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Introducing Moona’s Organic Darjeeling – The Champagne of All Tea

Being crowned the champagne of all teas is not a small feat. Harvested from the slopes of the Himalayas, Moona’s Organic Darjeeling is eponymous with strong Chinese tea. It was smuggled into the Indian province of Darjeeling and discovered 200 years ago by Robert Fortune, a Scottish botanist. Organic Darjeeling tea gets its superior qualities from the high altitude of the tea plantation. Tea favours high rainfall, and cool temperatures, and that’s exactly what the slopes of the Himalayas offer. The result it a tea leaf grown in an optimal climate. It is as if the farmers will it to become the world’s best tasting tea. So What Makes Organic Darjeeling by Moona Coffee Special? Distinctive Muscatel Flavour Darjeeling tea from Moona is unique. Its golden liquor texture and distinctive muscatel flavour make it the best tasting cup of tea in the world. Moona’s blend of Organic Darjeeling tea is off the charts in floral muscatel aroma and its spicy and sugary after taste. You can easily compare the tea to muscat wine. That’s not all. It also gives hints of citrus, vegetal, and mossy flavours. Think of Indian spices. Think of how rich they are and how they paint your tongue with a rainbow of flavours. That’s what Organic Darjeeling by Moona tastes like. Award-Winning Preparation The experts at Moona prepare the Organic Darjeeling tea to maximise on its flavours. The tea leaves are handpicked from the best harvest. That ensures you get a blend rich in both Indian tastes as well as Chinese genetics. A cup of Moona’s Organic Darjeeling is neither black nor green. It has less amounts of oxidants than black teas, but it has enough to move it well beyond the green teas. Unlike other coffee houses, Moona’s Organic Darjeeling tea tastes the same every time you try it. Darjeeling tea tends to taste different, even if it comes from the same plantation. Different harvests have different tastes. The experts at Moona make sure you get the same unique taste from your pack of Darjeeling tea. There are no surprises with each tea bag, giving you a uniform taste. Packaging

Each pack of Darjeeling tea from Moona is packaged compactly to keep the flavours from escaping. Unlike other loose-packaged tea packaging, the Moona’s Darjeeling is packaged and stored to preserve its flavours. Our premium blend releases its natural flavours only when infused with boiling water. The expertise that goes behind the packaging ensures your tea remains potent for months. So where to buy: our online store of course, the ultimate destination for premium quality loose leaf teas and artisan hand-roasted coffee blends. Here is a list of some of our offerings :Teas 

Darjeeling – Tea/ DEE - Our World Class English Breakfast Tea/ Earl Grey Tea/ Flowered Organic Jasmine Tea/ Rooibos – South African Tea/Sencha Genmaicha – Japanese Green Tea

Coffees 

ALMA – Medium to Dark Roast Coffee Blend/ DOLCE (Decaffeinated) – Medium Roast Coffee Blend/ FIA – Premium Light Roast Coffee Blend/ FIORE – Medium Roast Coffee Blend/ MAE – Dark Roast Coffee Blend/ SAFEE – Our Signature Medium Roast Coffee Blend.

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Introducing moona’s organic darjeeling the champagne of all tea  

Darjeeling tea from Moona is unique. Its golden liquor texture and distinctive muscatel flavour make it the best tasting cup of tea in the w...

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