centralized in Nashville, TN, to the broader west TN area, and towards the northern part of AL. Please welcome him to the ABB team.


Market Trends

EIA: 54 GW of coal to retire by 2016 due to MATS Credits: online article

A total of 60 GW of coal-fired generation is expected to retire by 2020, a number beyond that previously reported to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). According to EIA’s Annual Energy Outlook 2014 Reference Case, 90 percent of those retirements will happen by 2016 due to the implementation of the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS). The standard is scheduled to take effect in April 2015, with a conditional extension of up to one year by state environmental permitting agencies. At the end of 2012, there were 1,308 coal-fired generating units in the U.S. totaling 310 GW of capacity. In 2012 alone, there were 10.2 GW of coal capacity retired, or 3.2 percent of the 2011 total. Units that retired in 2010-2012 were small, with an average size of 97 MW, compared to those retiring over the next 10 years, which are an average of 145 MW.

Be on the lookout for new construction projects

Tennessee Hosts $23 Billion Worth of Active Industrial Projects Credits: online article

Tennessee has 287 active industrial projects totaling more than $23 billion, making it the second-largest state in the U.S. Southeast for industrial project activity after Georgia. The Southeast also includes Alabama, Florida and Mississippi.

Do you have any industrial projects in your territory? 4


ABB in Lake Mary, FL

T&B4ABB IN LAKE MARY FLORIDA Over the last nine months, the ABB Manufacturing Facility in Lake Mary, Florida, has been

with Stakon Terminals, Blackburn Connectors, and Cable Ties. Their feedback indicates that the reliabil-

making conversions to Thomas & Betts Products for ity and effectiveness of using the Thomas & Betts their manufacturing of Medium Voltage Products.

Products has helped to improve their production

Marc Salerno, Roger Kuhn, Jerry Woodward, Garrett efficiencies and lower production costs. Also, conMorrison (Coresential Agency ) and local Sales Rep-

versions on Blackburn Lugs and TyDuct are almost

resentative, Monte Constantine, have been working completed. Orders for these T&B products are being with Drew Rogers, Supply Chain Manager for ABB,

processed through our distributor partner, Graybar

Lake Mary, to spearhead this company integration

Electric in Orlando, Florida. To date they have pro-

initiative . Prior to this initiative, Thomas & Betts

cessed over $100,000 in orders of Thomas & Betts

had very little product representation at this ABB

Industrial Products for ABB – Lake Mary.

facility, but now they are exclusively using Blackburn Mechanical and Battery Powered Tooling, along

-Monte Constantine


STRONGER Together!


Richard Percell

Jeffrey Rocker

Consulting Engineer Specialist 678-333-7694 Located in Atlanta, GA

Application Engineer 770-313-7670 Located in Atlanta, GA

Focus: Call on Consultants to promote Tmax, Emax, Emax Link products.

Focus: Support the DEM ADM's, CES's and DEM targeted customers

Call Me When: You need industry or product knowledge on UL 1558, UL 891 circuit breakers, switches, controls, etc. T&B reps can help me by advising acceptability issues they encounter with any of the products mentioned.

Call Me When: You have breaker application questions or if you do not get a response back from normal channel support.

Background: My background is a BIT from LA Tech University and then 34 years working at Schneider Square D. My last position held at Schneider was the Area Sales Manager out of Atlanta. My experience is in UL1558 Switchgear, UL891 Switchboards, breakers, switches, motor starters, controls, drives, etc.


Background: 24 years in the electrical industry. Spent 3 years as electrical contractor OZ controls, 2 years Machine and Test technician at Jabil Circuit, I spent 8 years at Siemens EAE as a Field Service Engineer and Global Technical Account Manager for Delphi Automotive systems, 4 years Siemens Power Distribution as a Senior Application Engineer, 3 years at Schneider Electric Sq D Services as Service Support Specialist, 3 years at Schneider Electric Energy as a Business Development Manager for Over Head Distribution Products, Almost 1 year with T&B DEM team as a Application Engineer.

Account Development Managers Call Us When: You hear of new or prospective accounts focused in Switchgear, Switchboard manufacturers; Panel Builders and System Integrators or whenever there is a pursuit that calls for a competitive conversion for low voltage discrete products.

Leon Kythas

Alberto Zayas

919-889-9122 Located in Raleigh, NC

407-920-8882 Located in Orlando, FL area

(located within the Power Products & Power Systems headquarters at the NCSU Centennial Campus)



Background: I've been with ABB the past 7 years and have spent my entire career within the electrical equipment industry in various roles (engineering, operations, marketing, product management and sales). Prior, I had worked for Square D/Schneider Electric. I have extensive knowledge within the motor controls industry and power distribution equipment.

Current Accounts:

Background: Electromechanical engineer, 18 years with ABB, mostly in the medium voltage division.

Current Accounts: Account Name




San Juan

Puerto Rico


San Juan

Puerto Rico




Elektro Steel

San Juan

Puerto Rico

EPG Controls



Jacksonville FL

Account Name



ASCO Power Technologies L P-NC




Carolina Power Systems



Powerline Electrical Products Caquas Corp

Puerto Rico




Tampa Armature Works





T&B Power Solutions

Richmond VA



Regional Meeting S


Success! “Thank you for your preparation and active participation in the regional meeting. I appreciate the commitment from the team to make 2014 a great year! We are stronger together.”- Kevin Fugate

“It was a great environment for learning, collaborating and having fun! We are ready to have a great 2014” -Lance Holmes

“The Southeast Region meeting generated a superb amount of energy and focus on a suc-

Congratulations on a job well done in 2013 Coresential- T&B Top Sales Agency

cessful 2014” -Scott Dunnington

Utility Sales Associates-T&B Top Utility Agent Techni Reps– ABB Top Sales Agency Alan Amidon– T&B Top Sales Representative Monte Constantine– T&B Top Sales Representative


Successes in the field 10

Thomas Shell & Frank Holley visited NASA in Cape Canaveral, FL. Frank is getting closer to changing the Burndy spec. NASA likes our range taking crimps because they use a lot of DLO cable.

Alan Amidon introduces our Corrosion Value Proposition to a group of some 36 electrical engineers and designers at Jacobs Engineering in Greenville, SC on February 19th.

Oldcastle asked that we visit 4 of their block manufacturing sites and help them with a plan to improve their machine guarding. Together with the Project Manager from Oldcastle and the distributor, we walked the manufacturing line, looking for ways to reduce the hazardous risk to the workers. Nearly as important as the safety of the workers was the need to reduce downtime due to problems with the safety circuit. Our value proposition included improving the level of safety and increasing the up time of the machine. In such a competitive market, the customer needed all the production time it could have. The first phase of the project was to improve upon the hard guarding (physical guards). Precise measurements, along with sketches were logged on site. ABB Jokab Safety Mechanical Designers then used our proprietary SafeCAD design software to generate AutoCAD drawings of the proposed guarding at all 4 plants. The drawings were then reviewed and verified on site to insure accuracy and ease of installation. Both the ABB Product Specialist and the Distributor were on site to provide installation support. Upon completion, the new guarding helped the customer significantly reduce the risk of exposure to hazards. The customer was very satisfied with the first installation and is moving forward with 3 other plants. The first order was nearly $100,000 and have since provided a quote for interlock switches 76 access doors.

-Scott Orr 12

The Background KBR/ BE&K to build a new, state-of-the-art waste-toenergy power plant for the Solid Waste Authority (SWA) of Palm Beach County in West Palm Beach, Fla. In 2011, KBR, along with its subsidiary, BE&K Construction Company LLC and a subsidiary of The Babcock & Wilcox Company was awarded a contract by the Palm Beach County Solid Waste Authority to provide engineering, procurement and construction services for the County’s new state-of-the-art waste-to-energy facility. The contract for the EPC phase of the project – for which BE&K and B&W shared the work scope – was valued at $668 million with a large portion of the work performed by BE&K. The project consists of three new mass burn boilers capable of generating up to 95 gross megawatts of electricity, grates, ash systems, metals recovery systems, emissions control equipment – including a dry flue gas desulfurization unit, baghouse, carbon injection and selective catalytic reduction system – duct work and other components. BE&K will provide engineering and procurement for the balance of plant equipment and provide overall construction services for the project. The plant is a two boiler waste to energy facility burning 1800 tons per day of municipal solid waste. The steam produced from the combustion of the refuse is used to power a 60MW steam turbine. Project highlights: outages to refurbish the two boiler trains while keeping one boiler train in operation, replacement of five different plant distributed control system platforms into one new plant wide distributed control system platform, pre-assembly and modularization resulting in large lifts, the largest being 90-tons. The facility, once complete, will be capable of processing 3,000 tons of municipal solid waste per day to produce electricity and significantly reduce the amount of waste sent to the county’s landfill. The project scope includes the installation of a metals recovery system to maximize the recovery and recycle of aluminum, steel and other metals. 12

“We continue to meet with the

the engineering department in and product solutions. Our com tionship through years of worki offer selling solutions to be of v cessful in getting the T&B pro stalled. I also maintain a strong Graybar sales team on all BE&K successful relationship and mut ment that we want to strengthen



local BE&K Materials Manager and Birmingham to discuss this project mpanies continue a successful relaing together, and we continue to value to BE&K. We have been sucoducts spec’d, purchased and inworking relationship with the local projects. We have locally formed a tual respect. Each of us is in agreen our relationships and remain a suc-

The Successes

This current Waste-to-Energy Facility project will run into 2015. Total project potential is $900K-$1M. The project falls under the T&B vertical market Power Generation. BE&K has advised T&B of several issues: product failures, system sustainability, and downtime concerns. We were able to offer T&B product solutions that perform continuously and dependably, in compliance with regulations, as a solution to increase reliability. Since these T&B products are tested for use in harsh environments, with proven results, we were able to offer a solution for enhanced sustainability. With these quality products performing optimally, we were able to offer a solution to decrease downtimes. BE&K values this information and the T&B products results. In Oct/ Nov. 2013, we supplied and met shipping requirements for BE&K on Ocal orders totaling over $96K, which brings our total sales for this project to $176K. We are currently working on other Ocal opportunities for this project. BE&K also continues to order IPG and CPG products, consisting of T&B product lines: Tyrap, Sta-kon, Color-keyed, Blackburn, Superstrut, Kindorf, hangers/clamps, Strut straps, T&B Industrial fittings, and T&B Conduit fittings for this project.

ul team.�

roll Hall


McNaughton-McKay (Atlanta District) and TNB Food and Beverage Joint Program TNB Marketing created about 100 pizza boxes with joint logos of TNB and McMc as leave behinds for our customers with F&B products in them. The Pizza theme was chosen to capture customer interest, generate excitement and make it a fun and memorable program. Our objectives were to help Mc-Mc and TNB further penetrate and generate demand in the F&B market, maximize effectiveness of both sales teams and become the electrical business solution adviser for our customers. Local Rep (Jason Jaegers), DM (Scott Dunnington), Rob Deweez, Brian Barr and Gretchen Boyer had partnered with Mc-Mc for a joint Food and Beverage Program that kicked off July 1-Sept 30th. With the help of John Hiers and Vito Phelan, we were able to make 64 joint calls many of which were new accounts for Mc-Mc. One comment made from the Sales Manager at Mc-Mc stated that he has not seen a program like this one from any vendor in over 10 years and this is exactly what he looks for from his vendors. We have received incredible support and excitement from Mc-Mc management as well as the inside and outside sales people regarding the program. An additional quote from the McNaughton-McKay GA Sales Manager, "The T&B team did a fantastic job of designing and implementing a wonderfully focused and effective promotion. There were elements that sparked enthusiasm in every group involved, from our customer support representatives to our account management team, and most importantly, our target customers. The undeniable proof of the program's success was the 21% sales increase that we all enjoyed as a result of our efforts. Special thanks to Jason Jaegers and Gretchen Boyer for their involvement in the promotion. Both of them invested a tremendous amount of time and effort to help us succeed and we did." The program had generated a $20,000 initial stocking order for the items that were being proposed. All business generated from those 64 accounts were and will stay TNB products. The McNaughton-McKay/TNB Food and Beverage Program assisted in producing an annual increase in sales of 47% for the target F&B accounts and a 21% annual increase ($106,769) in sales for ECG products with Mc-Mc all together. -Jason Jaegers 14

Congratulations to Jason Jaegers on his 2013 success! He was awarded the “Gibson Award� (Vendor Of The Year Award) from McNaughton-MCkay. He set the bar high for other vendors at Mc&Mc. The Gibson Award is voted on by all the inside and outside sales in the 4 Mc&Mc Georgia locations and thanks to Jason and the team we saw excellent growth in the targeted vertical.


Team Effort Success Story Customer: BAE Systems out of Kingsport, TN is manufacturer of munition explosives for the military. They are building a 90MM plant expansion on their 75 year old facility where caustic chemicals such as Nitric Acid and Sulfuric Acid constantly present. Overview: BAE is adding a 90MM plant expansion on their 75 year old facility where caustic chemicals such as Nitric Acid and Sulfuric Acid constantly present. Their dilemma was they were unaware of what product solutions to use that would provide the best overall labor, cost & risk savings available. At first they were going to use stainless steel 316 products but the issue was high cost, limited availability and lack of manufacturer support. In essence, they would have to buy from 4 different suppliers with lead times up to 8 weeks to complete the project. Steve Bailey & I performed a plant audit to determine the best product solutions and to understand their value proposition. Our IPV was supplier consolidation and better value based availability and certification. After a couple meetings, and with support from PSS Tom Russ and Application Engineer Jeff Ice, we discovered that they could use PVC product solutions underground and outside of the plant and Stainless Steel 304 in the internal areas. Stainless products from cable ties, terminals, fittings, Hazardous products and conduit from a single manufacturer Thomas & Betts. In addition, we are to provide Ocal Certification to eliminate installation risk associated with the contractor. Our distributor partner will provide additional stock support to ensure any back order problems would be minimal at best. The Result: BAE would be using Ocal products and Stainless Steels products from T&B on the project throughout 2014. Total sales potential for the year is $180K and to date sales are $70K. A total sales team effort that provided overall solutions savings with immediate response on any concerns. Now, we are in a strong position to receive future business on a consistent basis. -Michael Shilling



PROJECTS Project Name VC Summer Nuclear

Vertical Market

Total T&B Potential

Products (Groups)

Power Generation


Bidding Process

Lawernceville GR Natural Gas Power Generation


Bidding process

EG Gaston

Power Generation


Boxes, Strut, Ty-Raps, Sta-Kon, Rigid Fittings, Tray, Hangers, Red Dot





ABB Crystal Springs



Dragon Tooth, Lugs, Liquid Tight, Ty-Rap

Baxter Pharmaceutical



Boxes, Rigid Fittings, Cord Fittings, Strut, Hangers, Red Dot

Peoples REC Recl Repl



201 Reclosers

Atlanta Falcons Stadium



Boxes, Rigid Fittings, Cord Fittings, Strut, Hangers, Red Dot

Showa Denko



Ty-Raps, Liquid Tight, Lugs




125 Switchgear


Data Centers


Lugs, Strut

Distran VC Summer Proj



266 Homac Subst

Siemens Wind Fuse Proj 2



120 Fuses

High Point Hospital



Strut, Switch Gear 17

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this edition of InFocus. Your participation is very much appreciated.

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