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s a uniquely beautiful runway model, and international fashion guru, Renee Thompson is back in Toronto, embarking on her new and self produced television project, as a behind the scenes/ all access spokesperson with an informed point of view. Renee, also known in fashion circles as Runway Renee, has served as a role model to many aspiring young black models, and has worked her way up in the international world of high fashion. Renee prides herself on being proudly rooted in her Jamaican Heritage, and sound Canadian upbringing. As such, has taken every opportunity and soared. Being Bilingual in both French and Italian Renee has made communication, expression and multiculturalism part of her reparte. She can currently be seen featured prominently on the covers of Elle Magazine, Marie Claire and Charles Greig Campaign for South Africa, Harpar’s Bazaar with Albert Elbaz of Lanvin, and most recently Essence Magazine, striking a confident pose that reconfirms her status as a leading global fashion presence. In 1999, this tall and awkward 15 year old won the Elite Model Look Contest, and represented Canada at the competition held in Paris. Those early editorial appearances included Toronto Life Fashion’s New Faces, Holt Renfrew’s Premier Catalogue and walking for Franco Mirabelli’s couture line up.

By the age of 18, Why Not Milano scouted her to do shows for her first international Spring/Summer (2002) season, where she debuted in such shows as Ruffo Research, Gattinoni, opening the Luciano Soprani show and Gae Mattioli. Thompson continued on that international path out of Italy for several seasons, and in 2006, secured a show opening with Giorgio Armani Collections. After time in Italy, Renee was scouted by La Agencia in Barcelona, Crystals Paris and to date Base Models in South Africa. While in South Africa (2009), Renee graced the covers of ELLE and Sandton Magazines. She was also one of the first black models to gain mainstream popularity in Asian markets such as Taipei and Singapore, where up until then, pale white was the customary beauty trend, earning her a campaign for Benetton. Thompson’s notoriety took her to New York in 2009, where she appeared in Cosmopolitan, O (Oprah), and Fashion Magazine, bolstering her place amongst the big beauty clients. In New York, Renee initially joined with a small boutique agency, later moving to Code, working with notable clients such as Clinique, Essence and Adrian Landou. Most recently, Thompson can be seen as the new face of L’Oreal’s Soft Sheen -Carson’s Dark and Lovely.




Thompson continued on an international path out of Italy for several seasons, and later, secured a show opening with Giorgio Armani Collections.

On the film front, Renee has appeared in such notable music videos as “Get Busy” for Sean Paul, “Doing It” for Juice Rochester and “Once Again” for Swollen Members Mocha Only. She made the term “video girl” a positive and respected title for many in the fashion industry. Thompson found her real joy and calling in film when she shot and co-produced the inspirational and revealing documentary entitled “Colour Of Beauty” (2010), directed by Elizabeth St. Philip. In doing so, she won the hearts of many, and inspired young black models while revealing the harsh reality that she had lived for the previous 12 years of her modeling career.

“Thompson found her real joy and calling in film when she shot and co-produced the inspirational and revealing documentary entitled “Colour Of Beauty” (2010)...”

Recently Premiering her TV/Film Production house Reel2Runway and piloting the newest edition to a series of coverage vlogs, gives Thompson the unique platform that will allow her to bring her experiences with fashion, the people, and the brands, and engaging her followers and viewers more up close and personally. Now lives on

From her first Production formerly known as Two Girls In Fashion (TGIF) to now Reel2Runway, Renee has created a collection of programming based on the idea of all things behind the scenes for a variety of special interests around the Fashion and Entertainment industries. Most recently readying to debut their new Luxury Lifestyle platform, to be released in Pilot for Winter 2013.

TO REEL Click here to watch “The Colour of Beauty” Documentary.

Renee with "Life of Chryst" Star Chryst Young (NYC)

Renee With Super model Janice Drummond

Renee in Reel2Runway S2EP with Salem MoussallamÂ





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CNN Profiles “The Colour of Beauty”, click here to watch now.

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Fashion Television Interview with Glen Baxter, click to watch now.

Choyin Choi, click to watch now. Dystopia  by  Jessica  Gorliky  Feat.   Runwayrenee, click to watch.

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MARTHE AIME  for  Cosmo  TV, click to watch


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Absolute Remix Fashion Styling, click to watch now.

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