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CITRIN COOPERMAN Citrin Cooperman is a full-service accounting, tax, and business advisory firm – currently ranked as one of the top 25 in the United States – with offices conveniently located throughout the Northeast. Since 1979, we have worked with our clients to provide strategic advice for key life-cycle moments, actively bringing our best-in-class resources so you can focus on what counts. Although we have a global reach and operate out of offices in New York City (the firm’s headquarters), Connecticut, Westchester, Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Maryland, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, we provide locally-driven expertise and the

When you focus on what counts, business thrives. -- Joel Cooperman, CEO

individual client attention capabilities of a smaller firm. Citrin Cooperman was founded by Joel Cooperman and Niles Citrin and continues the hands-on culture and personal client-service traditions started over 35 years ago.

THE RESTAURANT AND HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY Restaurant and hospitality owners face challenges that are unique to their business. Oftentimes business owners are unaware of the comprehensive operational costs and practices for maintaining a restaurant. Sometimes it's a balancing act between old technology and modern business models. Even without these challenges, competition and economic conditions are making deriving more profits even more critical. We know how hard it is to succeed as a restaurateur. More importantly, we understand your industry and have worked with hundreds of successful restaurateurs and entrepreneurs on winning strategies to build and grow their business.

OUR RESTAURANT AND HOSPITALITY PRACTICE Citrin Cooperman is proud to be home to one of the leading restaurant and hospitality practices in the country. We work with a wide range of clients in the restaurant and hospitality industries, including many independently owned and operated restaurants, nightclubs, caterers and hospitality management groups. We have helped our loyal clientele – some of the highest-rated restaurants in the world, and their celebrity chefs – raise their financial efficiencies, reduce costs and realize greater profitability.


AUDIT ACCOUNTING At Citrin Cooperman, we do not view audits as a commodity or compliance exercise. We fully tailor our audit process to each client and bring in firm specialists, which can often result in efficiencies and process-improvement opportunities for your business. Our philosophy is to gain a complete perspective of your business so that we can deliver the most meaningful ideas while providing assurance to your stakeholders as to the quality and transparency of your financial reporting. We develop our understanding of the business as a routine part of our audit as well as through our interim procedures and discussions with you during the year. Citrin Cooperman employs a risk-based approach in conducting our audits. In this regard, we invest the up-front time in planning our engagements to design our audit procedures based upon the risk to the financial statements that we identify. We evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of the internal control environment and leverage effective internal controls (both manual and automated) where appropriate. We believe our approach results in an efficient audit that delivers high-quality service to our clients and provides value-added operational insight. In some cases, a full audit isn’t necessary. Citrin Cooperman offers reviews of financial statements and provides a limited type of assurance that they have been correctly prepared. If we find issues with your financial statements, we can advise you on the necessary corrections and assist you in addressing the underlying issues.

In order to provide customized, responsive audit services that are aligned with your specific business needs, our service will include:

Comprehensive planning and skillful project management

Strong interaction and consistent

A highly experienced engagement team

Significant partner involvement throughout the entire audit process

Innovative technologies that streamline the process and reduce costs

Ongoing insights and best practice sharing

STATE AND LOCAL TAX Citrin Cooperman’s tax practice draws on the skill and experience of our professionals to achieve maximum tax savings for clients through creative and value-added services. Technical expertise and industry experience coupled with excellent relationships with state tax administrators are the keys to the state and local tax services we provide.


Audit Representation – Extensive experience in working with state tax auditors that helps minimize any potential assessments and/or maximize potential refunds.

Compliance Review – Review and provide guidance on how clients can efficiently file state tax returns that can potentially help save clients money in compliance fees and ultimate taxes.

Taxability Matrix – Assist clients with the determination of whether their products/services are subject to sales tax in a state(s).

Nexus Review – Analyze our client’s business operations in order to determine the Company’s tax filing obligations, as well as their need to collect and remit sales taxes.

Tax Planning – Evaluate, recommend, and assist in implementing tax planning strategies to ensure our clients are legally paying the least amount of state taxes.

Incentives and Credit Review – Assist our clients in identifying credits and incentives, including film production tax incentives, to which they may be entitled. In addition, we help clients with the compliance necessary to receive such credits and/or incentives.

Voluntary Disclosure Agreements (VDA) – Help clients minimize historical state tax exposures by evaluating and, if necessary, negotiating a VDA with a respective state(s).


Depth of experience in your industry to leverage best practices

World class service and communication

Direct access to technical and subject matter specialists

An engagement team empowered to make decisions and activate resources

Collaborative approach for finding solutions to complex accounting and tax issues

Value for fees with no surprises

BUSINESS ADVISORY SERVICES Tell us what you want to accomplish and we’ll help you develop a plan to get there STRATEGIC PLANNING Our clients often turn to us for advice on their companies’


strategic direction and operating goals. It can be difficult for an entrepreneur or business owner to discuss their business and personal concerns on sensitive issues such as

Citrin Cooperman’s Technology and Risk

succession planning. Sometimes you just want an objective

Advisory Consulting Practice (TRAC)

perspective on your business plan or strategic opportunity. We’ve been working with clients since 1979 as strategic confidants, and share our expertise, network of resources,

offers integrated services in the areas of risk, technology, and compliance, so our

and experience working with other clients to help you solve

clients can focus on what counts – their

problems and meet challenges.

business. Backed by decades of experience, our business-focused team of more than 40 professionals advises

PROFITABILITY ENHANCEMENT Our multidisciplinary teams understand your industry and

clients in all lifecycles of their business to

can bring fresh insights to your business strategies,

minimize risk, fill resource gaps, and

operations, and procedures. Assembling our teams to meet

improve overall bottom line performance.

your specific needs, we analyze your operations to identify

Whether developing programs and

possible areas of improvement and make strategic

strategies to enhance internal controls,







recommendations and create tools to assist you in tracking your performance.

improving processes, finding solutions to maximize security against a data breach, building custom databases,

A business review also gives you the opportunity to benchmark your performance against the industry and your competitors. Our depth of industry experience ensures that the benchmarks and goals we advise are achievable and align with your long-term business strategies.

recommending and implementing hardware/software, or relocating an office, we help our clients address the technology and risk management challenges throughout their organization.


STRATEGY AND BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION Today’s business culture is built around the need to continually evolve your business to ensure you stay ahead of the curve.



Our Strategy & Business Transformation practice is

Our strategy team helps our clients develop business

uniquely positioned to help identify and address your

strategies tailored to their industry and economics,

toughest challenges. Our expertise in strategic planning,

assess critical aspects of their business, and implement


and monitor operational roadmaps that help realize their





technology allows us to provide both the thought leadership and the ability to execute that will help your business achieve its goals. We blend leading practices from traditional management consulting with cutting edge tools to create change at a pace and depth appropriate for your organization and prepare your people to sustain the results once the projects are complete. Whether looking to sustain long-term growth or generate value towards an exit, we work in concert with you and your management team to create and execute strategies, with timely and measurable results, customized for your businesses’ unique needs and goals.

long-term objectives. Our areas of focus include: Strategic Planning Value Assessments Profitability Studies Cost Studies Operations Strategies and Planning Talent Strategies Growth and Innovation Operating Risk Assessments

BUSINESS TRANSFORMATION Strategies are only good if they can be effectively executed. We partner with you so that the strategies that drive your business’ success are embedded in the nuts and bolts of how your business runs every day. Citrin Cooperman







transforming your company’s operations in order to meet your long-term strategic objectives. CITRINCOOPERMAN.COM


DIFFER SPEED AND AGILITY TO MAKE DECISIONS AND RESOLVE ISSUES We are empowered to make decisions across offices, rather than moving issues up through a complex chain of command. BENEFIT: answers, faster, so our clients can stay focused on running their business.


STACY GILBERT, CPA Co-leader - Restaurant & Hospitality Practice T: 973.218.0500 x2371 Stacy is an audit and tax partner with over 30 years of expertise providing tax, accounting, business, and forensic valuation services. She has a strong focus in the restaurant and hospitality industries, serving as a co-leader of the firm’s Restaurant and Hospitality Practice and specializing in business consulting services. Stacy has specialized industry knowledge, and consults on a variety of tax matters including tax compliance and tax planning, income, payroll and sales tax, and foreign reporting and provides business advisory services with respect to structuring, internal control and profitability enhancement. She also has experience with mergers and acquisitions, providing necessary knowledge and advice to start-up companies.

WE DON’T KNOW IT ALL Even our most pedigreed partners are friendly, curious, engaged professionals who leave their egos at the door. BENEFIT: work with a team that is energized by listening to our clients, learning from them, and enjoying their company.


NICK FLORIO, CPA Co-leader - Restaurant & Hospitality Practice T: 212.697.1000 Nick Florio provides business consulting and financial advice to a variety of closely held private businesses. With over 25 years of experience in service businesses, Nick advises in the areas of valuation services, business consulting, and profitability analysis, and helps clients with strategic corporate organization, as well as business

We know that the biggest ideas are not always

and tax planning. Nick is a long-standing member of the firm’s Executive Committee,

the best ideas. We focus solely on what needs to

as well as the co-leader of the firm's Restaurant Practice. His experience in these

be done—and do it in practical ways that are

areas includes providing advice on corporate structuring, positioning of intellectual

relevant to our clients.

property, licensing and branding rights, mergers and acquisitions due diligence, and

BENEFIT: clarity to each service engagement,

consulting, among general business and tax advice.

less disruption, and increased speed for a successful project completion.

A ONE-STOP SHOP OFFERING INTEGRATED SOLUTIONS We provide a wide array of permissible services that are often complementary and typically provide clients with more thorough, costeffective solutions. BENEFIT: save time & money, and be efficient.


Co-Leader, Restaurant & Hospitality Practice T: 212.697.1000 Industry veteran with over 40 years of expertise providing tax, accounting, and business advisory services to renown restaurant and hospitality clients. Roy is one of the co-leaders of the firm’s industry-leading Restaurant and Hospitality Practice, specializing in business consulting services for the food and hospitality industries. Specialized industry knowledge with respect to income, payroll, sales tax, lease negotiations, employee related matters and structuring complex transactions for established owners and start-ups. Concentrated expertise in tax-related matters


helping clients increase profitability and realize significant tax benefits.



Introduction to Citrin Cooperman Restaurant and Hospitality Practice  

Introducing a brief overview of our industry-leading Restaurant and Hospitality practice

Introduction to Citrin Cooperman Restaurant and Hospitality Practice  

Introducing a brief overview of our industry-leading Restaurant and Hospitality practice