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Life Connected. ISSUE 14 | FEB 2022


Friday Night Market

SRO Program

Friday Night Market starts back up in March!

Celina PD partners with CISD in a School Resource Officer program

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VOLUNTEER CONNECTION HELPING HANDS OF CELINA Teacher Fashion Show on Sunday, March 27 from 2-4 pm Thank you for the gift tour donation of $6,000 Thank you Lifeway for the Christmas drive donations.

City Hall and Celina Police Department are proud to support our local high school students by partnering as dropoff sites for their club donations. The Green Weaving Club’s goal is to create mats for the homeless. It takes almost 600 bags to make a single mat, and each one is made up of crocheted plan (plastic grocery bags cut in strips and used as yard). This is a project that will benefit the community in a number of ways, and our high school students are asking for our support to make this happen. Instead of throwing away your plastic grocery bags, please collect them and donate them at one of our drop-off sites.

Scan the QR code or visit to become a volunteer with the City


TEACHER SPOTLIGHT Vernon Michael Tucker High School Mathematics & Atheltics Coaching Celina ISD Our staff was asked to nominate a colleague that exhibited the February Trait of the Month, which is “Approachability.” While many names were submitted, we had multiple submissions for Vernon Michael Tucker. Coach Tucker started in the Celina School District in 2016 where he teaches high school mathematics and serves as a member of our football and track coaching staffs. Unless you are a student who absolutely loves math, it is one subject area that is not known for being a favorite reason for coming to school each day. This is where Coach Tucker shines! From the moment his students walk into the classroom, they are met with smiles, laughs, and are made to feel that each one of them matters. To his colleagues, he is dependable and always put forth 100% in every task that he tackles. As one colleague wrote, “In a world bursting with uncertainty right now, it is nice to know that Coach Tucker’s smiling face is a given on the high school campus.” He not only smiles ear-to-ear, but has a positive attitude in all he does! One of our staff members stated: “Coach Tucker is a true ray of sunshine. The minute you start talking to him, he is smiling and practically beaming. It’s so refreshing to work with someone who is so genuine in his enthusiasm for education for not only his students but for all CHS students.” CHS Principal Dave Wilson shared: “Coach Tucker is one of the most energetic and caring teachers we have in the district. He cares deeply for his students and will do anything to help them be successful. He is a real asset to Celina High School.”

Congratulations to Coach Tucker! 02

CITY COUNCIL Council Meeting

8 City Council Regular Meetings occur on the second Tuesday of each month at 5 PM in the City Council Chambers located at 112 N. Colorado Street.

Meeting Recap Videos

Recap videos are recorded during each City Council Meeting to summarize and highlight topics covered during the meeting. The recap videos are typically 5 to 10 minutes long and can be found on the City of Celina, Texas YouTube page. Visit

City Ordinances Stream Meetings Online All regular and special City Council Meetings are live streamed and recorded. Visit

The Mayor and City Council, acting as representatives of the people, adopt ordinances in accordance with the goals and policies of the City. The City's adopted ordinances are laws that address a wide variety of local issues from animal control to zoning. To view the City's enacted ordinances, visit


UTILITY SERVICES Trash Pick-Up Days Scan the code to enter your address and confirm your new trash pick-up day or visit: The map to the right shows collection days in Celina. For questions, please contact Waste Connections at (469) 452-8000.

Monitor Your Water Usage Water customers are now able to access their water usage data online from anywhere. Visit to monitor your water and set up custom alerts.

Pay My Bill Phone (877) 216-4105 ($1.25 processing fee) Auto Draft Set up by submitting a Bank Draft Authorization Online ($1.25 processing fee) In-Person/Mail 142 N. Ohio St. Celina, TX 75009

Brush and Bulky Trash Brush and bulky trash pick-up is no longer a routine service. This service is now available twice a month to customers, but it must be scheduled with Waste Connections. Brush and bulky trash pick-up will occur on the customer's next regularly scheduled trash pickup day. The deadline for registering is 4:30 PM the day before pick-up. Please note that for Monday pick-ups, customers must schedule by 4:30 PM the Friday prior.

Residents may schedule brush and bulky trash pick-ups in the following ways: Phone (469) 452-8000 Online App Wasteconnect (on Google Play or the Apple App Store)



Hours of Operation Monday - Tuesday 10 AM - 8 PM Wednesday - Thursday 10 AM - 6 PM Friday - Saturday 10 AM - 4 PM Sunday Closed

@celinapubliclibrary @celinapubliclibrary


MEET YOUR POLICE DEPARTMENT The City is pleased to welcome seven new officers to our Celina Police Department.

Virgil Davis Virgil was born and raised in Paducah, Kentucky, before moving to Texas nearly 18 years ago. He is currently in his senior year at Texas A&M University-Commerce where he is majoring in criminal justice with a concentration in leadership. He has three children – Jordan, Noah, and Mya. He has over three years of experience of law enforcement experience and is very excited to serve the City of Celina. Virgil decided to apply with the City because of its current growth and is excited for the opportunities that comes along with it. His hobbies include spending time with family, fishing, and traveling.

Marcus Martinez Marcus is a self-proclaimed “Army Brat” who was grew up and lived all over the country. A former Marine Reservist, Marcus is currently a Captain in the Army National Guard. He chose a law enforcement career later in life, but truly feels that he found his calling. He worked for the Prince George’s County Police Department for four years prior to joining the Celina Police Department. Marcus, and his wife, Jennifer, have three children – Lena, Kelsea, and William – who are very excited about their move to Texas. He is excited to work for the City because it is a warm and welcoming community. His hobbies include vacations, trying new food, and spending time with friends

Brantley Miller Brantley grew up in Andrews, Texas. A former collegiate baseball player, Brantley graduated from The University of Texas Permian Basin with a degree in communications. He was a Police Officer with the Mesquite Police Department for over four years before coming to Celina. Brantley and his wife, Alex, have twin children – Emma and Liam. He chose to come to Celina for the family environment, positive energy, and potential for advancement. He is excited to work in the City of Celina and raise his family in a great city and school district. His hobbies include spending time with family, sports, and being outdoors.


Luke Rose A native of El Paso, Texas, Luke was a Police Officer with the Dallas County Hospital District for over two years. Luke and his wife, Juli, a teacher in the Sherman ISD, have one son, Landon. Luke is excited to work in Celina because of the growth that the City is currently experiencing and looks forward to serving the community. His hobbies include horseback riding, fishing, and hunting

Justin Sanders Justin grew up in Farmersville, Texas. Justin was an Animal Control Officer and Detention Officer with the City of Allen prior to coming to the Celina Police Department. He applied with the City because of its growth, but is excited to work in Celina because of its culture. Justin and his wife, Katie (an Accounts Payable Supervisor at Independent Financial), have three dogs and two cats. His hobbies include camping, fishing, hiking, video games, and four wheeling.

Eddie Veracruz Eddie grew up in Pasadena, Texas. Eddie has been a Police Officer for 13 years after serving eight years with the Gainesville Police Department and five years with the Milam County Sheriff’s Office. Eddie is engaged to Ruth Najera, who is a Municipal Court Clerk for the City of Frisco, and have three children – Drason, Rosey, and Joanna. He chose to join the City because of its growth potential and value the City puts on its employees. He is excited to start working in CPD because of the culture. His hobbies include golf and hanging out with his family.

Nicholas White Originally from Fairport, New York, Nicholas served in the United States Marine Corps for four years and was stationed in Fort Worth. After leaving the marines, Nicholas decided to stay in Texas and became a member of the Dallas Police Department for four years. He chose to apply with the City of Celina to become a Police Officer where he wanted to learn a different type of policing. Nicholas and his wife, Christina, are excited to be part of a growing City. Nicholas enjoys wood working, building furniture, hunting, video games, and spending time with family and friends.



Did You Know?

In August 2021, Officer Daniel Thomas and Sergeant Jonathan Harris were chosen to become School Resource Officers (SRO) and head up a new School Resource Program with Celina ISD. The program allowed the Celina Police Department to work alongside the Celina ISD Police Department in an effort to increase campus safety.

Officer Daniel Thomas (left) and Sergeant Jonathan Harris (right) with CHS students

Officer Thomas is currently assigned as the SRO at the middle school campuses while Sergeant Harris works as the SRO at Celina High School.

Officer Thomas has been a member of the Celina Police Department since October 2015. During his time, he has been on the Patrol Unit, a Field Training Officer (FTO), and a member of the Special Response Team (SRT). In his new role, Officer Thomas believes that his primary responsibility is the safety and well-being of the students. He believes in building a bond with the students – one that will lead to a lifetime of trust between them and the police. Some of his goals for the future includes working with CISD Police, CISD staff, Celina Police Department, and the community to build a mentorship program for the students. With over 10 years of law enforcement experience, Sergeant Harris joined the Celina Police Department in November 2016 where he has served as a Patrol Officer, Detective for Crimes Against Children as well as Family Violence, Patrol Sergeant, and Sergeant over the School Resources Unit. One of the founding members of the Celina Special Response Team (SRT), Sergeant Harris holds his Basic and Advanced SWAT Certification. In addition, he holds an Advanced Peace Officer License and is a Texas Commission of Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Les Lethal Weapons Instructor, Mental Health Peace Officer, Certified SchoolBased Law Enforcement Officer, and Hostage Negotiator. He is also trained in FEMA “Multihazard Emergency Planning for Schools.” In his role as a SRO, Sergeant Harris is committed to building a positive relationship with the students and developing programs that benefit both the students and community.

What is a School Resource Officer? The SRO acts as a law enforcement officer, an informal counselor, and a law-related presenter. SRO Responsibilities: Create and maintain a safe, secure, and orderly learning environment for students, teachers, and staff. Investigate violations of criminal law, and when appropriate make arrests when necessary. Build relationships with and establish a trusting channel of communication with the students, parents, and teachers. Serve as a positive role model to instill in student’s good moral standards, good judgment and discretion, respect for other students, and a sincere concern for the school community. Promote citizen awareness of the law to enable students to become better informed and effective citizens, while empowering students with the knowledge of law enforcement efforts and obligations regarding enforcement as well as consequences for violations of the law. Serve as a confidential source of counseling for students and parents concerning problems they face as well as providing information on community resources available to them


MEET YOUR FIRE DEPARTMENT Brent Sullivan My name is Brent Sullivan, and I am a firefighter/paramedic on B-Shift for the Celina Fire Department. I have been part of this department for almost three years after starting my career with the Wichita Falls Fire Department. I decided to join the fire department after graduating from college with my bachelor’s degree in business. My fiancé and I met while we were working together as paramedics at a hospital, and we are set to be married in October. In our department, everybody goes above and beyond to help one another when someone is in need. That’s what I love about our department – how welcoming everyone is and how we pick one another up. I am always willing to learn and grow, and I believe that Celina is the perfect place to do it. I always enjoy coming into work and look forward to the years to come being a part of this great City and department.

CFD IN THE NEWS: On December 30, 2021, The Celina Record published an article on fireman Clayton Bryan’s efforts to restore the City’s second-ever fire engine, which was built in 1939. To read the full article, please visit

@celinafiredept @celinafiredept





New Homes Permitted: 151 Avg. New Home Value: $589,409


Avg. Square Feet: 3,903

Construction Inspections: 5,805

New Neighborhoods Sutton Fields Phases 3A & 3B

New Commercial Projects

Most New Homes by Neighborhood

Terramania Mangiamos Kimley Horn Office expansion Greenway Phase 4 BB Living HOA Pool

Light Farms Creeks of Legacy Mustang Lakes Cambridge Crossing

38 20 16 15

In acknowledgment of Celina’s exceptional efforts in long-


range planning while maintaining high professional standards for staff education and certification, the American Planning Association has recognized Celina with the Planning Excellence Award.

7-Eleven is coming to 3722 N Preston Rd 4







Minor Building Inspections & Health Plan Review

Illegal Signs

Environmental Health & Animal Control

Vehicles & Parking

Residential Property Maintenance

Commercial Property Maintenance

Trash & Debris

Food Inspection Scores


KEEPING OUR WATERS CLEAN What you should know about stormwater

Why is it important? Stormwater can pick up debris, chemicals, dirt, and other pollutants and flow into a storm sewer or directly into lakes, streams, rivers, wetlands, or creeks. Anything that enters the storm drain system is discharged untreated into the water bodies. The result of unclean stormwater runoff discharges is the loss of aquatic wildlife and recreational water use.

What are the effects of pollution? Polluted stormwater runoff can significantly affect plants, fish, animals, and people. Sediments can cloud the water, making it difficult for aquatic plants to grow. Sediment can also cause an algae bloom. When algae die, they sink to the bottom of the body of water and decompose in a process that removes oxygen from the water. Aquatic life cannot survive in water with low dissolved oxygen levels. Bacteria and other pathogens can also wash into swimming areas and create health hazards. Debris such as plastic bags, bottles, and cigarettes butts washed into water bodies can choke, suffocate or disable aquatic wildlife and cause flooding. Household hazardous wastes like insecticides, pesticides, and auto fluids can poison aquatic life. Land animals and people can become sick from eating contaminated fish and shellfish or ingesting polluted water. Polluted stormwater may affect drinking water sources. This, in turn, can affect health and increase drinking water treatment costs, possibly resulting in higher water bills.

Residents can dispose of hazardous household materials on April 9 at our bi-annual Clean Sweep. Stay tuned - more details coming soon!


CELINA EDC January Sales Tax Sales tax collections for January totaled $643,589.56 - an increase of $262,058.76 (68.68%) over the prior year.

Celina Business Directory Looking to support local businesses in Celina? Check out the Bludot Celina Business Directory at to find all local retail, restaurants, home services, and more! Businesses listed in this directory are exclusive to Celina, TX.

January Merchant Meeting The EDC Quarterly Merchant Meeting was held on January 13th. We shared EDC updates, upcoming events, resources and exchanged ideas with local business owners.

2022 EDC Map The Celina EDC 2022 maps are now available online. You may also stop by our office to pick up a print version of the map.

Participants in January's Merchant Meeting

D Magazine showcases Celina and how to spend a fun day in the city.

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BUSINESS CONNECTION VIDEO SERIES In Celina, we are very passionate about small businesses. Small businesses value their community; they preserve the local history and culture and provide an experience. We believe it's small businesses that will help us maintain our charm as we grow. Salt & Light Laundry Services This Celina EDC Business Connection features Salt & Light Laundry Services! Owners Drew & Jourdan Smith discuss how the business works and explain how they serve the Celina. Watch this episode of the Business Connection at and subscribe to the City of Celina, Texas, on YouTube. Salt & Light Laundry Services Website

Sign Up to Feature Your Business If you own a Celina business and would like to be featured as a part of the EDC video series, please visit

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Directory Features

The Celina Business Directory is a growing list of local businesses designed to help encourage our citizens to shop, dine, and spend locally. This directory is a free resource from the Celina EDC in collaboration with Bludot.


Upload your logo, add business hours, feature photos, and integrate your social channels for a complete representation of your business in the directory.


Businesses listed in the directory are exclusive to Celina, TX.

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METHODIST HEALTH SYSTEM Announces plans for a new medical center

On January 26, 2022, Methodist Health System announced that its next hospital will be built off of Dallas Parkway and FM 428 in Celina. The new medical center is part of a $200 million project that will bring top-tier medical services to our community. On 46.7 acres of land, construction is set to begin in late 2022. Methodist Celina Medical Center will fill a muchneeded demand for local access to in-patient hospital services, that is not currently found within City limits. With the expected build-out of 350,000 residents, ease of access to high-quality medical care is a top priority for the City and the Celina Economic Development Corporation. We are excited to partner with Methodist Health System to bring access to these services to our community!


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INTERESTED IN PARTICIPATING IN A FESTIVAL? Local musicians submit your band information to to be added to our Artist Database. We will keep you and your band in mind when booking for 2022 events. Submit your company name, item(s) description, and contact information to to be added to our Vendor Database. Once added, you will receive vendor applications for future events in Celina! Show your support for Celina’s community events by sponsoring! Contact for 2022 event sponsorship options.


CELINA STAFF IN THE NEWS: In January, The Celina Record published an interview spotlighting our very own Shain Hunn, Director of Organizational Leadership. To read the full article, please visit

PARKS & REC PROMOTIONS Congratulations to Gary Don Hendricks and Shea Sengelmann on their recent promotions! Ours Parks & Rec program thrives because of their tireless dedication and work - thank you for all that you do!

Gary Don Hendricks

Shea Sengelmann

Promoted to Parks Superintendent

Promoted to Athletics Supervisor

We're Hiring! Join Our Team!

As the City's growth continues, we are looking for dedicated and collaborative people looking for an opportunity to grow with the City. We are looking to hire individuals who align with the City's Core Values: Excellence, Community, Integrity, and Service. These values are central to our organization and guide every decision we make on an individual and organizational level. If this aligns with your values and goals, we encourage you to apply to join our team!

Below is a list of current job openings with the City of Celina. Learn more about current openings, subscribe to job alerts, and apply online at

Building Inspector II

Purchasing Agent

Construction Inspector

Recreation Coordinator

Graphic Design and Marketing Specialist

Sign & Traffic Crewleader

IT Service Desk Analyst

Storm Water Maintenance Worker

Meter Technician

Streets Supervisor

Part Time Parks & Recreations Coordinator

Traffic, Signs & Markings Maintenance Worker

- (Nights & Weekends)

ULM Crewleader (Wastewater)

Part Time Library Assistant

Utility Line Locator

Permitting Manager

Utility Line Maintenance Worker (Wastewater)

Police Officer

Utility Line Maintenance Worker (Water)


CITY OF CELINA 142 N. Ohio Street Celina, TX 75009