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Home Office Furniture Design Mohamed Shabarek Jessica Baulcombe L. Dilara Colakoglu Interior Design Academic II

Client Profile Our client, Hülya Çolakoğlu is a 23 year old female, who will soon graduate university with a degree in architecture. After receiving her degree, she hopes to set up her own business using home as her base. She requires a room that can function efficiently as a home office, but can also be used in a less professional way. The style will be modern, but with a very warm comfortable feeling. The space must provide motivation and also be welcoming for possible clients.

Inspiration Board

Floor Plan



Section AA

Section BB

Shelving & Storage Unit –

L. Dilara Colakoglu

Front View

Height: 250cm, Length: 600cm, Shelf depth: 25cm, Cabinet depth, 50cm

Top View

Product Description :Shelf Solid pine, Clear acrylic lacquer :Drawer front Fiberboard, Acrylic paint : Side panels/Doors Particleboard, Acrylic Paint

Solid Pine



Joints For the free standing shelves, they will be bolted to the wall using an angled bracket to support the shelves. Also, to connect the shelves to one .another, I will use the Miter joint technique

Miter Joint

Angled Bracket

Joints For the cabinet body, I will use the rabbet joint technique. For locating partitions inside the .cabinet, I will use the dado joint As for the drawers, I will use dovetail joints

Rabbet Joint

Dado Joint

Dovetail Joint

Desk –

Mohamad Shabarek

Front View

Side View

Product Description Length: 120 cm Depth: 60 cm Height: 80 cm

Desk will be entirely made of solid Pine wood and it will be coated with .White Lacquer paint to give glossy white finish

Joints .Dovetail Joint To achieve the curved form of the desk, the two wood pieces . will be cut at an angle





Desk Chair -

Jessica Baulcombe

Side View

Front View

Top View

Product Description Seat width: 50cm Seat height: 40cm Arm rest height: 20cm

Synthetic Leather

Stainless Steel for chair body

Memory Foam for seat

Foam for back rest

Mechanism This chair will contain an adjusting handle air spring rotating shaft bolt mechanism to allow movement of the lumbar support depending on the activity of the client. This will offer maximum and personalized support. The chair will sit on a 5 wheel base allowing easy movement around the .room and extra comfort

Material Board ,Coffee & Side Table Borgia – Barker and Stonehouse Wall Concrete

Floor Concrete

Walls & Floor will be untreated .to have ‘unfinished’ feel

,Sofa Islande Sectional – Roche Bobois

,Area Rug Glace - Stepevi

Home office