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When It Comes To Salmon, Wild Is Best Salmon is one of the best types of fish that you can consume according to numerous health experts. Having said that, it is just as important to eat specific types of salmon. Farm-raised and wild are the two kinds of salmon. Wild salmon is recognized as the superior variety though farmraised does offer a number of healthful benefits. Because the wild species that are located in the Atlantic Ocean are considered to be endangered, the only ones that can be caught and sold commercially come from the Pacific Ocean. Farm-raised salmon is regarded as any salmon which comes from the Atlantic. One of the very most important reasons why wild varieties of salmon are believed to be the best is due to the lack of contaminants and toxins. While farm-raised salmon are fed dead animal parts and grains that have been genetically modified, those raised in the wild consume naturally occurring algae. These algae allow for wild types of salmon to produce omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA, as well as essential amino acids. Triglyceride levels in the body can be decreased, joint pain is diminished, protection against dementia and an overall decrease in inflammation are the result of omega-3s. The algae that wild salmon eat also provide the anti-oxidant called Astaxanthin, which gives salmon its fleshy pink color. The synthetic form of Astaxanthin just isn't good for you; however Astaxanthin is good for you in its natural state and provides you with additional anti-oxidant benefits. Because farm-raised salmon is deficient in omega-3 fat as well as natural Astaxanthin, they are injected with a synthetic form of it. This chemical based coloring is harmful for your body. Farm-raised salmon also carry toxic quantities of PCBs that Pacific salmon does not. If you want to cut down your cancer risk, eating salmon raised in the wild is a far better and safer choice since these are carcinogenic chemicals. Pacific salmon also have lower levels of the chemical Mercury, which is very good because Mercury levels in fish are oftentimes worrisome. While salmon caught in the Pacific is often safer, some areas are considered to be less contaminated than others. The lowest contamination and mercury content is seen in the cold waters close to Alaska. Wild Alaskan salmon is some of the very best you can buy as a result. Popular varieties include Coho, Sockeye, and King salmon. Keeping the oceans clean is yet another reason to purchase wild types of salmon. To farm-raise salmon, nets found in the ocean are used. Long-lasting effects result from the pesticides, chemical additives, antibiotics and genetically engineered products which are not consumed by the salmon and are left to contaminate the environment. While wild salmon have particular advantages over those that are farm-raised, the bulk of the salmon offered at seafood counters and in restaurants is farm-raised. One to two servings per week is the recommended amount of salmon that should be consumed; this makes it tougher to do, but it is not impossible. When wild types are in season, take full advantage of it and stock up. You can also order salmon year-round and have it delivered to you. You get to experience the best flavor and quality since these companies pack them in such a way that you are delivered a fresh product. Farm-raised is the path to take if you wish to eat delicious salmon without having health and environmental concerns. Cold Point Seafoods

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When It Comes To Salmon, Wild Is Best

Salmon is one of the best types of fish that you can consume according to numerous health experts. Having said that, it ...

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When It Comes To Salmon, Wild Is Best