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Uses, Applications and Different uses for digital Photography

Anchoring Written Publications:

This newspaper “The New York Times” have quite a bold title this has a distinctive font which has been associated with it meaning when readers see the font they automatically know it’s the ‘New York Times’. However, there is a change in fonts when it comes to the main focus on the front page the writing is a lot bigger and bolder. This allows it to be noticed first, meaning that it’s the focus when their target audience looks at the front cover. Furthermore, there is a digital photograph in the middle of the page has a specific placement. This image has been placed in the middle of the page, this means that it has been placed there so it is the centre focus when people are looking at the article. The image is fairly big meaning that the newspaper wanted this image to be big and bold so it is seen as well as it being the main part of the article. In addition, there is a mass amount of writing crammed around the side of the images. This connotes that the writing on the article is inferior

to the images, this is due to the fact that the image is fairly straight forward meaning that the images speak for themselves. This has happened because the sizing’s of the images and the detailing of the images, it allows the photo to speak for the article. Moreover, the photograph in the middle of the page is connotes a range of things. One of the main things which will catch the attention of the viewers is the flames and smoke. This is due to the fact that these two things connote danger, attacks and intensity. These three things which flames and smoke connote are significant due to the fact that it displays a strong image. This image displays danger due to the mass amount of flames and shrapnel which is coming out of the building foreshowing the insane amount of terror which has been inflicted onto these people as well as the building. The smoke is thick and black this connotes darkness and evil, this allows the image to display the attack which is juxtaposed by the white building. The white building is showing purity meaning innocence, this foreshows the innocent people who are in that building, which therefore, leads me to the juxtaposition of the idea that the black smoke displays danger and evil. Overall, this image is anchored by the captions and the headlines. This is due to the fact that the title and captions are not as horrific as the image which is being displayed, this means that the captions and title § anchor the image in a way that the image really tells the story when the captions should be the thing that tells the story. This also means that the title and captions should have had ore realism in them to make the image more equal to the captions and title. search?q=9/11+in+the+newspaper&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwit8JWUu73eAhXBTcAKHY8pAS0Q_AUIDigB&biw=1429&bih=906#imgrc=lnnMQXHy0Qf7zM:

bland caption for the image meaning the image is the main focus of the whole article as well as the story teller of the article. 03275.0.103634. ...1c.1.64.img..0.16.618...0i8i30k1j0i24k1j0i67k1j0i5i30k1.0.4hpDgv2qF00#imgrc=-lEEbJzDzqKtXM:


In this newspaper “The Sunday Times” the title is bold and has a generic font, this could state the idea of the newspaper trying to keep the class of the article. Also the quote “the power of love” is in the same font and the same size, this portrays the idea of the fact that the quote is the main focus of the article when it comes to the writing. All fonts which have been used are very generic this does connote class and it does also connote the idea that the article itself is high class. Furthermore, the image placement is significant due to the fact it is placed right at the beginning of the article and covers the whole top line. This makes the reader feel a type of emotion because of the image being passionate and it allows the readers to feel as if they are in the image. This also is felt due to the shot which has been taken this being a medium close-up allowing the emotion which they are showing to be seen. In addition, the clothing which the are wearing are significant due to the fact that the colour white displays purity and innocence. This plays a huge part of the image due to the fact that the setting is a wedding means that the bride is dressed in this distinctive shade. Whereas, in this image the white clothing is juxtaposed by the clothing which the groom is wearing due to it being black. The colour black connotes power and dominance, it is quite a strong shade which men wear on their wedding day. Overall, the image which has been used of Meghan and Prince Harry is anchored by the writing in a way that the distinctive image used out powers the captions and the title this is due to the fact that ‘The Sunday Times’ has used quite a

This is a Nike advert; this advert has a short but quite an effective quote. This quote is significant due to the fact that it is eye catching and motivating. Furthermore, the advert has used celebrity endorsement. This allows the brand to become a favourite and have a bigger fan base. By using celebrity endorsement, it means that that specific person used in the advert is associated with the brand meaning their fans will start to purchase from the brand. In addition, Nike have used a black and white theme with the image and the background of the advert. This is significant because the colour black is associated with power and dominance, this therefore, displays that this brand is a motivating brand as well as a brand which boosts self-esteem. Due to this the brand Nike’s reputation will remain high and they will continue to receive all of the positive responses as well as the brand being a fan favourite. Moreover, the brand has a basketball player on the front of the advert, this means that the brand is trying to promote physical fitness and physic. Due to the fact the message that the brand is trying to push to their target audience is all about them motivating their fans and making them feel motivated to have the physic of that basketball player or have an equal physical fitness to the celebrity. This allows them

have their fans to keep motivated because of the strong but simple advert which has been displayed, the strongest part of the advert is the quote “we are all witnesses” this is a motivational quote as well as a realisation quote. It is short but extremely powerful for the advert. Overall, this advert has an overall effect on the target audience due to it’s message of physical fitness and the celebrity endorsement used.

that the product will get recognition. Also he does have a glowing outline this could connote the idea of the celebrity’s power and dominance in the image. In addition, the background colours are quite dark with the black silhouettes of the building behind him. This connotes that the celebrity is the dominant person in the advert, the black silhouettes foreshows quite an ominous atmosphere with the blue and green sky due to the idea it is quite abnormal to see as a background. .0.17392. img..1.12.517....0.gA61Itf6cBw#imgrc=IqUmoPkbJJbYiM:

hUKEwiKitzymMLeAhULT8AKHTXRCtUQ_ AUI-gMoAQ&biw=874&bih=906#imgrc=v91AoSk0q7589M:


In this Adidas advert; there is a powerful quote in bold glowing writing. The quote used “every legend has a beginning” This is effective due to the quote being motivational and bright meaning it is going to be the main focus of the advert which the brand wants it to be. By using the quote, it allows the brand to motivate people as well as allowing people to follow their dreams in a sense. Moreover, in the advert they have use celebrity endorsement, this being Messi he is a well-known and a well-loved football player. By using Messi as a promotion of his own product allows Messi to be associated with the brand which means his fan base will automatically want to buy from the brand a place their customer loyalty with Adidas. Therefore, by using this specific person for their brand boosts their reputation as well as their customer loyalty being boosted due to the huge fan-base that the celebrity has. Furthermore, when looking at the celebrity in the image there is a glowing outline going around him and his boots seem to be brighter than the rest of him. This can connote that the shoes are the product which they are trying to sell meaning their trying to get our focus to them so

This image has been taken out of an Ikea catalogue. With this image there is no main focus this is due to a range of things being promoted on one page, but there is a link to each item due to them all being for a kitchen. However, in the bottom left corner there is a grey box with information which is inside of each product on the screen. This is somewhat the main focus due to this being where a mass amount of people would be looking and paying attention to. The colour of this box is quite basic but it becomes the main focus due to it not being similar to any of the other products in the picture. Moreover, there is pricings which come up on the screen this is something which people viewing the catalogue would pay attention to due to it being helpful to what products they are looking for directing them to the number to find where the item is.

This is a leaflet from the company Pizza Hut. The image of the Pizza on the front of the leaflet is important due to this being an insight to what their products look like intriguing their target audience which is everyone who is subscribed to them as well as new customers that they are trying to lure in. The setting of the image is on a table this adds realism to the image due to the fact it being set out where it would be served rather where the Pizza was made making it more appealing to individuals. Moreover, the leaflet has also got offers on the front these offers have a different font to the main offer which is in the top left hand corner. This has been done so that peoples main focus is not on the individual offers and their attention is on the one which is colourful and bold. By having the font colourful and big that is instantly where their attention goes due to it being the first thing that they see.

Tell a Story:

In this Image that I have selected displays a story, this is due to the history which is behind it. One reason for this image portraying a story is the fact that the people holding up the picture a displaying Martin Lurther King’s message and legacy. This is due to the fact that these people are displaying unity and are becoming one with the actions of which their idol had taken. Furthermore, this image displays the struggles which these individual’s have faced with their culture. The story being they are foreshowing the equality which they have been served due to the man in the picture as well as the individuals making sure their unity and how strong they are is displayed to the people viewing this specific powerful image.

In this image the that I have selected displays a powerful message due to associations. This is due to the fact that these poppies are associated with the war. Therefore, this tells the story of the war, but these flowers symbolise the soldiers which had died in the war making them all remembered. Furthermore, this tells the story that the men would only see this beauty in the blood bath which was no mans land in the war. Overall, this picture is foreshowing a mass

amount of power and tells the heart wrenching story sdf which is the war. This flower symbolises something quite special which tells the story of thousands.

Tell a Story:

This is a charity campaign. This campaign displays the hard work, care and love which this specific business has for their patients. Furthermore, this tells the story of the millions which have this disease. This allows them to display the cause and raise awareness to a mass amount of people, this also try to change the behaviour of many peoples lifestyles. Overall, this campaign foreshows a independent, important and powerful meaning. 4.8259.0.8446. img..0.8.558....0.StIoPiHRwSM#imgrc=LabIx8WTHmk_mM:

This is a campaign which I have selected foreshows a distinctive as well as an extremely important message. It is Clear that this campaign is to raise awareness or an upcoming rise in this specific kind of behaviour. This campaign is telling a story of the females which go through physical and mental abuse, by making this campaign the campaigners are trying to raise awareness to everyone this issue as well as trying to change the behaviour of many. 4.8259.0.8446. img..0.8.558....0.StIoPiHRwSM#imgrc=i82WK4R7C5OTDM:

Increase sales:

This is an album cover they have used celebrity endorsement to increase the sales due to it being easier to spot to this singers fans. This reaches their target audience due to the fact it fits the era that it was made in making it a lot more attractive and appealing to the target audience. Furthermore, the theme of this cover is black and their is one word which is a

different colour this being ‘BAD’ this displays quite an edgy vibe as well as something being different to the usual. By having this word in red it intrigues the target audience due to it standing out in their faces as well as it being something which juxtaposes the celebrity figure on the front due to their reputation and persona. l=img.1.0.0i30k1j0i8i30k1l2j0i30k1.9693.10957.0.12358. 7j1.8.0....0...1c.1.64. img..0.8.617...0j0i67k1j0i19k1j0i8i30i19k1.0.esEF6HABo-s#imgrc=huF6yHdHTwbFaM:

This is a video game cover, on the cover they have a women figure standing in the centre with an obscure surrounding this interests their target audience due to it looking interesting. Their is a faint boat in the background as well as other kinds of creatures, this makes the target audience feel some kind of mystery as well as feeling excitement due to the fact that they have no clue what is going to be within the game. Furthermore, the writing across the middle of the screen is significant due to it being two different colours Tomb is in red which is usually associated with blood and death. This is significant because this is the main reason that their target audience is interested due to what the game portrays. 98463.0.598639. 6.0....0...1c.1.64.img..19.39.2434.0..0i30k1j0i8i30k1j35i39k1j0i67k1.0.wwc9GNfSag8#imgrc=2fSMl0QovsuugM:

Unit27 Part 1  
Unit27 Part 1