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The mobile world contains a rich variation of design considerations from different screen sizes and resolution to a variety of shapes. Aim to strike a balance between sufficient screen width and audience size.

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Lengthy sections of text can be hard to read so placing them on several pages limits the scrolling to one direction. Get rid of low priority content. Stick to a single column of text that wraps so there’s no horizontal scrolling.


Simplicity equates to usability. Let them move around the site with no difficulty.


Avoid the inclusion of tables, frames and other formatting.

Provide a link for your mobile visitors to switch back to your full website for the user to find and view the other content and features that’s only accessible to the desktop version of the site.

Get to know your audience and be aware of what they are looking for. Find out how they will want to navigate your site.

Position your navigation menu below the content if your targeted mobile users want to see changing content quickly.

The content and headline needs to be visible first to not get in the way of viewing the page content.

Your main website may employ whizzy fly-out menus, rollovers or other fancy gadgetry, but a mobile browser will likely not. Be aware that dynamic page elements and graphical links consume resources, so opt for well-labelled text links.

Moving the cursor down will scroll the page and highlights the links all at once. So, it’s important to clearly advice the user what item is in focus. This can be done by changing the font and background colour of links and buttons or by simply adding some padding around links to make the clickable area largerÂ

Mobile browsers do not normally support pop-ups. And if they did, they’d have very narrow space to pop into.

Stay away from using them to avoid unpredictable results.

Don’t have pages refreshing periodically to avoid filling the device limited memory. Let the user refresh the content.

It is hard to input text in mobile versions of web sites. Replace with radio buttons or list instead so they can opt from what they need with ease. Ref:

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Mobile web design tips  
Mobile web design tips  

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