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With my partner (Taylor), we explored creating a series of randomized pyramid texture for a hanged wall section.

In Digital Concrete, we explored parametric concrete forms using Grasshopper scripts and sending instructions to Kuka, a robotic arm with a hot wire, slicing through blue foam. After, we made a base mold and casted concrete on the cut foam. Explorations of positive and negative forms.

San Francisco, California Dual-sided Wall + Sculpture Digital Concrete | Andrew Kudless Fall ‘15 / Solo Project

I explored making a dual sided zigzag wall or structure. The ridges resemble mountains and rocky geometries. The form also became a table base.

Rapid Prototyping Explorations San Francisco, California Pyramid Wall Texture + Sculpture Digital Concrete | Andrew Kudless Fall ‘15 | with Taylor Metcalf

San Francisco, California Fabrication Techniques Grasshopper Workshop | Andrew Marcus Summer ‘15 | Solo Project

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Jexica's Samplework  


Jexica's Samplework