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9. How You know You Have Become Unhappy In A Long Term Relationship


10. What Makes You Happy 12. Q&A with News Presenter Natalie Barr 14. Bondy 500 - Sem 132 16. The Death of Chivalry


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18. Is Social Media Distorting Our Perceptions of Beauty? 20. Taking the World By Storm Fashion Article 22. After The Spill Political Article 24. Unconventional Ways to Destress 28. Tribal WHITEHOUSE 132 Photographs 29. Career Development Centre Overview of Services 30. Lonely House Wondered Home Poem 32. Bond University English Enthusiasts Society (BEES)

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From th Editor... Hi Bondies!

A warm welcome to Semester 133! Your HSA has been working tirelessly over the past month on the HSA Second-Hand Book Sale and throughout O-Week. We have been planning and organising HSA Week, which will take place in Week 9. All of your favourite HSA events will be occuring in Week 9 including Bondy 500 on Sunday 3rd November, Bond Goes Blue and Language Festival on 6th November, and Whitehouse on the 8th November. We have an action packed semester so make a note of the ‘What’s on’ section below to see how you can get involved and support your FSA.

In addition, the HSA has recently welcomed our new Postgraduate Liasion Officer, the lovely Farah Khateeb. You can find out about Farah on Page 4. A special thank you to the Insight Sub-Committee for collecting and editing numerous articles and creative pieces. Get to know the dedicated Insight Sub-Committee team members on Page 6. This edition of Insight includes a wide variety of social, political and educational articles and a Q&A interview with Channel 7 News Presenter, Natalie Barr on Page 12. Here’s to a great semester. Happy reading!

Best, Jessica Drummer

Contributors Kate Brady Jules Buntine Grace Callan Laura Daquino Blaze Edwards Farah Khateeb Justine Landis-Hanley Lily Newton Anjan Sachar Anthony Scholefield Chris White

. . . ! n o s ’ t Wha Week 9 = HSA Week

• Sunday 3rd November- BONDY 500

Production Team

• Wednesday 6th November- Bond Goes Blue

Grace Callan Laura Daquino Georgia Grice Emily McGregor Anthony Scholefield

• Wednesday 6th November- HSA Language Festival • Thursday and Friday 7-8th November- HSA FIFA 14 PS3 Competition • Friday 8th November- WHITEHOUSE

Front cover- Whitehouse Tribal Theme Semester 132 Insight | 3

Meet Your HSA Postgraduate Representative...

Farah Khateeb

WHEN DID YOU START AT BOND UNIVERSITY? WHAT DEGREE ARE YOU DOING AT THE MOMENT AT BOND? I began a Combined Bachelor or Laws/ International Relations Degree in 091 and graduated in 121. I then began my masters in 131 in MA International Relations majoring in Diplomacy and Criminology.

WHY DID YOU WANT TO BECOME THE REPRESENTATIVE FOR POST-GRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE HUMANITIES FACULTY AT BOND? As a postgraduate student with a rich multicultural heritage, I felt the need to be an advocate for the mature aged and postgraduate students, domestic and international. It is important that the postgraduate students have proper representation and opportunities to become members of a tight-knit community at Bond and there’s no better way to endure this by putting yourself out there and to become a leader.

WHAT DOES YOUR ROLE CONSIST OF? My role includes being the liaison with postgraduate students to certain student associations and with the staff, being a member of the HSA and involving myself in social events, student association events and fundraisers. As the PGLO is a new role on the HSA, I have the opportunity to develop new ideas and events.

WHAT ARE YOU HOPING TO ACHIEVE WHILE YOU ARE ON THE HSA? I hope to bring my innovative ideas to the HSA as a postgraduate liaison officer to solve issues that may concern postgraduates. I also hope to create social events and opportunities for students who are reluctant to voice their opinions and ideas as well as to create friendships with my fellow members.

HOW CAN POST-GRADUATE STUDENTS FIND OR CONTACT YOU IF THEY HAVE ANY QUERIES, SUGGESTIONS OR IDEAS? I am in the HSA office on Thursdays for any enquiries or you can send an email to my student email account:-

Welcome Insight Sub-Committee

Laura Daquino 1. Anything of the health, fitness or lifestyle variety. I hate gossip mags with a passion, couldn’t even tell you who the members of One Direction are. 2. A hectic front fringe that haunted my childhood. It actually makes me cringe when taking a stroll down memory lane. Thanks Mum! 3. It’s a little bit geeky but I love superhero movies. Batman, Spiderman, Ironman, Superman... let’s just say, if I could be Lois Lane then I would. 6 | Insight

Georgia Grice 1. The magazine I look for when I’m in a waiting room is Top Gear. Unfortunately, I rarely find one. 2. My most embarrassing hairstyle was when I was going through my princess Leia lookalike stage with two plaited earmuffs on the sides of my head. 3. My favourite movie of all time has to be the Lion King.

Questions 1. What magazine do you look for when you are stuck in the waiting room? 2. What was your most embarrassing hairstyle? 3. What is your favourite movie of all time?

Antony Scholefield 1. Rolling Stone 2. Pudding-basin cut (i.e. crew cut but worse) 3. Die Hard

Grace Callan 1. The trashiest, most out of date tabloid I can find. LOL remember when it was “reported� that Britney Spears was dating Prince Will? 2. The point when I was growing out a pixie cut... ew. 3. Does anything Disney count?


Meet In The Middle WORDS ~ Justine Landis-Hanley Can we make them meet? In the middle, somewhere neutral, let’s choke down that sour distaste, Eradicated only by the swell of mutuality. I’ll try to find you, Amongst the nettles of conversations that never was, never could, never can Be. Those thorny silences will be our traitors, Out our fears with their barren cries. The failed attempts gleam a tip on every consonant, punctuate our lines with hopeful ellipses. Tell me again, those words of hush, Of night and day and times to Be. Tell me again, why you failed to notice, the tries of luck, the skip of chance, when my hand was drawn.

Insight | 8


WORDS ~ Jules Buntine

How you know you have become unhappy in a Long Term Relationship

You start encouraging any type of flirtation from strangers and you have now created some deluded fantasy that everyone else is also just as romantically desperate as you. For example, the cute waiter who is especially attentive to you isn’t just doing that because he is good at his job, it’s because he is in love with you, obviously.
 You strongly believe anything forbidden is so insanely alluring. You don’t think that you would ever cheat. You love him. He is your best friend although at night you dream of passion; hot, intense, all consuming, ‘push you up against a wall’ type passion and it’s not with him. You start going out every weekend with your girlfriends only to call him on Sunday when the sun has come up and you are feeling vulnerable, hung over, hungry and in need of a hug. In a moment of clarity, you remember what a great guy you have. You remind yourself

9 | Insight

that he is loyal, sweet, funny and above all, crazy in love with you. You spontaneously organise a romantic afternoon just for the two of you. He is surprised to find you packed a picnic basket full of cheese, wine, and strawberries and chocolate to share whilst you watch the sunset on the beach. You don’t need to tell him you only did it because you saw a guy do it for his girlfriend on some romantic comedy you watched the other day and it seemed to have fixed all their relationship problems. You shower him with compliments as if to make yourself feel less guilty for the way you have been feeling lately. You throw back your third glass of red and repeat to yourself “I am happy, I am happy, I am happy.”


What Makes You Happy? WORDS ~ Anjan Sachar

But remember - if you do what you love, you won’t be working a single day of your life.

10 | Insight


There are two kinds of people in this world. The first wants to work, make money, secure themselves financially, and live a happy life. The second wants to make a difference with their work, change people’s lives, inspire someone, or save someone. I fall into the second category. It’s easy to make money, donate to charity, and feel good about yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that, either. If it makes you happy, that’s great. When you come from a creative background, however, there’s nothing better than having someone appreciate your work of art. When your work speaks to even a single person other than yourself, it’s the best feeling. Writing, that’s my thing. Everyone has something that helps them get away from all they go through; some resort to music, some to alcohol, some to ecstasy, and some, like me, to Microsoft Word. We all create bucket lists. We might not write them down, but there are always those few things you simply must do before you die. Making a difference to a completely unknown person through my writing is on the top of mine. I’ve always been a magazine reader, especially those cute little girly magazines showing who the next teenage heartthrob is or what accessory is doing the rounds of

celebrity wardrobes. I never let go of the little advice pages, either. Other than keeping you company when you’re bored, reading these magazines has helped me grow as an individual, and also helped me to come to a completely different country and live in a completely different culture. Back home, in India, we don’t have any magazines for girls at an age when they have questions, when they’re growing up, experiencing new things, and trying to make moral decisions. That’s why I had to subscribe to magazines from overseas, which - believe me - was not cheap. I subscribed to Teen Vogue from the States, as well as Dolly from Australia. And that was why coming to the Gold Coast to study seemed like a great idea. The Journalism course here provides me with the kind of subjects that push me in the exact direction that I want to go. I want to take the concept of good teenage magazines to India. I’ve seen the difference between myself and lots of other girls who didn’t get a chance to read and didn’t have something they could relate to when all you needed was someone to tell you that you’re not alone. Many people tell me that I’m still in my teenage years now, and maybe once I grow older, I’ll want to work with other kinds of magazines and not these girly ones. Maybe

that’ll be the case. Nobody knows for sure. But something tells me that in the future, I’ll still want to do what I want to right now. Other than freelancing for a couple of on-campus publications and online magazines, I’ve also got my own blog. It isn’t filled with re-blogged images of Ian Somerhalder or Ed Westwick - not like that would be a bad thing - but it’s got individual paragraphs, which help me get through life. They’re all original pieces of writing. While most of them are inspired by my own life, a lot of them are also inspired by things happening around me and life experiences of people I know. So if you’re ever in need of an ‘everything will work out’ or ‘it’s not the end of the world’, hit me up at leavesyouthinking. I’m sure you’ll find something to make you smile. I’m hoping someday, sometime soon, a girl will see me on the street and walk up to me, saying: “Aren’t you the editor of *******? I love your magazine! It gave me hope”. That would be perfect. Lots of people, especially back home, asked me to rethink my decision of getting into this field, because it’s not easy to make big money (supposedly). Money is, of course, one of the most essential aspects to fund a lifestyle. But remember - if you do what you love, you won’t be working a single day of your life. Insight | 11

Q&A with Channel 7 Presenter

Natalie Barr To Dear aspiring journalists of today, “You don’t achieve anything unless you work hard”. Successful Australian journalist, news and television presenter, Natalie Barr touches on the importance of choosing a career path you enjoy as it is a tough and long road to the top. NATALIE, WHAT MADE YOU SO INTERESTED IN JOURNALISM? I always loved people’s stories. As a kid I talked a lot and listened a lot. I loved talking to adults and hearing their views on life and their anecdotes. WHEN DID YOU FIRST KNOW YOU WANTED TO BE A JOURNALIST? When I was 15, I went to the local TV station for work experience in the town where I grew up. I loved it. From the very first day, I thought that was what I wanted to do with my life. I guess it was the race to that deadline each day, the excitement and stress of getting there and the thrill of live TV. Then you turn around and do it all again the next day. WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO CHANGE FROM NEWSPAPER JOURNALISM TO TELEVISION JOURNALISM? Well I’d always wanted to do TV, but thought I wasn’t good enough and didn’t know enough to get a TV job at that stage. While I was on the newspaper, I started voice lessons and got my first TV job.. 6 hours east of Perth in the gold mining city of Kalgoorlie. It was an eye opener and a huge learning curve. I almost quit several times because it was so hard.


WHAT IS A DAY IN THE LIFE FOR YOU? I get up at 3am, have a shower and get into work at 3:30am with wet hair. I go through the news scripts and head to hair and makeup at 4:15am and have to be on the set for the Early News at 5:15am. I go live with that half hour bulletin and then straight into Sunrise at 6am until 9am. There’s a debrief in the office afterwards, sometimes meetings, photo shoots, interviews etc.. then I take off my makeup and become a Mum. I have two boys, aged 8 and 12, so I do the groceries, the washing, clean the house, make the beds etc. I take a nap twice a week and go to school pickup, then get the kids to footy training, basketball etc, make dinner and in bed every night by 7:30pm. WHAT MOTIVATED YOU TO WORK SO HARD? I think my Dad did. He left school at 14 and became a successful businessman and always told us that you don’t achieve anything unless you work hard. I agree. Our kids know that it’s important for many reasons that both their parents work. If I won the lottery tomorrow.. I’d still work. I feel very fortunate to absolutely love my job. It’s been 25 years, and a lot of that time was difficult, poorly paid and sometimes boring! But it was worth it. DO YOU LIKE THE DIRECTION JOURNALISM IS TAKING IN AUSTRALIA AT THIS PRESENT TIME? Yes, it’s exciting. When I started, we hardly even did a live cross outside the studio. Now, news is live, interactive online and through social media and much more relaxed in its presentation. You need to adapt, or be left behind. It’s more competitive, because if people are bored by your service, they’ll walk.. within seconds. WHAT WOULD BE YOUR ADVICE TO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AND RECENTLY GRADUATED JOURNALISM STUDENTS WHO ARE DECIDING WHICH BRANCH OF JOURNALISM TO CHOOSE? 1) Don’t take too long deciding, just get in somewhere. 2) Don’t be fussy.. where you start is not going to be where you finish. 3) Be prepared to work long, awkward hours on low pay for years. 4) Don’t ever expect anyone to call you back.. you want to be a journalist? Get used to calling and calling and calling! 5) There are a lot of you out there.. you need to have a great attitude.. not just a great qualification. Interview: Jessica Drummer, July 2013 13 | Insight

BONDY 500 | SEM 132 WORDS ~ Lily Newton The day begun with an early team meeting to organize our Harry Potter costumes, a lot of attire I already owned I am proud to say. Armed with a wand and a cape each, Ben’s Bitchy Witches headed over to the HSS office where we given our first clue. After we were told to find the Forbidden Forest, we found the mysterious Rizal guarding the old bungalows barbeque. Here, we were to make potions – slime out of corn flour and water. We then had a competition to see who could throw the slime the furthest – we won, thanks to Head Witch Benjamin. Once back in Tash’s hot yellow convertible, we made our way to Pacific Fair for Kristen to sweat out some summersaults in a Zorb ball. Alas, earwax, there was a 20 minute wait so Ben’s Bitchy Witches ran around the shopping centre completing our scavenger list. Thanks to the random family having lunch who let us take a photo with them, and to Chicabooti for letting us pose as manikins whilst we took a selfie.

As Kristen sweated it out in the Zorb ball, Charlie gave us the horrifically unmagical news that Rizal was in actual fact NOT the first stop. This meant we had to head back to Bond and complete the first stop. At Bond, we met champion Quidditch player Lucy who popped us on a broom stick (or as muggles call, a pool noodle) as we had an egg and spoon race as she pelted quaffles and bludgers at us. Once complete, we headed over to Platform 9 and ¾ AKA Robina Trainstation where a magical feast that houselves had whipped

up awaited us. I had heard of dry weetabix being difficult to eat. Turns out this was an under exaggeration, I would rather have eaten a Hippogriffth. As well as taking Warheads like tablets, and doing shots of Tabasco source, we managed to complete a few scavenger items. Thanks to the lovely lady who let us fill her car with petrol and the scared girl at 7/11 who let me kiss her. Off it was to the Quidditch fields! On the way, we received an Owl with parchment attached asking us to pick up McDonalds for two HSA members for an extra 200 points. Not wanting to disappoint the ministry, we obliged and an extra 200 points were ours. At the Quidditch fields, we dominated as Seekers in a rough game of Quidditch. It was well worth being covered in mud once we caught the golden snitch (a poor girl from another team).

hall scoffing down Butterbeer and pizza, Emily counted up all the team’s points. However, it was with great sadness we weren’t told whom the winning group was. We all trooped home in sadness… Until the next morning, when Ben’s Bitchy Witches received the exciting news we had one 132 Bondy 500 and were off to Dream World for a magical day. Congratulations to all the teams involved, sorry that we were the best. WE ARE THE TRIWIZARD CHAMPIONS! Out of my 5 semesters at Bond, this Bondy 500 was easily my favorite. Besides the fact I am a total HP nerd and could show off my trivia, the event was fun, well organized (besides Rizal’s mix up) and everyone enjoyed themselves.

And off it was to our final stop – Black Coffee Lyrics! Cheers HSA on a totally fantastic Unfortunately we were the Triwizard Tournament. second team to arrive, but we still had time to complete our scavenger list. From dancing with no pants in Waxy’s Irish pub, to performing the YMCA in the middle of Surfers, we managed to get most of our scavenger list complete. Tops to the group who managed to tick off the photowith-a-famous-person task off the scavenger list – John Cusack likes his Black Coffee Lyrics. As we sat within BCL’s great

Insight | 14

#Bondy 500


15 | Insight

The Death of Chivalry. The Demise of the Gentlemans’ Ethics

WORDS ~ Chris White It seems that in our generation, chivalry is difficult to come by. Women expect less from men, and men offer less to women. Mind-blowingly, women are surprised when a man takes them out to a fancy dinner, or even open the car door for them. A friend of mine told me a story, quite a rudimentary one at that. It was about a princess, locked in a tower above a dragon’s lair. The princess’s only hope was for the knight in shining armour to slay the dragon to rescue her. As the story goes the knight slays the dragon, climbs the tower, lifts her up and sits her on his horse, then they ride away, happily ever after. So what? I cynically asked. He continued. Nowhere in this fairytale did the princess say, “I can get onto the horse myself, thank you very much,” nor did the knight say “Hey baby, let’s go back to my place and have some fun.” After chuckling, this story got me thinking. Is chivalry really dead? So I asked around for opinions in my broad circle of acquaintances, and found out a few points as

to whether chivalry is really dead in the early 21st century. Please note that all remarks are the general rule, and there are chivalrous, gallant men (myself included) out there. SEXUAL OBJECTIFICATION It seems nowadays, all men want is sex. Pardon the hasty generalisation, but the general rule of thumb of any social interaction is for men to get into women’s pants. Of course there are many, many exceptions to the rule *cough* friend zoned *cough*. However, men merely see women as sexual objects, and the more women conquered, the more legendary the man becomes. What guy wants to be nice to a girl they’re going to ‘bang’ and leave the next day/hour/minute? Sounds cold, right? I shall represent the sincere men out there and apologise for this shallowness. Having said that, I’m afraid women have largely contributed to the formation of above chain of thought. Women, I would like you to

consider your dress code on any given night out. Sure, you may look amazing, but there is a point of concern when your largest item of clothing is the ‘do not wash’ tag. You know the old saying ‘never judge a book by its cover’? When it comes to men and finding a woman for the night, men ONLY judge books by their covers. Men generally don’t have much respect for women they perceive as easy and/or sleazy in appearance. Leave sex out of the initial conversations or that is what men will come to expect. Balance out your outfits. Once you get thrown into the smash box, there is no coming back. Men don’t see the need in wooing women who wear mini-skirts without panties and see-through leggings. UNRECO GNISED, UNWANTED? Many men have stated that although they believe in chivalry, they feel they are making futile attempts at being courteous when their


Women expect less from men, and men offer less to women.

actions go unnoticed and unappreciated by females. On one hand you have a woman who waits for the man to walk ahead of her and open the door. On the other, you have the gentleman who does open the door for her, only to have his date shout (and I mean scream) at him that she doesn’t need his help. Unfortunately, kindness to strangers has become a rarity. People slam doors in others’ faces, and push in line at the checkout counter – and both men and women are guilty of this. Because common courtesy doesn’t exist as much as it once did, it makes us suspicious when we do receive such kind gestures from others, and we unfortunately assume their kindness a façade for ulterior motives.

17 | Insight

Is social media distorting our perceptions of beauty? WORDS ~ Laura Daquino Perfectly shaped breasts, barely there waistlines and sky-high legs holding up rock hard rounded backsides. I’m sure I’m not alone with Barbie-like creatures invading my newsfeed on a daily basis. Creatures I say, because it’s impossible for most humans to have such perfect proportions. Sometimes my newsfeed lifts my spirits. It’s the social media paradox that one scroll can both inflame and lessen insecurity at the same time. I often wake up to inspirational friends posting clichéd quotes such as, “keep calm and love who you are” or the classic “be yourself, everyone else is taken”. I can remind myself that “beauty is only skin deep,” but it doesn’t always cut it when I roll out of bed with an ugly hangover. For years now, celebrities have made us ordinary people turn as green as grasshoppers with envy. And just like grasshoppers, we try to camouflage our true selves to become like these celebrities – whether it be dying our hair Rihanna red or spraying our skin Snooki orange – you name it, we try it. Alas, we usually can’t compete with their lavish lifestyles, incredible looks and dreamy partners. But now, there is a new breed of celebrity taking over – the overnight Internet celebrity, or as I like to say, the OINC. And with us constantly being connected,

we can’t seem to escape them. The OINC is characterised by her 100,000+ followers on Instagram and Facebook fan page. Her killer body and knowledge of flattering camera angles are guaranteed to send her images viral. It is likely she has an ordinary job – which you never hear about – and picks up modeling work here and there. Essentially, she is ‘famous’ for doing next to nothing. Remind you of anyone? OINCs are the new Paris Hilton’s and Kim Kardashian’s… but they live in the real world and not La La Land. Alena Shishkova is the poster girl for the OINC – the instigator of our Russian girl obsession. Photos of Alena began flooding social media in 2009. Since then, she has skyrocketed to fame and was crowned runnerup Miss Russia in 2011. Her long blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and tiny frame make her a real-life Barbie doll. But the 21-year-old isn’t a natural beauty, and has already had a Hollywood makeover. Photos of a more fresh-faced Alena reveal nip and tuck, notably on the facial front. An OINC closer to home is 24-yearold Aussie Ellie Gonsalves, who gives Victoria’s Secret angels a run for their money. Ellie is on another level

Insight | 18


to Alena and has essentially created her own brand. She is a self-claimed ‘international model, fitness and clean living advocate and business woman’. Ellie probably frequents your Instagram following section, particularly in the late hours of the evening. She often ends her day posting a bedtime romp shot showing just enough cleavage to label her a tease, rather than a tramp. My social media accounts are flooded with OINCs on a daily, hourly – in fact, an every single second – basis. Facebook pages such as Box Hunting, Boss Hunting and Box Gaps have emerged as shrines to these women. Any page title containing the words ‘box’ or ‘hunting’ in the title probably contains major eye candy. Such pages contain a mixture of OINCs and real celebrities like Mila Kunis and Megan Fox. There is something, or someone, for everyone. It can be easy to forget that social media isn’t representative of real life. After all, we only see someone’s highlight reel, as opposed to a potentially ugly behind the scenes. And when you come back to reality, you see that – on average – people are quite, well, average. Celebrities and OINCs are only as real to us as we let them to be. With the flick of a switch, that is our Internet connection, they usually disappear from our lives. But unlike a grasshopper, I just can’t seem to hop away from my bittersweet relationship with social media. I am addicted and keep going back for more…

19 | Insight

#Australian Fashion

Taking the world by storm Sitting in the café below Saks Fifth Avenue on a steamy August day in New York, I was waiting for mum to finish her shopping when I spotted it. As I sat clichéd reading Fifty Shades of Grey, a brightly dressed boisterous New Yorker distracted me. She was a typical Upper East Side girl, who could easily have walked straight off the Gossip Girl set. However, she donned an iconic kaftan by none other than Camilla, the Australian queen of the shift. I put down my book and just stared. I couldn’t believe my eyes – an American wearing an Australian designer. This was a revelation. Australian fashion has come a long way since the Sydney Olympics in 2000. At the turn of the century, the rest of the world still expected our fashion to be limited to drizabones, akubras, RM Williams Boots, Ugg Boots, thongs and surfwear. Although stereotypical, there is some truth in this belief. Robert Treborlang explores the relaxed Aussie way in his book How to be normal in Australia. “Overseas, people’s clothes indicate the social class they come from. In Australia, clothes are meant to disguise it,” Treborlang says. In 2013, Australian designers are now considered some of the best in the world with their fresh, fun and innovative designs. Tourism Australia describes our fashion as 20 | Insight

“relaxed and playful” due to our warm climate, outdoor lifestyle and diverse cultural influences. Typical of the larrikin way, our designers also have a reputation for breaking conventions. You almost can’t think of Australian fashion without sass & bide springing to mind. Last year, the Aussie hipsters made an enormous $40 million. Heidi Middleton and SarahJane Clarke, the dynamic duo behind the label, only embarked on their journey in 1999. Like many famed designers, they started at the markets – London’s Portobello Road to be exact. So theirs is both a metaphorical and literal rags to riches story. sass & bide’s popularity heightened to take them to London Fashion Week in 2002 and New York Fashion Week the following year – for every season since. Regulars at Australian Fashion Week as well, they were announced as the Australian winners of the Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award in 2010. Then, in 2011, they pulled a $43 million deal with retail giant Myer. Safe to say, sass & bide have cemented their place in fashion royalty. So,






Clarke and Middleton say their empire has reached capacity in Australia – and now have their sights set on conquering New York. With 21 stores across the country and 20 concessions in Myer, the duo says the global fashion capital is the ultimate destination as they continue with an ambitious – and aggressive – expansion strategy. And it seems to be working. Kim Kardashian was recently spotted at the Chapel Street sass and bide boutique, where she picked up an outfit for her grand arrival at LAX. Whether you love her – or absolutely can’t stand her – you have to admit, the girl has influence. Other noteworthy fans include Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, Nicole Richie and Fergie. But sass & bide aren’t the only Australian designers taking the world by storm. Another famous export is Colette Dinnigan, who substitutes sass & bide’s edginess for elegance. The 45-yearold is considered a fashion industry veteran. She was the first Australian to introduce her ready-to-wear collection during Paris Fashion Week in 1995 – a massive feat considering this was only five years after launching her label. Her Cinderellalike creations have captivated Hollywood royalty, with a fan base including Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry.

21 | Insight

WORDS ~ Kate Brady

Overseas, people’s clothes indicate the social class they come from. In Australia, clothes are meant to disguise it.

After The Spill

WORDS ~ Antony Scholefield

“Anybody working in politics who claims to be without personal ambition is a liar.” - Shane Maloney

On June 26, the Australian Labor Party settled months of speculation about its leadership and installed Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister instead of Julia Gillard, an event so significant it’s still on Wikipedia’s news bar. As someone with more Labor sympathies than I care to admit whilst on campus, I paid close attention to the winners and losers, and I’ve chucked together my notes here. KEVIN RUDD K-Rudd was certainly the winner, but he could’ve won more if the spill had come sooner and the election wasn’t so stacked. The short timeframe and dismal outlook mean that Special K will probably spend a few manic months running around like Tigger on speed, all for nothing. ANTHONY ALBANESE The spill results were a foregone conclusion to many Ruddites, a mere checkbox rather than a cause for celebration. Bookies were more surprised by AA’s appointment as Deputy. He’ll definitely be chuffed. He isn’t the best speaker - he comes across as unnecessarily abrasive - but his unwavering loyalty to Komeback Kev has finally paid off. CHRIS BOWEN The spill was kind to Chris Bowen, helping him to escape the most troublesome portfolio on offer - immigration - and jump in with the big boys at the Treasury. He’s exchanged a poisoned chalice for a more delicate beverage, one nowhere near as bitter as the Coalition insist. He’ll be disappointed at missing the deputy position, but even a minor position in the Wangaratta vehicle licensing centre would be better than immigration. BILL SHORTEN As the custodian of a significant chunk of caucus’ vote, Shorten has long been the archetypal faceless man. He’s now engineered a second leadership spill to completely reverse the effect of his previous effort. On the downside, two political assassinations aren’t doing his CV any favours. On the upside, this confirmation of his influence should inflate his ego to the size of Pluto. He’ll never get the top spot, but he’ll certainly leave politics with no doubts in his ability to twist history.

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PENNY WONG The election of Penny Wong as Senate Leader was unanimous, an overdue honour for one of the party’s most consistently popular MPs. ROB OAKESHOTT The notoriously garrulous independent has announced he’s pulling out of politics, a situation akin to paddling away in a lifeboat while everyone else runs around rearranging the Titanic’s deckchairs. He said it wasn’t because he was scared of losing. I call bollocks. TONY ABBOTT In his acceptance speech, K-Rudd described Abbott as the master of negative politics. During the spill, Abbott proved himself a master of non-existent politics, correctly perceiving that any blows he could land wouldn’t be worth the air time. Labor’s self-mutilation did the damage; the Coalition just had to watch in knowing silence. While congratulating Rudd, Abbott dropped a few subtle jibes, but they weren’t his best. He was obviously too busy talking strategy with his minions. WAYNE SWAN As lovable as he is, we’ve long known that Swanny doesn’t have the biggest balls on the bench. He always seemed more comfortable in his bean-counting hat than his deputy leader’s hat. Post-spill, he’s got no hats left to talk through, having shackled his fate to Gillard’s. He was later filmed sitting in a restaurant with other Gillard supporters, wearing jeans and a blue hoodie, looking exactly like what he is: a punter who lost everything betting the wrong way. JULIA GILLARD Soon after the spill, I attended the Australian Outback Spectacular. I personally believe that a horse is merely a set of teeth that drags a body in its wake, and didn’t particularly enjoy the show. One moment, however, was worth the whole admission price. After the series of contests between the two feuding cattle stations, one character announced that the outcome for which we’d waited two hours was irrelevant. “Everyone’s a winner,” she said. “Except Julia Gillard,” said another character. It is, as they say, funny because it’s true. Julia set the sanctions for the loser and bore them herself, retiring from politics. Cynics would say she was playing hardball to scare Rudd; optimists would say she genuinely wanted to make this the last dance and move on. Ironically, her farewell speech was one of her best: honest, human and engaging. This hopefully reminded those lonely enough to watch it that whatever her flaws, and whatever the ignominy of her departure, anyone who gets the top job knows their stuff. As she said in her farewell party, however, shit happens. Actually, little else is happening in Australian politics right now. I’m not defending Gillard’s shaky stint at PM, but - as much as I love writing this stuff - I’m hoping that I have no cause to write something similar for quite a while. Insight | 23


Unconventional Ways to De-stress




“Make a list of things to do and then don’t do it”. Let yourself relax for once. If you don’t have the motivation to do something, then the end product will reflect that. Now I know we have deadlines, but let’s get real – a half hour nap never killed anyone.

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Try laughing yoga. “You will be in for a wonderful and hilarious surprise”. Wtf right? Well laughing yoga is a real thing guys... Believe me, I googled it. You are placed in an uncomfortable environment and laugh your little heart out. Happiness..can be...forced? Actually don’t try this. Too far.

Fingerpaint. “Ages 10 and up”. Forget Mid Sem Bash, let’s finger paint! Getting messy and reliving childhood past times can definitely make you feel better. No stress and no guidelines.



Kiss someone. “Just enjoy the physical connection”. Kissing releases endorphins and makes you feel less isolated. So pucker up for a pre-exam 10 second kiss.


Dance in the rain. “You’ll be surprised how refreshing and rejuvenating it is”. Do it. It has been raining so often lately and to tell you truth I hate it. It’s supposed to be the Gold Coast but where’s the sun half of the time? Let’s all commit to turning a hated experience into something fun and destressing.

Tired of this year already? Me too. The never ending list of exams, essays and group work is really getting you down, right? Well I have researched some unconventional ways to help you to de-stress your life.

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Swim in the lake. “Don’t get caught”. Sure there might be some eels, bull sharks and seaweed but c’mon - go for a dip! Nothing is better than a late night swim and running away from security will give you an adrenaline rush during exam week.

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Make a fort. “Sometimes you can’t leave your desk”. Staying up all night in order to finish that essay that’s due tomorrow is a necessary act. Why not make it feel less like a hallucination by building a fort around your desk? Its comfortable and affordable. Win-win.

Start with a bang. “Adrenaline rush!”. Begin your day with the loud bang of a Tibetan gong. The more unexpected the better. Why not?


Send yourself flowers. “Humans are comforted by vegetation”. Why wait for that boyfriend that you don’t have to send you flowers? Liberate yourselves and buy flowers! They’re fresh and they smell good.

10 “

Go into the light. Now I don’t mean the ‘eternal light of death’, I mean outside. Stress can be triggered when you don’t know what time it is, so give your mind a break and expose yourself to sunlight so your brain can get on schedule. Maybe take a break of hiding in the MLC until the a.m working on that essay.

So will you? Will you take these unnecessary steps to help you de-stress?

I would even go as far to suggest trying all of these at once. Sleeping in a fort while also in a pile of paint outside in the pouring rain. Yes please. Nothing is better than something pointless, remember that my fellow Bondies. WORDS ~ Blaze Edwards

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Lonely House Wondered Home (Fitzgerald, Cummings and other Musings) WORDS ~ Justine Landis-Hanley The road dissolves behind us with every step, Removing traces of tomorrows like those yesterdays once held. They stride onwards, leading the way back to some thing called Reality. Ignorance is their ally, their enemy. ‘You can’t repeat the past old sport’ Wear the same toothy grin, toss your head back And release the same rolls of laughter Cultivated by time and place; the faces you meet and hold dearly. Lonely house wandered home, Discovered it waiting in your eye, a familiar glint, Retied the frayed cords that dragged off a familiar form. Of you and me. Conclusion is inevitable. The horizon swims into view, Promising reluctant commitment and half-hearted conversations, Frozen, I clutch this moment to my chest, my fingers trying to open it’s seam, So we can dive in still and lie in it. But our story is finished, written long ago, It lies in the movement of hands gone passed, bound in a tether of spindly fibres, We’ve paid our dues, swept away the dust Smeared on stagnant rooms, evidencing existence (chance, hope and other forms of optimism). Together we trudge into uncertain certainty That threatens to divide cracks in the pavement we walk. Roll the dice along this beaten track, let life throw what it may. I still carry your heart with me (I carry it in my heart)

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