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3 TRIED AND TESTED WAYS TO WRITE A CPD FOR ENGINEERS AUSTRALIA SKILLS ASSESSMENT One of the main things you should give attention to while writing a Competency Demonstration Report is the CPD. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and generally, it doesn’t receive much attention by an inexperienced CDR writer. This casual attention to the CPD can be a huge drawback in the proper assessment of a CDR report. So, it should never be written in a laid-back way. A good CPD helps in broadening professional networks and contacts. But mainly it is used by Engineers Australia to check the various ways through which you have tried to maintain your chartered status. Engineers Australia has divided Professional Engineers Competencies into four key rudiments- Personal Commitment, Obligation to Community, Value of Workplace and Technical Proficiency. A Continuing Professional Development report holds the information regarding the applicant’s activities to keep up with the technological developments in the professional workforce after completing his or her education. This can include the details of the applicant’s post graduation degree, names and dates of seminars, conferences, workshops and courses attended by him or her, any volunteer work or internship done and also the names of engineering journals and magazines that he or she might have read or likes to read. In short, the CPD acts as a proof that you had not sat idle and had in fact engaged in various activities which helped to hone your professional skills after completing graduation. Hence, a properly written CPD with the correct names and dates can play a huge part in assisting with a favourable assessment of the CDR report. It is always advised to take the help of a professional CDR writer while preparing a CDR. And since CPD is a part of CDR, the CPD should also be written with the guidance of a professional CDR writer. There are a ton of online websites here on the internet that provides professional CDR writing services at a reasonable price. So if you are looking for a good CDR writer, you won’t have to search too much. Even we here at Writecdrrpl.com have trained and experienced CDR writers who provide one of the best CDR report writing services in the market with a 98% success rate. Our writers take into consideration all your individual requirements, past work experience, current job profile, educational qualifications, etc. before crafting your report. However, if you are looking for tips to write your own CDR report, you can follow our blog to know more. This blog article’s focus is on CPD. So continue reading to learn about our hand-picked 3 tried and tested ways on how to write a good CPD. Organise Your CPD into a List Your CPD should be framed in the form of a list in chronological order to make it look compact and easily understandable. The CPD should have the details of your Post- graduation, short courses, seminars, discussion groups, technical meetings inspections you attended, etc.

The following necessary information should also be included in every CPD. Title of Training: The title of training plays a crucial role in writing a CPD. It holds the most pertinent information that you can convey through your CPD to your examiners from Engineers Australia. Date of Training: The dates of your training have to be mentioned in chronological order to give a clear layout about your endeavours to broaden and sharpen your technical knowledge. Duration of the training: Time span of any training needs to be properly calculated and mentioned to get a clear idea of it. Venue of the Training: Venue of the training has to be mentioned for the examiner to understand the place where the training took place. Give Attention to Your CPD Layout You need to keep in mind that a CPD is not just a summary of technical skills and knowledge. It is much more than that. So, in order to make your CPD more enriching, you should remember to include information like the time when you were working for a particular company and the names of any software or any business management strategy that you used. Such information throws light on your skills and strengths as an engineer. But coupled with this, it is necessary to keep in mind that a CPD must be composed in such a way that it fits into one single A4 sheet. It should never exceed the one page mark as a short and crisp CPD is what Engineers Australia wants. Apart from these, another thing that beginner level CDR writers fail to notice is that Engineers Australia has not mandated the attachment of certificates of every single course and event that the applicant participates in. Only the names and timings of the courses and events should be included in the CPD. Do Not Make Your CPD Long The main thing about a CPD is that it focuses on the ‘What’ more than it focuses on the ‘How’. So all that you need to mention in a CPD is the information regarding what you did in the course of time of a particular project or seminar. Any information regarding the course in detail or how you completed the course is completely unnecessary. Such lengthy information will only end up taking space on your paper and you won’t be able to fit other important information in your CPD. A CPD, before anything else, should be compact and brief. It should be to the point and short and precise. Therefore, it is not at all necessary to include all the certificates from all the courses that you took for your training and are planning to mention in your CPD. Doing so will only make your CPD long. As the CPD isn’t very detail oriented, it is very easy to come up with a CPD that is short enough to arrange itself in the limited space of a single A4 sheet. Hence, the key thing to remember while writing a CPD is- Brevity is the best policy. Source URL: https://bit.ly/2RVbdof