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Crystal Garden Chinese Restaurant

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Popular Dishes Dim Sims - Fried or Steamed PRICE$9.80 Mini Spring Rolls (6) PRICE$8.80 Sizzling Mongolian Lamb PRICE$14.80 Sweet and Sour Pork

PRICE$14.00 Special Fried Rice PRICE$9.80 Large Fried Rice PRICE$8.80 Chef's Suggestions Combination Tofu in Hotpot PRICE$16.80 Chicken with Three Cup Sauce PRICE$16.80 Beef Cube in Black Papper Sauce with Honey PRICE$17.80 Chicken Fillet in Red Vinegar Sauce PRICE$16.80 Golden Fried Bean Curd PRICE$16.80 King Prawns with XO Sauce

PRICE$25.80 Golden Garlic Fried Spare Ribs PRICE$16.00 Satay Combination PRICE$16.80 Grandma Bean Curd PRICE$15.80 Chicken Wings with Salt and Pepper PRICE$16.80 Entree Special Mixed Entree (4) PRICE$6.50 Sesame Prawn Toasts (6) PRICE$10.80 Dim Sims - Fried or Steamed PRICE$9.80 Mini Spring Rolls (6)

PRICE$8.80 Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls PRICE$8.80 Ham Chicken Rolls (6) PRICE$13.50 King Prawn Cutlets (6) PRICE$18.80 Lamb Pancake PRICE$14.80 Boneless Duck Pancake (4) PRICE$12.00 Prawn Cocktail PRICE$10.80 Sang Chow Bow (4) PRICE$14.00 Seafood Sang Choy Bow (4) PRICE$16.80

Satay Chicken Skewer (4) PRICE$10.80 Prawn Dumpling - Fried or Steamed PRICE$12.80 Curry Puff (6)Curry beef & potatoes wrapped in puff pastry PRICE$9.80 Soups Chicken Sweet Corn Soup PRICE$6.80 Crab Meat Sweet Corn Soup PRICE$6.80 Short Soup PRICE$6.50 Long Soup PRICE$6.00 Hot and Sour Soup PRICE$7.80

Minced Beef Soup PRICE$6.80 Seafood and Bean Curd Soup PRICE$8.80 Combination Long Soup PRICE$12.00 Combination Short Soup PRICE$12.00 Seafood Combination Long Soup PRICE$16.50 Seafood Combination Short Soup PRICE$16.50 Tum Yum SoupMini prawn, chicken, BBQ pork PRICE$9.80 Chicken Laksa PRICE$13.80 Beef Laksa

PRICE$13.80 Combination Laksa PRICE$16.80 Seafood Satay Seafood PRICE$20.80 Honey Seafood PRICE$20.80 Szechuan Chilli Seafood PRICE$20.80 Seafood Combination Supreme PRICE$20.80 Prawns King Prawns with Vegetables PRICE$25.80 King Prawns with Ginger and Shallots PRICE$25.80

King Prawns with Cashew PRICE$26.80 King Prawns with Almonds PRICE$26.80 King Prawns with Butter Cream Sauce PRICE$25.80 Szechuan Chilli King Prawns PRICE$25.80 Koon Boo King Prawns PRICE$25.80 Salt and Pepper King Prawns PRICE$25.80 Honey King Prawns PRICE$25.80 Satay King Prawns PRICE$25.80 Garlic King Prawns

PRICE$25.80 Curry King Prawns PRICE$25.80 Combination King Prawns PRICE$25.80 Pekingese Chilli King Prawns PRICE$25.80 Scallops Scallops with Ginger and Shallots PRICE$25.80 Scallops in Bird’s Nest PRICE$26.80 Satay Scallops PRICE$25.80 Scallops with Black Bean Sauce PRICE$25.80 Scallops with Snow Peas

PRICE$25.80 Szechuan Chilli Scallops PRICE$25.80 Scallops with Cashew PRICE$26.80 Scallops with Almonds PRICE$26.80 Fish Fish Fillet in Cream Corn Sauce PRICE$17.80 Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet PRICE$17.30 Salt and Pepper Fish Fillet PRICE$17.30 Calamari Szechuan Chilli Calamari - Hot PRICE$15.50

Deep Fried Calamari with Salt and Pepper PRICE$15.50 Pekingese Chilli Calamari PRICE$15.50 Calamari with Black Bean Sauce PRICE$15.50 Calamari with Snow Peas PRICE$15.50 Chicken Crispy Skin Chicken with Ginger and Shallot Sauce PRICE$15.50 Crispy Skin Chicken PRICE$15.50 Sweet and Sour Chicken PRICE$14.30 Chicken with Black Bean Sauce PRICE$14.30

Shan Tung Crispy Skin Chicken PRICE$15.50 Boneless Lemon Chicken PRICE$15.50 Han Fa Boneless Chicken PRICE$16.80 Boneless Chicken in Butter Sauce PRICE$15.50 Koon Boo ChickenPeking spicy style PRICE$14.30 Sizzling Teriyaki Chicken Fillet PRICE$14.30 Garlic Chicken PRICE$14.30 Honey Chicken PRICE$14.30 Satay Chicken

PRICE$14.30 Chicken Fillet in Bird’s Nest PRICE$16.80 Chicken with Vegetables PRICE$14.30 Chicken with Cashew PRICE$15.50 Chicken with Almonds PRICE$15.50 Szechuan Chilli Chicken Fillet PRICE$14.30 Curry Chicken PRICE$14.30 Chicken Fillet with XO Sauce PRICE$14.30 Beef Peking Shredded Beef

PRICE$16.30 Sizzling Fillet Steak PRICE$17.30 Fillet Steak Chinese Style PRICE$17.30 Black Pepper Fillet Steak PRICE$17.30 Szechuan Chilli Beef PRICE$14.30 Satay Beef PRICE$14.30 Curry Beef PRICE$14.30 Beef with Black Bean Sauce PRICE$14.30 Beef with Vegetables PRICE$14.30

Beef with Ginger and Shallots PRICE$14.30 Beef with Straw Mushrooms PRICE$14.30 Sizzling Teriyaki Beef PRICE$14.30 Beef with XO Sauce PRICE$14.30 Garlic Beef PRICE$14.30 Lamb Sizzling Mongolian Lamb PRICE$14.80 Sizzling Teriyaki Lamb PRICE$14.80 Lamb with Ginger and Shallots PRICE$14.80

Lamb with Onion and Shallots PRICE$14.80 Pork Pork Spare Ribs with Salt and Pepper PRICE$16.00 Pork Spare Ribs in Peking Style PRICE$16.00 Pork Spare Ribs with Honey and Black Pepper PRICE$16.00 Pork Fillet with Plum Sauce PRICE$14.00 Szechuan Chilli Pork Fillet PRICE$14.00 Pork Fillet with Cashew PRICE$15.00 Pork Fillet with Almonds PRICE$15.00

Curry Pork Fillet PRICE$14.00 Satay Pork Fillet PRICE$14.00 Sweet and Sour Pork PRICE$14.00 BBQ Pork with Plum Sauce PRICE$14.00 BBQ Pork with Soya Sauce PRICE$14.00 Pork Fillet with Garlic Sauce PRICE$14.00 Deep Fried Pork Fillet with Plum Sauce PRICE$15.00 Pork Fillet with Black Bean Sauce PRICE$14.00 Pork Fillet with Vegetables

PRICE$14.00 Duck Peking Duck - 2 Course PRICE$49.80 Deep Fried Duck in Lemon Sauce PRICE$16.80 Deep Fried Duck in Plum Sauce PRICE$16.80 Steamed Duck Combination PRICE$19.80 Shredded Roast Duck with Snow Peas PRICE$18.80 BBQ Roast Duck PRICE$18.80 Omelette King Prawn Omelette PRICE$25.80

Mini Prawn Omelette PRICE$24.30 Seafood Omelette PRICE$20.80 Chicken Omelette PRICE$14.80 Ham Omelette PRICE$14.80 BBQ Pork Omelette PRICE$14.80 Combination Omelette PRICE$16.30 Plain Omelette PRICE$14.80 Vegetable Omelette PRICE$14.80

Vegetables Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables PRICE$12.80 Chinese Broccoli Oyster Sauce - Steamed PRICE$12.80 Stir Fried Chinese Broccoli with Ginger Sauce PRICE$12.80 Stir Fried Pak Choy with Garlic PRICE$12.80 Stir Fried Four Season Peas PRICE$14.80 Salt and Pepper Bean Curd PRICE$14.80 Stir Fried Bean Curd Oyster Sauce PRICE$15.80 Noodles Singapore Noodles

PRICE$13.00 Seafood Chow Mein PRICE$20.80 King Prawn Chow Mein PRICE$25.80 Chicken Chow Mein PRICE$12.00 Beef Chow Mein PRICE$12.00 BBQ Pork Chow Mein PRICE$13.00 Vegetable Chow Mein PRICE$12.00 Combination Chow Mein PRICE$14.00 Seafood Happy’s Long Life Noodle PRICE$21.80

Rice Special Fried Rice PRICE$9.80 Pineapple and Chicken Fried Rice PRICE$9.80 Salt Fish and Chicken Fried Rice PRICE$14.80 Large Fried Rice PRICE$8.80 Small Fried Rice PRICE$7.80 Beef Fried Rice PRICE$9.80 Seafood Fried Rice PRICE$16.80 Boil Rice PRICESmall $3.50

PRICELarge $4.00 Combination and Boiled Rice PRICE$13.00 Combination Seafood and Boiled Rice PRICE$19.80 Curry Beef and Boiled Rice PRICE$12.00 Curry Chicken and Boiled Rice PRICE$12.00 A Classical Thai Curry Green or Red Curry King Prawns PRICE$25.80 Green or Red Curry Chicken PRICE$15.80 Green or Red Curry Beef PRICE$15.80 Green or Red Curry Pork

PRICE$15.80 Green or Red Curry Combination PRICE$16.80 Hokkien Noodle Hokkien Delight PRICE$13.80 Hokkien Sweet Chilli Seafood PRICE$20.80 Hokkien Chicken PRICE$13.80 Hokkien Beef PRICE$13.80 Hokkien Teriyaki Delight PRICE$13.80 Rice Noodles Teriyaki Chicken with Rice Noodle PRICE$13.80

Teriyaki Beef with Rice Noodle PRICE$13.80 Seafood with Rice Noodle PRICE$20.80 Combination with Rice Noodle PRICE $13.80

Prawn Scrambled Egg Rice Noodle PRICE $25.80

Beef Black Bean Rice Noodle PRICE $13.80

Dry Fried Beef Rice Noodle PRICE $13.80

Dry Combo Curry Rice Noodle PRICE $13.80

Beef Gravy with Rice Noodle PRICE $13.80

Chicken Gravy with Rice Noodle PRICE $13.80

Udon Black Pepper Chicken with Udon PRICE $14.00

Black Pepper Beef with Udon PRICE $14.00

BBQ Sauce Seafood with Udon PRICE $20.80

Shredded Duck with Udon PRICE $18.80

Beverages Soft Drinks PRICE 1.25 L $4.80

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Crystal Garden Chinese restaurant - Order Chinese Food Online  

Visit our official website Crystal Garden Chinese restaurant in Matraville, Sydney - Order Chinese food delivery and takeaway online.

Crystal Garden Chinese restaurant - Order Chinese Food Online  

Visit our official website Crystal Garden Chinese restaurant in Matraville, Sydney - Order Chinese food delivery and takeaway online.