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Four Brick Walls

By Jessica Bostock

‘Moving is very stressful, but also very exciting, especially if your moving into a brand new build or a bigger house’ -Jane Coates

My little brother was born while i lived in this house.

In this house my Mum and Step-Dad got married.

We got my dog when I lived in this house.

My brother also joined the Royal Navy while we lived in this house.

‘I love the idea of moving, it takes a lot of your thoughts up, then when we do it’s nice, then I just have to wait until she decides to move again’ -Richard Coates

We live in this house for a few months while we waited for our new house to finish being built. This is my Dad’s old house that he rented to us while he was in Devon.

My brother got an award while working in the Royal Navy.

This is me and my best friends just before my end of school prom in 08

This is me and my best friends on my leaving party before I moved to France.

I lived in France for a few weeks before coming home. We have no pictures of this house as it was just a small rented barn conversion we found until we could find a house to live in properly.

When I came back from France, I went to live with my best friend for a week, and the first thing I did was have a reunion with my best friends.

After living with Caroline I moved in with my aunt for a few weeks, but that didn’t really work out very well.

I was soon moved i with my Dad who lived in Devon, but no one told me i was moving, so i was very mad and didn’t stay here more than a week and i was on a train back to Rotherham.

I lived with my Nan on and off for just over a year, going back and forth to be with my mum for a few months, and while i was living here my mum moved in France another two times, so i visited her alot.

This is the first proper house my mum had, I came here for a month or so at a time, it was a huge house, and i do have lots of nice memories here.

This is me, my brother and brother-in-law on one of our many holidays there playing in our swimming pool in the garden.

This is the second house my mum lived in in France, it was very big and modern, but she had to move back from France because of complications at home. She still misses France very much now.

I decided that because my Dad moved back up to Rotherham that it would be good for me to live with one of my parents and sort out everything that had happened between us. But he kicked me out after only a few weeks of living here.

So I moved back in with my Nan in October 09, where i also met my boyfriend on Halloween 09.

My Nan turned 65, and she had a big fancy dress party full of all her friends and family.

I turned 18 shortly after my mum coming home, this is me, my mum and best friends on my 18th Birthday.

Four Brick Walls  

HOuses i have lived in

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