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The Introductory issue celebrates the people behind Newcastle Fashion Week and gives insight into a range of creative roles within the Fashion Industry. I hope from this publication you are inspired to pursue your dream. Jessica Robertson


TEAM NFW / Names behind the event THE INDUSTRY Phoebe Dixon / Beauty Blogger Shonagh Smith / Designer and Model Alice Mary Barnes / Life Style Blogger Melissa Bailey / Illustrator Victoria Holdstock / Make-up Artist Lisa Marshall / Fashion Blogger Charlotte Martin / Fashion Blogger Emma Bell / Fashion Designer MINIMALISM A DAY IN THE LIFE... Model / Adele Clarke Trend Forecaster / Naomi Shedden Stylist / Noreen Elizabeth GREY ST NFW Sandra Tang / Event Co-ordinator Idene Roozbayani / Official Photographer SEE NEWCASTLE FEATURES Raw Magazine CURRICULUM VITAE Gemma Gow / Fashion News Assistant Adam Mooney / Online Production Manager

To me Newcastle is the fashion city of the North... - Sandra Tang



Sandra Tang Event Organiser NE1 Jessica Robertson Personal Assistant Fashion Communication Student Phoebe Dixon Personal Assistant Media and Journalism Student Idene Offical Photographer Lee Scullion Fringe Photographer Sarah Ragan Public Relations



NORTH OF LONDON PHOEBE DIXON. PA FOR NFW & BEAUTY BLOGGER WWW.NORTHOFLONDON.COM Blogging Inspiration Inspired by the ‘beauty community’ on Youtube, many of the ‘beauty gurus’ had blogs so I wanted to follow in their footsteps. My original name came from brain storming with my own name; I created ‘Peluxe’ after putting a P to the start of deluxe. I had that title for a number of years, but very recently changed my blog name to North of London, to reach the right audience. Beauty Essentials I love trying any and all lip products, especially with the promise of moisturisation. Throughout my years of blogging, I have been lucky enough to sample a number of different products, brands and styles of make-up, but after all that sampling I’ve realised it’s all in the skin care now. My personal essentials are for moisturisers, Johnson’s 24-hour and cleanser, Clean & Clear Morning Energy range. Although I do follow up on recommendations and hypes when browsing products, make sure you find products to suit you and your skin type. It’s very personal. Beauty Treats ‘Expensive’ can be perceived very differently depending on the individual. The most valuable beauty product I have used pasted the £40 mark, being my Emma Hardie Amazing Face range. Other luxury treats are the La Roche Posay Effaclar line – although to me that is rather affordable. If I didn’t feel so guilty forking out for Emma Hardie then it would probably be in my essentials list! Signature Look My signature look has changed since summer, I dialled down my go to make-up and now use a BB cream daily – my favourite being Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector. I go between a sheer eye shadow with a subtle brown line (MAC Teddy Liner) or just a smudging of grey liner (MAC Greyprint). I always, always line my tightline with black and my water line with a pastel, either white, baby blue or cream (Gosh Ice Blue or Stila Topaz). Tips My top beauty tip would be to try what’s out there, try it all before you settle. Once you have found what you feel is your staples, every now and again branch out. You may be surprised. My blogging tips would be, find your passion and niche. Stay true to your opinion, be is style, beauty or trends. Don’t try to fit alongside other bloggers and what’s out there. You never know, that one ‘controversial’ opinion of slating the new product may be your making.

SHONAGH SMITH FASHION DESIGNER & MODEL WWW.SHONAGHMARIE.BLOGSPOT.COM Inspiration I’ve loved the industry for years and have always kept up to date with trends etc. I don’t always follow them and used to love deliberately wearing things that were different when I was younger. For example wearing bold tights, with fish nets over the top then baggy ripped jeans on top of them. Sounds mad but I’d rather of been different then look like everyone else. Creative Inspiration I am on a constant look out for my next inspiration or idea but sometimes they come from the most random things or in the middle of the night. Sometimes I struggle to go to sleep because I am thinking up ideas, so I have to write a note before I fall asleep incase I forget in the morning. Big Break When I created my kaftan collection for Newcastle Fashion Week, because before then I wasn’t sure what kind of designer I wanted to be, as with textiles and surface design there are many areas you can go in to. So seeing that collection go down the catwalk and having such a positive response from people that attend. That has inspired me to go down this route of beachwear and has defined who I want to be as a designer. Source of Inspiration Researching anything. Countries, traditions, cultures but also I like to look at textures a lot, taking rubbings they create there own prints. Taking lots of photographs, manipulation on photoshop to make things look completely different to what they originally were. Model Inspiration It was something I always had an interest in but I had acne through school which knocked my confidence and was something I couldn’t deal with. But now that my skin is improved and I can model and it would be great to be an inspiration for young girls out there that are going through the same difficulties. Modelling/Designer Love I love collaborating with exciting creative photographers especially high fashion editorial shoots. As a designer I love the process from an initial drawing to then developing that into a final collection Career Aim Is to set up my own business as a Luxury beach and swimwear designer. Tips Hard work pays off.

ALICE MARY BARNES MULTI DISCIPLINARY DEISGN PROFFESSIONAL FASHION COMMUNICATION GRADUATE & BLOGGER WWW.ALICEMARYBARNES.BLOGSPOT.COM Blogging Inspiration I actually started blogging during my final year on Uni, as a means of promoting myself and my work to a community of interest. I ran with my full name for the blog, Alice Mary Barnes, purely to spread my name around and this has sort of stuck. For short, I called it AMB which is a bit catchier. Creative Inspiration Lots of different thing inspire me creatively. Blog wise, I am inspired by interesting events going on in the North East, new beauty products, beautiful art etc. It really is a mish-mash of lots of different components. Opportunities I have had the opportunity to attend events in conjunction with ASOS and work with some global brands on unique content. Blogging Tips If you think by starting blogging, you will instantly get free stuff, you won’t. Be passionate about what you’re writing about - blogging shouldn’t just be about receiving things for free, it should be about sharing your valid opinion on a topic or just sharing something you like with the world. Other Blogs I look for interesting content which I can’t find anywhere else or is completely unique to that particular blogger. Favourite Blogs I have a few favourites which vary across different interests. For fashion, I love Liberty London Girl, The Frugality and A Little Bird Told Me. For healthy lifestyle and fitness tips, I follow Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish, and Bangs and Bun. Love for Blogging I love the instantaneous nature of blogging and the chance to share my opinion with a captive audience. Career Aim In terms of career, I want to continue develop my ambitions in the marketing and advertising field, whilst running my blog as a side project. It’s important to have a good work/life balance, and keeping to blog ensures I get to persue my interests outside of work.

MELISSA BAILEY ILLUSTRATION & DESIGN GRADUATE FREELANCE ILLUSTRATOR & BLOGGER Inspiration I was inspired by some of my favorite illustrators blogs, kelly Smith’s in particular, and also wanted a project that I would feel driven to keep updating with new illustrations. I also wanted to know what other people thought of my work. Blogging has been great as it has connected my work to people all over the world. Creative inspiration I am inspired by other illustrators, seeing such amazing work always makes you want to up your game! I am also inspired by fashion! I love looking at haute couture garments and all of the detail and time that has went into them. At the moment I particularly love Iris Van Herpen and Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy. You can’t help but be inspired by something which has been born of so much skill. Source of Inspiration I’d say the internet has given me the biggest source of inspiration. Magazines, books also play a part. I use pintrest a lot and find some amazing imagery which can either be a direct source for an illustration or simply give me an idea. I’m trying to get back into life drawing as I feel I’ve become too reliant on one source. I have a project coming up soon which involves drawing people, very fast, so I’m trying to get some practice in by just going out onto the streets of Newcastle to draw what I see! Opportunities Illustrating has given me opportunities to work for some fantastic clients, I’ve met some great people along the way. I also sell my work as prints on my Etsy store so the whole thing allows me to learn about running my own business and managing my time. Blogging tips Taking good and interesting photos for you posts and having exciting and fresh ideas/ images are main things I strive to do. Other Blogs Originality! I hate it when bloggers just regurgitate images from other blogs they see. I like to follow other illustrators as they always post new and exciting things that they’ve created or been involved with. One of my favourites has to be “A beautifull mess” , a lifestyle blog by Elsie Larson. It’s so diverse! I feel inspired every time I read it. Love for Illustration It’s always a challenge, and it’s never boring! It gives you freedom in a creative sense as well as in your life as you set your own working pattern. I also love to see my work in print, there’s a real sense of achievement at the end of a project. Career Aim My general aim is to become more established and gain a larger client base, something which takes time but I feel I am chipping away at! I’d love to move to London in the future and have my own studio. I’d also love to illustrate a book!

VICTORIA HOLDSTOCK MAKE-UP ARTIST & PHOTOGRAPHY STUDENT WWW.25-36.COM Make-up secrets For me makeup is a release of creativity, if it’s something you enjoy then be experimental, have fun, try new things and be confident. Beauty essentials Face moisturiser, a good spf and lip balm. Products that protect and provide moisture to your skin, the better hydrated your skin is, the better your makeup looks and lasts. That and lots of water! Creative inspiration I’m fascinated with the late 60s/ early 70s era, everything from the fashion to the makeup and lifestyle inspires me, so I find my passion for this style feeds my creative inspiration, both in my makeup artistry and photography work. Also, backstage videos of fashion week always get me excited too, hearing key artists such as Val Garland and Terry Barber talk about the feeling and story behind the makeup is inspiration at it’s best. Signature look Always flawless but light skin, groomed and defined eyebrows and depending on my mood or occasion I keep it simple with mascara and a soft highlight around the eye or a soft, smouldering, blended, blown-out smokey eye. I like effortless but beautiful makeup. Favourite product MAC paintpot in groundwork. The perfect product for a soft, natural, bare eye or an industrial strength base for eyeshadow, your eye makeup will not budge with this product underneath. Make-up of the season Make-up that compliments, not overpowers your skin tone, structure and look with natural but perfected skin and key features such as graphic liner and the red lip has prolonged it’s stay this season. Make-up tips For flawless makeup, blending is the key, blend, blend, blend. Keep it simple, sometimes a smokey eye created with only one eyeliner and a blending brush can be just as gorgeous, not to mention quick! After applying your base, go around your lip line with a wet cotton bud or face wipe, to bring back your lip definition and colour, it finishes off your look and brings out your lips.

SHOES AND SASHIMI LISA MARSHALL. MENSWEAR MERCHANDISER & FASHION BLOGGER WWW.SHOESANDSASHIMI.BLOGSPOT.COM Signature Style I am a Pisces, so I feel my style is a representation of the two sides of my personality. Clean, minimal, current, elegant, fearless and evolving are words that come to mind. I like to experiment and push myself to try new things, but I always come back to classic tailoring and staple items. Fashion Essentials I have been searching for a classic camel coat for a good few years and only managed to secure one this season. Coats are so important, especially here in Newcastle with our weather as it’s what people see you in for months on end. You should be just as happy with your outerwear as you are with your outfit underneath. Pointed heels are my trademark, for my style and my blog header. The pair I have used are my all time favourite pair, elegant and businesslike. Creative Inspiration I check the Internet everyday, to feed myself with inspiration. I love street style images; I read a lot of blogs and update myself with my favourite online stores. I collect Vogue and Elle every month, and for my job have a good knowledge of current trends and designer collections. I love films, and have drawn inspiration from them, as well as travelling and would definitely say the places I have visited inspired my wardrobe choices. High Street Store Pick H&M and their ‘Trend’ collection, the collection is hugely influenced by the catwalks. They have their finger on the pulse and are able to not only produce the perfect catwalk copies but directional pieces with their own twist. I visit the Newcastle store daily and am constantly amazed. Designer Pick I am a fan of clean lines and minimalism, so Celine if the front-runner. Style Tips Personal style should be effortless and comfortable, you should be comfortable and confident in the clothes you wear. My outfit choices are always mood related, but I don’t find getting dressed hard because I know what I like. Blogging Tips Stick with it, blogging isn’t easy and it’s time consuming especially if you work full time but it can be very rewarding. Building a following can take a while but once you have one, big or small the positive comments are all worth it.


Blogging Inspiration I wanted to create a ‘visual wardrobe’, somewhere to remind myself of what clothes I had and how I could wear them. I wanted to compile inspiration and loved the idea of an online diary. I blog now because I genuinely enjoy it and I because of have discovered more brands that I love, giving my style inspiration dailey. Beauty Essentials I love treating myself to Clarins skincare and a new Chloe fragrance. For foundation, my favourite is Chanel Vitalumiere, but Rimmel’s Wake Me Up foundation for my day to day is an essential. Fashion Essentials Back to basics, I will always fall back on my leather biker jacket, boyfriend style coat, skinny jeans, over-sized tees and a pair of Chelsea boots. Signature Look Matte face, cat eyeliner, strong brows and a bright red or dark berry lip, depending on the occasion. In terms of my style, I am a monochrome girl, a lot of leather accents and gold jewellery. My Michael Kors rose gold watch, lives pretty neatly on my wrist. Tips You don’t have to have a top camera or wardrobe full of high price tags to successfully blog. Show your own style, talk about your personal life, likes and interests. My favourite blogs are the ones that make it their own. I have tumblr, pinterest, instagram and twitter to make sure I never miss out on a trick.

EMMA BELL FASHION DESIGNER & CREATIVE CONSULTANT WWW.EMMA-BELL.COM Inspiration I would spend a lot of time at my Grandma’s house when I was a little girl and we would forever be whizzing up outfits on her sewing machine and playing dress up with her old, sparkly evening gowns. This was pretty much where it all started and I knew early on that this was what I really wanted to do when I ‘grew up’! As I got older I would customise a lot of my own clothes and play around with pattern cutting and knitting so it was all a natural progression and I went on to study design before eventually working in the industry and setting up my own brand. I always liked the idea of creating something new from scratch and being able to work in a way in which there were no creative boundaries and fashion design was the career path that allowed me to do this. Creative Inspiration I find inspiration in even the smallest things anything from sweet wrappers, a sentence from a book, an old postcard, to what is on my dinner plate! I have uncovered both on my travels as well as ideas shaped during growing up in the North East to give my work somewhat of a diary effect. There are so many avenues that influence my work from poetry to music, folk tales and my friends. Colour and texture is something I adore so I tend to always seek out interesting colour palettes and ways of working with alternative materials such as plastic, upcycled interiors and paper. Big Break My debut show at London Fashion Week. For me, this was a dream come true and this experience offered me a great opportunity to create a platform to introduce my work to a big audience. At the time I’d been working in the fashion industry for about a year since graduating so this was a chance to really be thrown in at the deep end and learn in the process. It allowed me to establish who my customers were, really push press relations and set the foundations of my brand’s identity. It was an amazing chance to meet and work with people that understood my creative vision and really helped in terms of opening new doors and presenting new opportunities for me. Designer Lifestyle It’s more of a lifestyle rather than a job. I like how it’s challenging and exhausting and that every day is different. I’ve found myself working on everything from PR, to styling, fashion writing, teaching, graphic design, commercial wardrobe and even sticking about a million sweets onto a car! It’s great working to my own schedule, getting to travel with work a lot and being able to collaborate with so many inspirational creatives and brands on the way, I wouldn’t change it for the World! Fashion Essentials In terms of practical items, I always carry my camera for snapping pictures of things that inspire me and a notebook for journalling anything and everything! I couldn’t live without are my pink Doc Martens, an unnecessary amount of obscure socks and anything covered with rhinestones!





Three, two, one; Lights, cameras, all eyes on me, like a moving target I strut that runway as the many faces follow and try to keep up. The life of a model is far less glamorous than others presume, except there is nothing else in the world quite like it; the organised chaos, the adrenaline rush, the experience, the beauty and the fashion. I enter a sea of people. You can’t move for models, make up artists, hair stylists, fashion interns - I can’t hear myself think with the radio on full, supposedly to keep people calm, but alongside 15 hairdryers all going at once, I can’t help but think it’s having the opposite effect. Banks of chairs, mirrors, tables and lights, collections hanging in their final running orders and masses of naked flesh on show; the storm of the day has officially begun. I sit in my ‘models’ area, awaiting my turn for hair and make-up, with constant questioning ensuring I know what I’m doing, what I’m wearing and in what order. With copies of the schedule posted everywhere I should hope I know what’s going on, if not then I’m in trouble. A young girl with a clipboard starts barking models names, trying to be heard over giggling girls, hairdryers and designers having last minute meltdowns; she’s trying to tick off us models one by one ensuring we are all here. I fear what would happen if one were not to be, the whole place would come to a sudden stand still of panic. Once successfully ticked off the register, I scale the rails of garments searching for my face on a Polaroid picture; an array of stiff black leathers, soft cashmeres, heavy embellishments and the occasional colour blocking, it’s a style visionary. Statement heels sit neatly underneath each outfit, they complete the look. My fingers caress each individual piece, it’s art in the form of fashion, and I feel like the fashion elite. I know from experience that my face along with a thousand others will be seen in every major magazine, ready to inspire the masses of loyal fashion followers. That’s the purpose of me as a model, to sell my garment to the world, to be a walking blank canvas displaying this fabulous piece of art hoping for the highest bids at auction. Sold. We sit by the finest collection, my personal favourite anyway, the food; tables of Coca Cola ranging from diet to full fat, endless jugs of water, bowls of sweets, chocolate and boxes of cupcakes. You may as well take what you can at the start and stock up, as come Showtime there is no time to stop and take a nibble. Stage one, it’s my turn for hair and make-up, time to immerse my alter ego. My face sits nicely in the hands of a MAC professional, ready to make me look beautiful along with hoards of others. I take advantage of this time of the day, the only time I can sit in one place for more than 5 minutes. My face is painted and my hair is scraped back so tight my facial expression is forced to stay put, I’m all set to go.

Fittings. This is the last chance for the designer to see you before your thrown to the wolves. I’m then expected to walk for her, so she can see her clothes in action, how they move and lay on me, the routine never alters. It works in my favour also, from past experience I have learnt not all fashion forward garments are designed to actually be walked in or even worn for that matter, therefore getting a chance to test it out before all eyes are on you, could save my reputation. Run-through. I walk beyond the door, dividing the two worlds, the catwalk is covered to ensure it’s pristine for the show; lights are so bright even seeing your foot in front of the other becomes a difficult task. Who said modelling was easy? They really had never given it a test drive had they? The technical crew are at work, testing everything as we strut their way. The music is fierce, as a model this is code to be ‘fierce’, your attitude expected to compliment the chosen music; an unwritten rule in modelling. I’m enjoying this run-through, the venue empty looks intimate, as the catwalk cuts the room in half, this simple catwalk ticks the box for trips and falls to be less likely. I take a break, needing some fresh air, stepping outside into a mist of cigarette smoke isn’t exactly what I needed. Inside it is hot, steamy and full of half-naked bodies, there’s something about this image that screams strip-club. I step back for a second and take in the scene; we are two hours from Showtime, it’s a whirlwind of panic. Make-up brushes are chasing models, fashion interns are running after any noticeable mess and models are seen strutting in any empty space available. An army of photographers enter our world; this is the opportunity to get some backstage shots and collection snaps before their seen moving up and down the catwalk. This scene in front of me now, caught on camera must make for a beautiful image; you can’t fake this hectic mess of fashion. “Doors open, Doors open” is screeched by a small crazed woman wearing a headset, followed by ‘First Looks everyone, first looks!” It all resembles a field of war, the disorder I mean, not violence. It’s as though somebody hit fast forward. Fashion interns running after models, tweaking, pulling and smoothing to perfect their first outfit; hair stylists are seen releasing hair spray randomly into the atmosphere hoping to keep their works of art in place, as make-up artists use their brushes as weapons to attack any model that comes in their path. I’m suddenly grabbed; hands go up my dress, my bra then pulled down to sit perfectly straight, as I just stand there, chewing a sweet. This is when us models leave our dignity at the door and pick it up again at the end.

I look down at what I’m wearing, how can one, off the shoulder printed, silk dress transform you in a second? It’s perfectly handcrafted, it’s true what they say, the beauty is in the detail. The music starts to blare from front of house, the heat back here starts to rise, I can feel my face being to shine slightly, pulling clinging fabric from our armpits, to stop any mishaps right before entering the mist of the fashion circus. We begin to line up in the straightest line, an army of colour and prints, all set and ready for action. Backstage begins to empty as others take their place to coveted front of house; the backlight goes on, this is it. Showtime. Que Sophie, Lydia, Lauren, then me, I’m off. The music is on full volume, the atmosphere is electric, I can only feel my heart pounding in my chest, and a rush of excitement passes through me. I hit centre stage, stood under the lights, and look out at the sea of faces, this can’t be beaten. I strut my stuff; hoping no one can tell that I can’t see a thing in front of me. Light’s flashing at you from every angle, as all eyes are on you following your every move, I feel like a goddess. No sooner than I’m out, I’m backstage having unknown faces ripping clothes off me and chucking my next look over my head, there’s no time to breath, think or even speak. The quick change is done in seconds, hair spray aimed at me for what feels like the hundredth time today, and I’m ready to be lined up again. It’s all go, go, go. A model in front of me messes up on her timing, in a state of panic a hand is on my back, pushing me, as another girl ushers me onto the catwalk, gritting her teeth and mouthing the word GO! It was all going so well, fingers crossed nobody noticed. One by one, we walk together an army of models, in a militant straight line clapping as we strut, showing the collections for the last time. It’s done. Backstage we hear the audience applauding, we have to assume it went well. Champagne corks are popping all over the place back here, as a serge of people come backstage congratulating everyone and anyone on how ‘fabulous’ it was. The make-up artists and hair stylists finish collecting up their tools and interns clear up the left over mess, as the collections are left dumped in heaps all over the floor, as if they never mattered. It’s awful to say but I’m glad it’s not my responsibility to clear up this mess. As my feet feel like they are on fire, my face is numb and my ears are ringing from a day of constant loud noise but at least my face paint is still intact, so I leave looking more decent then my body feels. My heart is still racing, my body is exhausted and my mouth is dry, I can’t stop smiling. I just love what I do. I can’t wait for the next chaotic day to begin.


Trend Bible is a home and interior trend forecasting agency based in Newcastle. Offering bespoke colour and product design information; we work with design and buying teams in the home industry all over the world to ensure they are developing commercially successful and inspiring product ranges. Our Creative Director, Joanna Feeley, established the business in 2007 after working as a trend and design consultant for brands in the UK and USA and has been steadily growing the business which now employs a full time “core” team of three in Newcastle as well as a number of freelance editors, designers and researchers. I’ve been working with Trend Bible for two years now. Having graduated with a degree in Textile Design and inspired by a work placement with Trend Bible, I went on to work with the business on a freelance basis. I spent a year as an assistant at ELLE Decoration magazine but decided to move back to the North East in 2012 and now work full time with Trend Bible as Trend and Material Researcher. The trend research industry appeals to my curious nature and I spend a lot of time collecting and analysing information. I start each day with a look at what is going on in the world, from twitter to newspaper websites (The Guardian and The New York Times are daily reads). You really have to be a bit of a magpie in how you approach and collect information so I also spend a lot of time going out to trade shows, exhibitions and seminars all over the country too. My role is incredibly diverse, which is why I love it. In a single day I can be researching future trends in consumer behaviour, trends in product design, presenting work to clients or working on the bi-annual forecasting books that we publish. At the moment we are compiling our Autumn Winter 2014-15 books. For me this means arranging photo shoots and styling images for the four Home trend and four Kids trends we are forecasting. I take the general mood; materials and colours of each trend and interpret these visually. I visit flea markets to collect props, craft new things, source interesting materials, shapes and details to create sets and images to sum up each trend and hopefully inspire our clients. Being a part of a growing business means that you have to be inventive an adaptable, always looking for the next opportunity to grow the business or better what you do. So my job doesn’t end with the research and creative work I do – There is also a lot of business development and marketing to do. We never rest on our laurels, there’s always something new to try.


Good Morning I usually like to wake-up around 7am, have breakfast and be at my desk by 7.30am to check and respond to emails. If I have a photo shoot coming up for a magazine editorial or advertising campaign I’ll spend some time going through catwalk looks, magazines and blogs and pull together some mood boards. I’ll make appointments to visit the stores where I’m borrowing the samples for the shoot from. Then over my third or so cup of coffee, I’ll spend 10 minutes updating my social networking sites.I book in my personal shopping clients around 11am. As well as having my own private clientele, I work as a personal shopper for the Metrocentre so shopping destinations will vary from day to day. I’ll be ready to leave the house by 9.30am so I can pre-shop for the clients before our appointment. Personal Style My personal style is quite classic and smart. I’m a big fan of the way Milanese and Parisian women dress, so my usual work wear will be perfect-fitting jeans or trousers, sharp blazer, simple top, chic jewellery and of course flats – brogues, tassel loafers or monk straps. I’ll spend an hour or so browsing through the clothes in the stores I know I will be visiting with my client. I’ll make a mental note of everything I want the client to try and in some stores I’ll leave items aside. Then it’s time to meet the client. Cliental Personal styling is the whole reason I got into styling, I love it! I started out styling my older sister when I was 14; she hates shopping. A lot of my clients will be like her; they don’t like the fuss in the stores, can never find what they’re looking for and simply don’t know what looks good on them. I’ve always known exactly what looks good on people and exactly how to find it, so styling came very naturally to me. After shopping with my client I’ll head to the stores for my appointments. I’ll spend some time meeting with the store manager or head of department then I’ll select my preferred pieces to use for the shoots. Over a late lunch I’ll check my emails and any personal shopping enquiries I’ve had I’ll respond to by phone. Here comes the Bride This will bring me to late afternoon which usually means bridal appointments. I work as the Creative Consultant to a bespoke bridal boutique in Newcastle where my role is to meet with the brides and assist them in designing their bridal gowns. If it’s the first time I’m meeting with the bride we’ll have a consultation to discuss her ideas, I’ll do a few sketches and we will look at fabrics, beadings and so on. I’ll usually ask her to try on a few of the samples we have in-store so she can start to visualise my recommendations, for example: how the different fabrics would lie, why this neckline is better than that one, why a-line works so perfectly for her shape, etc. With the stores being open until 8pm now, I often get clients book in for some personal shopping on an evening. I also have several exclusive clients who hire me to shop on their behalf and sometimes I will make the most of the late opening times to shop for them. Home-time I’ll pop home to change, which usually means adding heels to my outfit or possibly changing into a dress, for meeting friends for a late dinner on the Quayside. When I finally arrive home I like to catch up on the fashion news of the day on, Net-a-porter and Twitter. I’ll check my diary for the following day and send any final emails before heading to bed.



SANDRA TANG FREELANCE NEWCASTLE FASHION WEEK AND DIGITAL CO ORDINATOR WWW.CHICEST.WORDPRESS.COM Inspiration Newcastle, it has an amazing pool of fashion and some of the industries top courses at Northumbria University. With top talent, a great range of retailers from independent vintage stores, to high-end designers, it was about time that Newcastle was recognised as a fashion capital of the North. Expectations In regards to the events, people involved and press coverage yes. It’s been a huge success both years and can only grow! Highlight There is so many to choose from. My favourite highlight has to be our show stopping catwalk, Fashion Front Row, with all the North East’s top designers. There is always such a buzz at the event, and it always a brilliant evening. Opportunities It has been an amazing experience for me; it’s great to be so hands on and literally working to pull everything together. From deciding the line up of events, working on the branding, through to dressing the models at the shows – there is so much to do and I’ve loved the details behind it. It has opened many doors for me and I have been lucky to have worked with so many great people. Creative Inspiration I’m inspired by a whole rosta of talent we have here as part of NE1’s Newcastle Fashion Week. Signature Style A mix of vintage and high street, I aim for timeless style over fashion trends. Outfit’s I’d still be proud to look back on, and would wear decades later. Tips Events – Organise everything like a military operation! Style – Go for what suits you and not what’s hot right now. Blogging – Blog like you would work, time and organisation.

IDENE ROOZBAYANI OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NEWCASTLE FASHION WEEK WWW.IDENE.CO.UK Inspiration I was inspired to pick up a camera in 2008 from an earlier time period where I had a film SLR camera which I used to take pictures on. After selling the film SLR, I realised later on in life that I actually wanted to have a good camera and bought my first D-SLR, a Sony Alpha A100. So to answer your question, my main inspiration for becoming a photographer was due to wanting a good camera and then realising that I really enjoyed photography and at that point I decided to try and persue a career after getting a photography job one month later. Creative Inspiration My creative inspiration comes from the film industry and capturing moments that convey emotions in a way that I would expect to see them in a film. For me, movies and high caliber TV shows are part and parcel with everything I do. I am always inspired by cinematography and I try to capture a movie feel where ever its possible. Source of Inspiration I love street photography, whether its the work of Vivian Maier or the work I see in the Flickr group Hardcore Street Photography. Street, in my opinion is the rawest form of photography and also the most challenging. So when the job allows, I always utilise elements of street above all other types of photography. I am also inspired a lot by John Henry Bailton, Karol Lasia and Joey Laurence who are all incredible photographers whose work I absolutely love . Opportunities Photography has given me the opportunity to mix my love of music with a job I love. Being able to photograph the biggest artists both in the live music arena and dance music world has been an absolute privilege. I’ve also been at the front for many incredible events and I have been inspired to travel more to further my street portfolio. Favourites My favourite type of photograph is always going to be street. Its a very real form of photography and the fact that a lot of it is done without the subjects being aware adds to the realism of the art form. There is a lot of skill involved in shooting street which I have a lot of respect for the photographers involved. I also have a great love for shooting music because of the passion I have for it. Tips My number one piece of advice to anyone getting into photography is to shoot jpeg instead of RAW. That way a photographer will be able to learn how to use their camera instead of relying on post processing to fix all the mistakes they made. Through shooting jpeg, knowing that what you shoot is it, means you get more competent at setting white balance, focus points, correct exposure settings etc.

Eventually the photographer will become adept at using their camera and then if they wish, make the transition to RAW format. It also saves a lot of time and disc space when your starting out which is a bonus. I am sure there are plenty of other photographers out there that would disagree with me so take that advice at your own peril. I would also suggest playing video games. Being able to condition your mind into dealing and resolving problems in very small amount of time is a skill that is essential when working in environments a photographer may not have been in before and playing games aids in improving dexterity which is essential for adjusting settings quickly and efficiently. What do you aim for in the future in terms of career? I have no aim in mind, when I first started out as a photographer I never thought I would get to where I am right now so for now, I am happy to see where photography takes me.




RAW MAGAZINE REBECCA ELAND AND JESSIA ASKHAM FASHION COMMUNICATION STUDENTS WWW.RAW-OFFICIAL.COM Raw Magazine RAW is a small, independently run online magazine. We believe that music, art and culture are key components in the fashion industry and should not be overlooked. Our magazine brings you the latest in art, music and beauty as well as fashion. Inspiration We both have our online fashion blogs, and after writing for British Style Bloggers we wanted to do something for ourselves. We wanted to create something a little bit different, and a little bit edgy. We have a passion for exposing new and raw talent so this drove us to create RAW magazine. Creative Inspiration We find inspiration everywhere. We are always looking online, on websites and blogs, on television, film, music and just if we hear about something through other people. If we feel that its image is unique, and perhaps a little bit quirky or inspiring we will feature it in RAW magazine. We don’t particularly want our image to be too mainstream. Opportunities As RAW is still relevantly new everything is in very early stages. We have been in touch with Purple PR who we are now helping to write reviews for which is a great honour. We have a writer from Brazil, and just featured photography from a 17 year old girl from Melbourne, Australia, and RAW has given us these contacts which means it is a great way to meet new people and experience different people’s works. Career Aim In an idealistic world, we would love RAW to eventually expand into a print based magazine. Of course this would take some time and we would need financial backing for this but that is our main aim. We would just like to get RAW to a level where it is known worldwide and has a great reputation for now. Tips Tips we would give would be just to go for it. RAW started out as a small idea for us over summer and although it does take some time to make it happen as long as you put a lot of effort into what you’re doing and have a clear vision of what you want you will be able to do it. Be confident.



GEMMA GOW Fashion News Assisatant at Look Magazine

ADAM MOONEY Online Producation Manager at Jules B

Age: 26

Age: 26

From: Newcastle

From: North Tyneside

Studied: London College Of Fashion (University Of The Arts London)

Studied: Sunderland University

Final Career Aim: To be an editor or launch my own publication, probably online Career Highlight: Flying to New York to a fashion launch and interviewing the design team and celebrities Skills required for your job: The ability to multi-task, think outside the box, be creative and inventive, meet deadlines, good time management, building key relationships, extensive fashion knowledge Qualifications: A-Levels and a BA (Hons) in Fashion Promotion, specialising in Fashion Journalism Big Break: Getting the position at Look two months into an unpaid internship at Elle magazine Job Involves: Securing exclusive fashion news stories, generating and writing content for the magazine and, liaising with PR’s and building relationships, attending conferences and development meetings Everyday Essentials: The Internet! Newspapers, computer, Fashion Monitor Typical Office Hours: 9.30am-5.30pm Highlight so far: See above – that and interviewing other celebrities for pieces. Top Tip: Make as many industry contacts as you can, it really is as imperative as any degree in the fashion industry. Highs and Lows: Not really any lows, though expect to start out on a fairly low salary. Highs include trips to amazing restaurants, concerts, events etc, discounts across the high street and travel.

Final Career Aim: Generally speaking to make a name for myself within the fashion industry and enjoy myself in the process. Career Highlight: My recent promotion to Online Production Manager. The creation of our A/ W12 glossy magazine which I am particularly proud of. Contributing to Jules B becoming a well respected fashion (r)etailer that keeps up with market expectations. Skills required for your job: A lot of dedication, organisation and the willingness to constantly evolve in an extremely fast paced, ever changing industry. Oh and excellent communication and people skills always help. Qualifications: BA in Journalism Big Break: Getting my first role at Jules B as an assistant on the editorial team. Job Involves: Direction of all model shoots, overseeing all photography and imagery production from sample delivery through to image upload, delivering a commercial and creative eye that is representative of the Jules B brand ethos, the continuous development and growth of the company’s imagery department, ensuring brand presence & correct tone of voice across all imagery through art direction, editing and copy writing across all marketing platforms. Typical Office Hours: Mon – Fri 8.30am – 5pm Highlight so far: Being giving the opportunity to progress and put my mark on a very dynamic, fast paced business. Top Tip: Know your market and don’t’ be afraid to take risks and try new things.

PHOTOGRAPHY Newcastle Fashion Week - Idene Roozbayani and Lee Scullion Phoebe Dixon - Shonagh Smith - Alice Mary Barnes - Melissa Bailey - Victoria Holdstock - Lisa Marshall - Charlotte Martin - Emma Bell - Minimalism - Jessica Robertson Lights Camera Catwalk - Newcastle Fashion Week Trend Forecaster - Noreen Elizabeth - Grey St - Jessica Robertson Sandra Tang - Idene Roozbayani Idene Roozbayani - Newcastle Fashion Week See Newcastle - Jessica Robertson Raw Magazine -



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