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The Study of Religion

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An Introduction to Key Ideas and Methods George D. Chryssides and Ron Geaves This updated textbook unravels the complex issues related to methodology and theory in the study of religion. It equips students with the knowledge needed for the academic study of religion, explaining the history of the methodology. It includes ideas of key theorists, and discusses key issues in the field, such as gender and phenomenology. Updated throughout, additional material includes a new chapter on colonialism and post-colonialism, a new chapter on the insider/outsider discourse, and new coverage of ‘cyberreligion' and the internet as a research tool in religious studies. Study and classroom features include chapter outlines, case studies, boxed key concepts, discussion questions and chapter bibliographies. GEORGE D. CHRYSSIDES is Honorary Research Fellow in Contemporary Religion at the University of Birmingham, UK. RON GEAVES is Professor of the Comparative Study of Religion at Liverpool Hope University, UK. UK December 2013 / US January 2014 472 Pages / 244 x 169mm / 9.6 x 6.7 inches / 23 bw illus PB 9781780938400 £22.99 / $39.95 HB 9781780937007 £70.00 / $130.00 Individual eBook 9781780936703 £22.99 / $35.99 Library eBook 9781472567321 £69.00 / $111.00

Religions and Environments

Divine Self, Human Self


A Reader in Religion, Nature and Ecology

The Philosophy of Being in Two Gita Commentaries

Edited by Richard Bohannon

Chakravarthi Ram-Prasad

This book depicts some of the diverse ways that religious narratives and practices have helped people connect to the physical world around them. To do so, it is divided into three parts: the wilderness, the garden, and the city. Traditions represented include nature spiritualities, Asian traditions, Judaism, Islam, Christianity, and indigenous traditions. Reflecting the most current scholarship in the study of religion and nature, as well as providing important historical essays, it draws on a range of perspectives and methodologies, including historical, theological, philosophical and literary methods. Each part contains a critical introduction by the editor which provides an overview of issues and guides students to key ideas, alongside suggestions for further reading and resources on the topics. RICHARD BOHANNON teaches at the College of St Benedict & St John's University, Minnesota, USA. UK December 2013 / US January 2014 384 Pages / 244 x 169mm / 9.6 x 6.7 inches PB 9781780938028 £24.99 / $42.95 HB 9781780937625 £75.00 / $128.00 World English

The Gita is a central text in Hindu traditions, and commentaries on it express a range of philosophicaltheological positions. This book approaches two of the most significant commentaries through a study of the interaction between the abstract atman (self) and the richer conception of the human person. With close readings, Ram-Prasad draws relevant and illuminating comparisons with contemporary Christian theology and Western philosophy. CHAKRAVARTHI RAM-PRASAD is Professor of Comparative Religion and Philosophy in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, and Associate Dean for Research, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, at Lancaster University, UK. UK August 2013 / US July 2013 168 Pages / 216 x 138mm / 8.5 x 5.4 inches PB 9781441154644 £17.99 / $29.95 HB 9781441182654 £55.00 / $100.00 Individual eBook 9781441140425 £14.99 / $25.99 Library eBook 9781441176813 £58.00 / $89.00

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Christianity and the University Experience Understanding Student Faith

Adaptation and Developments in Western Buddhism

Mathew Guest, Kristin Aune, Sonya Sharma and Rob Warner

Socially Engaged Buddhism in the UK

Analysing over 4,000 responses to a national survey of students and nearly 100 interviews with students and those working with them, this book examines Christianity in universities across England. It explores the beliefs, values and practices of Christian students and reveals how the university experience influences their Christian identities, and the influence Christian students have upon university life. MATHEW GUEST is Senior Lecturer in Theology and Religion at Durham University, UK. KRISTIN AUNE is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Derby, UK. SONYA SHARMA is Research Associate in Theology and Religion at Durham University, UK. ROB WARNER is Professor of Religion, Culture and Society, and Dean of Humanities at the University of Chester, UK. UK September 2013 / US November 2013 256 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781780937847 £21.99 / $34.95 HB 9781780936017 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781780936390 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781780936215 £66.00 / $106.00

Sufism in Britain Edited by Ron Geaves and Theodore Gabriel Providing an objective analysis of current trends and developments in the beliefs and practices of Sufis in Britain, this volume examines the theory and history involved. Through a series of case studies, Sufism in Britain charts the processes of change and offers a significant contribution to the political and religious re-organisation of the Muslim presence in Britain, and the West. RON GEAVES is Professor of the Comparative Study of Religion at Liverpool Hope University, UK. THEODORE GABRIEL is Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Gloucestershire, UK, and Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at the Bader International Study Centre of Queen’s University (Canada), at Hailsham, UK. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 280 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781441112613 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781441163325 £64.99 / $100.99 Library eBook 9781441114877 £195.00 / $313.00

The Sacred in the City

PHIL HENRY is Director of the Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby, UK. UK August 2013 / US October 2013 288 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches / 20 bw illus HB 9781472512550 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781472511140 £64.99 / $100.99 Library eBook 9781472513847 £195.00 / $313.00

Alex Norman This is the first volume to explore spiritual tourism as a phenomenon in western cultures of travel, discussing the relationship between contemporary tourism and secular approaches to religious practices. Norman uses field research gathered from spiritual tourism locations in Asia and Europe, and contemporary scholarship on practices concerned with meaning and identity. ALEX NORMAN is Lecturer, Tutor and Researcher at the Department of Studies in Religion, University of Sydney, Australia. UK March 2013 / US May 2013 256 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches / 2 bw illus PB 9781472514615 £21.99 / $34.95 Individual eBook 9781441165190 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441123084 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441150448 Series: Bloomsbury Advances in Religious Studies

Public Religion and the Urban Environment

Britain in Global Contexts

Constructing a River Town

Paul Weller, Kingsley Purdam, Nazila Ghanea and Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor

Richard Bohannon

Including data and insights derived from the fieldwork, focus groups and questionnaire survey of a recent national research project in Britain, and grounded in empirical and contextualised data, this volume’s analysis places the case study in the context of European and international human rights law. PAUL WELLER is Professor of Inter-Religious Relations at the University of Derby and Visiting Fellow in the Oxford Centre for Christianity and Culture at Regent’s Park College, University of Oxford, UK. KINGSLEY PURDAM is Research Fellow in the Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research at the University of Manchester, UK. NAZILA GHANEA is Lecturer in International Human Rights Law at the University of Oxford, UK. SARIYA CHERUVALLILCONTRACTOR is Postdoctoral Researcher in the Centre for Society, Religion and Belief at the University of Derby, UK.

in PB

LILIANA GÓMEZ is Assistant Professor of Latin American Literary and Cultural Studies at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany. WALTER VAN HERCK is Associate Professor of Philosophy of Religion at the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Travel and Religious Practice in Western Society

Religion or Belief, Discrimination and Equality


This title reflects the way in which the city interacts with the sacred in all its many guises, with religion and the human search for meaning in life. It takes a multidisciplinary approach, combining the expertise of philosophers, historians, architects, social geographers, sociologists and anthropologists, and it draws a nuanced picture of the different layers of religion, of the sacred and its diverse forms within the city, with examples from Europe, South America, the Caribbean, and Africa.


Drawing for the first time on evidence from practitioner’s experiences with which to characterise the previously dichotomous academic debate, this volume is a ground-breaking and benchmark analysis of Socially Engaged Buddhism (SEB) in the UK. Ultimately, the book locates Socially Engaged Buddhism in the UK and places it within the broader and global context of an emerging ‘Western Buddhism’, characterising the phenomenon and its relationships to the wider Buddhist world.

UK November 2013 / US January 2014 296 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781441166203 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781441181312 £64.99 / $100.99 Library eBook 9781441165305 £195.00 / $313.00

Edited by Liliana Gómez and Walter Van Herck

UK November 2013 / US January 2014 278 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472526052 £21.99 / $37.95 Individual eBook 9781441183941 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441188106 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441172952

Phil Henry

Spiritual Tourism new in PB

RICHARD BOHANNON teaches at the College of St Benedict & St John's University, Minnesota, USA. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 208 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472534651 £21.99 / $37.95 Individual eBook 9781441149336 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441108340 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441103574

Open Content Bloomsbury is committed to publishing the best scholarship and making content as widely accessible as possible. Selected research publications are available to read for free online, under the Creative Commons or Bloomsbury Open licence. For more information, please refer to

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Amanullah De Sondy

Inspection / Exam Copies

AMANULLAH DE SONDY is Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Miami, Florida, USA. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 248 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781780936161 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781780937441 £64.99 / $100.99 Library eBook 9781780936932 £195.00 / $313.00

in PB

Offering both a theoretical exploration of the intersection of the city, nature, and religion, as well as a sociological analysis of the 1997 flood in Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA, Bohannon provides the first study to show how religious factors have influenced how the relationship between nature and the city is perceived, and in particular have helped to justify the urban control of nature.

The Crisis of Islamic Masculinities In order to evaluate whether there really is only one valid, ideal Islamic masculinity, this book explores key figures of the Qur’an and IndianPakistani Islamic history, and exposes the precariousness of tight constraints on Islamic manhood, addressing the current debates in gender studies.


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Religion in new Environmental and in PB Climate Change

South Asian Sufis new in PB

With regional case studies and a globally synthesised approach, this book gathers recent research on functions of religion in climate change from theological, ethical, philosophical, anthropological, historical and earth system analytical perspectives. Charting the spread from regional case studies to global-scale syntheses, the authors demonstrate that world religions and indigenous belief systems are already responding in highly dynamic ways to on-going and projected climate changes - in theory and practice, for better or for worse. DIETER GERTEN is geographer and hydrologist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Potsdam, Germany. SIGURD BERGMANN is Professor of Religious Studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim, Norway.

Drawn from extensive work by indigenous and international scholars, this ethnographical study explores the influence of Iran on the development of Sufi thought and practice in active Sufi communities in Pakistan, India, and also discusses Sufism in diaspora in the UK and North America. CLINTON BENNETT teaches Religious Studies at the State University of New York at New Paltz, and at Marist College, Poughkeepsie, USA. CHARLES M. RAMSEY is Director of University Institute Center for Islamic Studies, New Delhi, India. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 336 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472523518 £21.99 / $37.95 Individual eBook 9781441135896 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441184740 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441151278

UK April 2013 / US June 2013 288 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472505569 £21.99 / $34.95 Individual eBook 9781441117076 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441166289 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441169297

Classical Spirituality new in PB in Contemporary America The Confluence and Contribution of G.I. Gurdjieff and Sufism Michael S. Pittman This work does not simply demonstrate the influence of Gurdjieff and his ideas, but approaches the specific discourse on and about Gurdjieff and Sufism in the context of contemporary religious and spiritual teachings, particularly in the United States, and highlights some of the adaptive, boundary-crossing, and hybrid features that have led to the continuing influence of Sufism. MICHAEL S. PITTMAN is Associate Professor of Humanities and World Religions at Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, USA. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 256 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472522931 £21.99 / $37.95 Individual eBook 9781441131133 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441185457 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441165237

Limamou Laye and the Layennes of Senegal

Edited by Clinton Bennett and Charles M. Ramsey

Suffering, Values, Lifestyles Edited by Dieter Gerten and Sigurd Bergmann

Sufism, Mahdism new and Nationalism in PB

Devotion, Deviation, and Destiny

The Sacred and the Cinema

Douglas H. Thomas Thomas demonstrates that Sufism was the obvious vehicle for the growth of Islam among West Africans, striking a chord with indigenous cultures through an engagement with the spirit world which pre-Islamic Senegambian religions were primarily concerned with. DOUGLAS H. THOMAS is Assistant Professor of History at Grambling State University, USA. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 176 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches / 1 bw illus PB 9781472528025 £21.99 / $37.95 Library eBook 9781441163516 £66.00 / $106.00 Individual eBook 9781441133809 £21.99 / $33.99 Previously published in HB 9781441169075

Religious Statues and Personhood

new in PB

Testing the Role of Materiality

Reconfiguring the ‘Genuinely’ Religious Film Sheila J. Nayar Nayar argues that what makes a filmic manifestation of the sacred true or authentic may say more about a spectator or critic's particular way of knowing, as influenced by alphabetic literacy, than it does about the aesthetic or philosophical – and sometimes even faith-based – dimensions of the sacred on-screen. Engaging with everything from Hollywood religious spectaculars, Hindu mythologicals, and an international array of films revered for their ‘transcendental style,’ The Sacred and the Cinema unveils the epistemic pressures at the heart of engaging with the sacred onscreen. SHEILA J. NAYAR is Associate Professor of English and Communication Studies at Greensboro College, North Carolina, USA. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 224 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472533029 £21.99 / $37.95 Individual eBook 9781441161703 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441147929 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441158710

Amy Whitehead Both theoretical and descriptive, this book illustrates how religions and cultural practices can be reexamined as performances that necessarily involve not only human persons, but also objects. By examining two case studies, the contemporary Pagan Glastonbury Goddess religion in the Southwest of England and a cult of the Virgin Mary in Andalusia, Spain, Whitehead asserts that objects can be more than representational or symbolic. AMY WHITEHEAD is part time MA Tutor, Sophia Centre, University of Wales, Trinity St David, UK. UK September 2013 / US November 2013 216 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches / 4 bw illus HB 9781441110282 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781441126177 £64.99 / $100.99 Library eBook 9781441164230 £195.00 / $313.00

Essential articles and research for those involved in the fields of religious studies, material culture and art

MATERIAL RELIGION The Journal of Objects, Art and Belief E D ITORS

Birgit Meyer, Utrecht University, The Netherlands David Morgan, Duke University, USA Crispin Paine, University College London, UK S. Brent Plate, Hamilton College, USA Material Religion is an international, peer-reviewed journal that seeks to explore all aspects of religious material culture – from images, devotional and liturgical objects to ritual, ceremony and pilgrimage.

❝Its scholarly articles investigate everything from the Sufi arts of urban Senegal to Chinese religions in the American West...Academic libraries are urged to add it.❞ Library Journal

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Print ISSN: 1743-2200 | E-ISSN: 1751-8342


The Religious Life of Dress

Islamic Fashion and Anti-Fashion

Towards Building new in PB a British Islam

Global Fashion and Faith

New Perspectives from Europe and North America

New Muslims' Perspectives

Lynne Hume Taking a 'senses' approach, Hume's engaging account takes into consideration the look, smell, feel, touch and sound of religious apparel, the 'smells and bells' of dress and its accoutrements, as well as the emotions evoked by donning religious garb. The book's global perspective provides wide-ranging, yet detailed, coverage of religious dress as Hume examines the 2,500 year-old tradition of Buddhist robes, the nudity of India's holy men, and much more. LYNNE HUME is Associate Professor in the School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics at the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia. UK October 2013 / US December 2013 184 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches / 25 bw illus PB 9780857853615 £19.99 / $29.95 HB 9780857853608 £55.00 / $100.00 Individual eBook 9780857853639 £19.99 / $30.99 Library eBook 9781472567475 £60.00 / $96.00 Series: Dress, Body, Culture

Sacred and Secular Agency in Early Modern France

Introducing innovative new research from international scholars working on Islamic fashion and its critics, Islamic Fashion and AntiFashion provides a global perspective on Muslim dress practices. The book takes a broad geographic sweep, bringing together the sartorial experiences of Muslims in locations as diverse as Paris, the Canadian Prairie, Swedish and Italian bath houses and former socialist countries of Eastern Europe. EMMA TARLO is Professor of Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London, UK. ANNELIES MOORS is Professor of Social Scientific Study of Contemporary Muslim Societies, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. UK July 2013 / US September 2013 320 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches / 55 bw & 34 color illus PB 9780857853356 £19.99 / $29.95 HB 9780857853349 £55.00 / $100.00 Individual eBook 9780857853370 £19.99 / $30.99 Library eBook 9780857853363 £60.00 / $96.00

Belief and Religion in Barbarian Europe c. 350-700

new in PB

Fragments of Religion Edited by Sanja Perovic "This is an exciting and important book which overturns a series of platitudes about both early modernity and France today. It marks a timely intervention in the field of French studies and more broadly in historical debates about secularization.” Dr. Katherine Ibbett, Department of French at University College London, UK SANJA PEROVIC is Lecturer in the French Department, King's College London, UK. UK June 2013 / US July 2013 224 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472511485 £19.99 / $34.95 Individual eBook 9781441189745 £19.99 / $30.99 Library eBook 9781441138910 £60.00 / $96.00 Previously published in HB 9781441185297

Edited by Emma Tarlo and Annelies Moors

Marilyn Dunn This ground-breaking study offers a new paradigm for understanding the beliefs and religions of the Goths, Burgundians, Sueves, Franks and Lombards as they converted from paganism to Christianity between c.350 and c.700 CE. Based on a wide range of primary sources and contemporary archaeological evidence and combining history and theology with approaches drawn from the cognitive science of religion, this book uses both written and archaeological evidence to challenge many older ideas. MARILYN DUNN is Senior Lecturer in Medieval History at the University of Glasgow, UK. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 248 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches / 3 bw illus PB 9781441165329 £19.99 / $34.95 HB 9781441131607 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781441123824 £19.99 / $30.99 Library eBook 9781441100238 £60.00 / $96.00

Haifaa A. Jawad Jawad sheds light on the intellectual and spiritual contributions of some of the prominent figures of this group of 'new Muslims', and assesses their efforts in shaping Islam in British society; including: Martin Lings, Gai Eaton, Tim Winter and Hamza Yusuf. The work will help readers to become aware of the evolution of a 'British Islam' that is more open, rooted in British values and spiritual traditions. HAIFAA A. JAWAD is Senior lecturer in Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies in the Department of Theology and Religion at the University of Birmingham, UK. UK June 2013 / US July 2013 200 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472506344 £17.99 / $29.95 Individual eBook 9781441172778 £17.99 / $27.99 Library eBook 9781441114334 £54.00 / $72.00 Previously published in HB 9780826496843

Bishops and Power in Early Modern England Marcus K. Harmes This authoritative history explores the influence of bishops at the centre of both government and belief in early modern England. In examining arguments challenging episcopal authority, and counter-arguments stressing the necessity of bishops, Harmes engages with many aspects of the social, political and religious history of the period. MARCUS K. HARMES is Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. UK October 2013 / US December 2013 232 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches / 7 bw illus HB 9781472508355 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781472509185 £64.99 / $100.99 Library eBook 9781472509758 £195.00 / $313.00


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Bloomsbury Companions Each Companion offers a comprehensive reference resource giving an overview of key topics, research areas, new directions and a manageable guide to beginning or developing research in the field.

The Bloomsbury Companion to Hindu Studies

new in PB

Edited by Jessica Frazier Foreword by Gavin Flood Featuring chapters by an international team of leading scholars in the field, this is a comprehensive reference guide to Hindu studies. JESSICA FRAZIER is Research Fellow at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, UK. GAVIN FLOOD is Academic Director of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, UK. UK December 2013 / US January 2014 424 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472511515 £24.99 / $38.95 Individual eBook 9781472567178 £24.99 / $37.99 Library eBook 9781472567161 £75.00 / $120.00 Previously published in HB 9780826499660 Series: Bloomsbury Companions

The Bloomsbury Companion to Jewish Studies

Meditation in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Edited by Dean Phillip Bell

Cultural Histories

This volume focuses on central themes, methodologies, and varieties of source materials available. In addition to a bibliography, the volume includes a series of indispensable research tools, including a chronology, maps, and a glossary of key terms and concepts. DEAN PHILLIP BELL is Dean, Chief Academic Officer, and Professor of Jewish History at Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning and Leadership, Chicago, USA. UK August 2013 / US October 2013 440 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches / 20 illus HB 9781441158574 £100.00 / $190.00 Individual eBook 9781472505408 £99.99 / $154.99 Library eBook 9781472513267 £300.00 / $482.00 Series: Bloomsbury Companions

Edited by Halvor Eifring For the first time in one volume, the meditative practices of the three traditions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are examined. They are viewed in a global perspective, considering both generic and historical connections to practices in other traditions, particularly in India and East Asia. HALVOR EIFRING is a Professor in the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo, Norway. UK October 2013 / US December 2013 304 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781441122148 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781441162588 £64.99 / $100.99 Library eBook 9781441126085 £195.00 / $313.00

Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought This series interrupts standardized discourses involving the Islamicate world by introducing creative and emerging ideas. The incisive works included in this series provide a counterpoint to the reigning canons of theory, theology, philosophy, literature, and criticism through investigations of vast experiential typologies.

On the Arab Revolts and the Iranian Revolution

The Politics of Writing Islam Voicing Difference

The Writing of Violence in the Middle East

Power and Resistance Today

Mahmut Mutman


Arshin Adib-Moghaddam This is the first comparative analysis of two central political events that have altered our world forever: the Arab uprisings and the Iranian revolution in 1979. The study is organised around conceptual terms that feed into forms of power and resistance. These terms and concepts are discussed and deconstructed via an empirical discussion of pivotal events beyond the non-western world. ARSHIN ADIB-MOGHADDAM is Reader in Comparative Politics and International Relations at SOAS, University of London, UK. UK October 2013 / US December 2013 264 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781472511898 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781472506146 £64.99 / $100.99 Library eBook 9781472512406 £195.00 / $313.00 Series: Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought

Tradition and Equality in Jewish Marriage

new in PB

Beyond the Sanctification of Subordination Melanie Landau “Landau does an excellent job explaining the opinions and arguments of different rabbinic traditions over the ages. The book speaks to traditional women looking to understand Jewish law in light of their contemporary sensibilities.” Rabbi Rachel Esserman, The Reporter Group MELANIE LANDAU is Lecturer in the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation, Monash University, Australia. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 224 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472533067 £21.99 / $37.95 Individual eBook 9781441184597 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441139337 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441138064 Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Jewish Thought

Mutman provides a much-needed critique of existing forms of studying, writing and representing Islam in the West. Through critiquing ethnographic, literary, critical, psychoanalytic and theological discourses, the author reveals the problematic underlying cultural and theoretical presuppositions. MAHMUT MUTMAN teaches cultural and critical theory and is the co-ordinator of the Program in Cultural Studies at Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 272 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781441165244 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781441164704 £64.99 / $100.99 Library eBook 9781441162496 £195.00 / $313.00 Series: Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought

H.D. and Modernist Religious Imagination Mysticism and Writing Elizabeth Anderson Exploring the intersection of religious sensibility and creativity in the poetry and prose of the American modernist writer, H.D., this volume explores the nexus of the religious, the visionary, the creative and the material. Drawing on original archival research and analyses of newly published and currently unpublished writings by H.D., Anderson shows how the poet's work is informed by a range of religious traditions, from the complexities and contradictions of Moravian Christianity to a wide range of esoteric beliefs and practices. ELIZABETH ANDERSON is Research Fellow at the University of Stirling, UK. She is the editor of Memory, Mourning and Landscape. UK August 2013 / US October 2013 192 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781441185976 £60.00 / $110.00 Individual eBook 9781441190895 £59.99 / $92.99 Library eBook 9781441139733 £180.00 / $289.00

new in PB

Jason Bahbak Mohaghegh From the domains of contemporary Middle Eastern literature, this book stages a powerful conversation on questions of cruelty, evil, rage, vengeance, madness, and deception. The book reveals how such captivating outsider texts could potentially redefine our understanding of violence. JASON BAHBAK MOHAGHEGH is Assistant Professor of World Literature at New Jersey City University, USA. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 256 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472529442 £21.99 / $37.95 Individual eBook 9781441106674 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441150639 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441106308 Series: Suspensions: Contemporary Middle Eastern and Islamicate Thought

The Bloomsbury textbook Anthology of Contemporary Jewish American Poetry Edited by Deborah Ager and M.E. Silverman With 212 works by 110 poets, including David Lehman and Melissa Stein, this anthology celebrates contemporary writers, born after World War II, who write about Jewish themes. This is the most comprehensive and up-to-date anthology of contemporary Jewish American poetry available. DEBORAH AGER directs the Joaquin Miller Poetry Reading Series in Washington, DC, edits for Redux, and is board member of 32 Poems Magazine, USA. M.E. SILVERMAN, editor of Blue Lyra Review, teaches at Gordon State College, USA. He is a member of the board of 32 Poems Magazine. UK November 2013 / US September 2013 272 Pages / 140 x 216mm / 5.5 x 8.5 inches PB 9781441188793 £19.95 / $29.95 HB 9781441125576 £80.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781441136022 £14.99 / $25.99 Library eBook 9781441183040 £62.00 / $89.00


Encountering Buddhism in Twentieth-Century British and American Literature Edited by Lawrence Normand and Alison Winch

New Directions in Religion and Literature This series offers a timely critical intervention to the interdisciplinary crossover between religion and literature, speaking to wider contemporary interests and mapping out new directions for the field in the early twenty-first century.

John Cage and Buddhist Ecopoetics

The Glyph and the Gramophone

Peter Jaeger

D.H. Lawrence's Religion

This book explores the ways in which 20th-century literature has been influenced by Buddhism, and has been, in turn, a major factor in bringing about Buddhism's increasing spread and influence in the West. Focusing on Britain and the United States, Buddhism's influence on a range of key literary texts is examined in the context of those societies' evolving modernity. Writers discussed include T.S. Eliot, Jack Kerouac, J.D. Salinger and Iris Murdoch.

Following Cage’s own creative innovations in the poem-essay form and his use of the ancient Chinese text, the I Ching, to shape his music and writing, this book outlines a new critical language that reconfigures writing and silence. This book provides readers with a critically performative site for the Zen-inspired ‘nothing’, which resides at the heart of Cage’s poetics.

LAWRENCE NORMAND is Principal Lecturer in English Literature at Middlesex University, UK. ALISON WINCH is lecturer in Cultural Studies at Middlesex University, UK.

PETER JAEGER is Reader in the Department of English and Creative Writing at Roehampton University, UK.

UK October 2013 / US December 2013 224 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781441184764 £60.00 / $110.00 Individual eBook 9781441101914 £59.99 / $92.99 Library eBook 9781441108135 £180.00 / $289.00

UK September 2013 / US November 2013 144 Pages / 216 x 138mm / 8.5 x 5.4 inches PB 9781441117526 £17.99 / $29.95 HB 9781441104663 £55.00 / $100.00 Individual eBook 9781623565435 £17.99 / $27.99 Library eBook 9781623562342 £54.00 / $87.00 Series: New Directions in Religion and Literature

Approaching God Between Phenomenology and Theology Patrick Masterson Approaching God explores the ways in which phenomenology, metaphysics and theological enquiry can throw light upon each other. Masterson devotes chapters to phenomenological, metaphysical, and theological approaches to God. This book essentially provides a dialogue about theological and theistic issues between the phenomenological approach of the leading French Christian phenomenologist Jean-Luc Marion and the realist metaphysical approach of Aquinas. PATRICK MASTERSON is Emeritus Professor of Philosophy of Religion at University College Dublin, Ireland. UK October 2013 / US August 2013 224 Pages / 140 x 216mm / 5.5 x 8.5 inches PB 9781623563080 £19.99 / $29.95 HB 9781623563721 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781623562670 £14.99 / $25.99 Library eBook 9781623564254 £62.00 / $89.00

The series engages with the central questions and issues within the field, including the problem of evil, the cosmological, teleological, moral, and ontological arguments for the existence of God, divine foreknowledge, and the coherence of theism.

Free Will in Philosophical Theology Kevin Timpe This work takes the most recent philosophical work on free will and uses it to elucidate and explore theological doctrines involving free will. Timpe shows the reader how a particular philosophical account of the nature of free will — an account known as source incompatibilism — can help us understand a range of theological doctrines. KEVIN TIMPE is former Templeton Research Fellow at St Peter's College, University of Oxford, UK and is Professor of Philosophy at Northwest Nazarene University, USA.



The Encounter between the Bible and the Historical Mind


UK September 2013 / US November 2013 160 Pages / 216 x 138mm / 8.5 x 5.4 inches PB 9781441122957 £17.99 / $29.95 HB 9781441132581 £55.00 / $100.00 Individual eBook 9781441119391 £17.99 / $27.99 Library eBook 9781441124357 £54.00 / $87.00 Series: New Directions in Religion and Literature

Philosophy and the Christian Worldview

Bringing together essays by some of the leading lights in current academic philosophy of religion, including William Hasker, Charles Taliaferro and Keith Yandell, this book offers a fresh perspective on four major areas of discussion: Religion and Epistemology; Religion and Morality; Religion and Metaphysics; and Religion and Worldview Assessment. DAVID WERTHER is the Director of the Independent Learning Program at the University of Wisconsin-Extension, USA. MARK D. LINVILLE is an independent philosopher based in Atlanta, USA UK January 2014 / US November 2013 288 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781623567675 £23.95 / $34.95 Individual eBook 9781441104762 £17.99 / $30.99 Library eBook 9781441112972 £69.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441108692 Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Philosophy of Religion

Martin Buber

ARTHUR MCCALLA is Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy/Religious Studies at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Canada.

GARY COX has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Birmingham, UK, where he is also an Honorary Research Fellow. UK November 2013 / US September 2013 216 Pages / 127 x 197mm / 5 x 7.75 HB 9781623564292 £12.99 / $19.95 Individual eBook 9781623569808 £10.99 / $16.99 Library eBook 9781623569211 £33.00 / $51.00

in PB

Edited by David Werther and Mark D. Linville

I and Thou

Gary Cox


Analysis, Assessment and Development

Why Nobody Knows the Answer to the Ultimate Question The God Confusion offers a downto-earth beginner's guide for anyone interested in the questions of: What is God? Does he exist? Can we know? It does not evangelize for God and religion or, indeed, for atheism and secularism. Instead, it explores in a witty yet objective and balanced way the idea of God and the strengths and weaknesses of the standard arguments for his existence.

UK October 2013 / US August 2013 256 Pages / 140 x 216mm / 5.5 x 8.5 inches PB 9781623568528 £19.99 / $29.95 HB 9781623560393 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781623561109 £14.99 / $25.99 Library eBook 9781623567910 £62.00 / $89.00

LUKE FERRETTER is Associate Professor of Twentieth-Century British and American Literature at Baylor University, USA.

The God Confusion

Revised and completely updated in its second edition, this book is an historical overview of the Creationism vs. evolution debate. McCalla argues that the debate over Creationism is at bottom a debate over how to interpret the biblical text rather than over how to interpret the world.

Arthur McCalla

Drawing on authoritative recent editions and major manuscript archives, this is the first complete study of the development of D.H. Lawrence's religious thought. Covering the war years, Lawrence’s American works, his time in Australia and Mexico, and the works of the last years of his life, this book provides readers with a complete analysis of Lawrence as a religious man, thinker and artist.

Bloomsbury Studies in Philosophy of Religion

UK January 2014 / US November 2013 208 Pages / 152 x 228 mm / 6 x 9 inches HB 9781441123312 £65.00 / $120.00 Individual eBook 9781441196767 £62.99 / $107.99 Library eBook 9781441163837 £242.00 / $369.00 Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Philosophy of Religion

The Creationist Debate

Luke Ferretter

Recognised as a landmark of 20thcentury intellectual history, I and Thou is Buber's masterpiece. In this book, his enormous learning and wisdom are distilled into a simple, but compelling vision. It proposes nothing less than a new form of the Deity for today, a new form of human being and of a good life. MARTIN BUBER was born in Vienna in 1879. He studied philosophy and art at the universities in Vienna, Zurich and Berlin. A prolific and influential teacher and writer, he taught philosophy from 1939 to 1951 at Hebrew University, Jerusalem. UK October 2013 / US December 2013 120 Pages / 216 x 138mm / 8.5 x 5.4 inches PB 9781472511461 £12.99 / $17.95 Series: Bloomsbury Revelations World All Languages (excluding USA)

Peirce, James, and a Pragmatic Philosophy of Religion

new in PB

Edited by Brendan Sweetman

John W. Woell Woell shows how an understanding of the intentionality underlining the pragmatism of Peirce and James can herald new interpretations of the interplay between philosophy and religion. JOHN W. WOELL is Associate Provost at Albion College, USA. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 224 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472524133 £21.99 / $37.95 Individual eBook 9781441111203 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441117007 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441168009 Series: Bloomsbury Studies in American Philosophy

Levinas, Messianism and Parody

Philosophical Thinking and the Religious Context The essays in this new volume deal with a range of fascinating topics in the philosophy of religion such as views of God's nature in process philosophy and theology, process views compared with traditional views (such as that found in St Thomas Aquinas), teleology and purpose in human life and in the universe, religion and evolution, the problem of evil both in human experience and in the natural world, and ethical questions concerning the human road to God, and the question of human rights in pluralist, democratic states. BRENDAN SWEETMAN is Professor of Philosophy at Rockhurst University, USA.

The Restoration of Albert Schweitzer's Ethical Vision

new in PB

Predrag Cicovacki This book argues for the continuing relevance of Albert Schweitzer's thought, especially of his overarching theme of Reverence for Life. PREDRAG CICOVACKI is Professor of Philosophy at the College of the Holy Cross, Massachusetts, USA. UK January 2014 / US November 2013 232 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781628923469 £19.95 / $29.95 Individual eBook 9781441165886 £14.99 / $25.99 Library eBook 9781441197528 £62.00 / $89.00 Previously published in HB 9781441197184

UK December 2013 / US October 2013 224 Pages / 152 x 228 mm / 6 x 9 inches HB 9781623565329 £60.00 / $110.00 Individual eBook 9781623566838 £57.99 / $98.99 Library eBook 9781623564810 £222.00 / $339.00

new in PB

Terence Holden Bridging the disciplinary boundaries between philosophy, the study of religions and sociology, this is an analysis of 'messianism' in Continental philosophy, using a case study of Levinas to uncover its underlying philosophical intelligibility. TERENCE HOLDEN received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh, UK. He has also studied at Dartmouth College, USA, and the University of Paris IV, France. He currently lives in Paris. UK March 2013 / US May 2013 240 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472505644 £21.99 / $34.95 Individual eBook 9781441108869 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441119346 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441151995 Series: Bloomsbury Advances in Religious Studies

The New Phenomenology

From Ricoeur to Action

A Philosophical Introduction

The Socio-Political Significance of Ricoeur's Thinking

J. Aaron Simmons and Bruce Ellis Benson The first-available student introduction to the ‘theological turn’ in contemporary Phenomenology, which introduces and explores the work of the 'New Phenomenologists,' from Emmauel Levinas to Jacques Derrida, and considers the movement's contributions to key debates in philosophy. J. AARON SIMMONS is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Furman University, USA. BRUCE ELLIS BENSON is Professor of Philosophy at Wheaton College, USA. UK August 2013 / US September 2013 296 Pages / 216 x 138mm / 8.5 x 5.4 inches PB 9781441182838 £18.99 / $29.95 HB 9781441117113 £60.00 / $110.00 Individual eBook 9781441133281 £18.99 / $29.99 Library eBook 9781441172730 £57.00 / $92.00

new in PB

Edited by Todd S. Mei and David Lewin A collection of original essays that critically engage the philosophical, political, hermeneutic and theological aspects of Ricoeur's thinking in response to 21st-century problems of social and political conflict. TODD S. MEI is Lecturer of Philosophy at the University of Kent, UK. DAVID LEWIN is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Education at Liverpool Hope University, UK, where he is codirector of Education Studies and director of the Philosophy of Education Special Interest Group. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 288 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches PB 9781472533876 £21.99 / $37.95 Individual eBook 9781441139900 £21.99 / $33.99 Library eBook 9781441155467 £66.00 / $106.00 Previously published in HB 9781441159731 Series: Bloomsbury Studies in Continental Philosophy

Bloomsbury Academic Collections: Philosophy Offers the individual as well as the institutional purchaser the opportunity to access and acquire titles, both in print and digital formats, by many distinguished authors from the last 150 years, either on a title-by-title basis or in thematic groups.

French Free-Thought from Gassendi to Voltaire

W.R. Matthews: Philosopher and Theologian

J.S. Spink

H.P. Owen

Spink, within a single full volume, presents a balanced account of the radical inquiries in literature, philosophy, and the natural sciences that stemmed from the intellectual crisis of the 1620s. He analyses the content of this body of free-thought and devotes particular attention to the ways in which the new ideas were disseminated in the face of the hostility of the civil and ecclesiastical authorities. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 345 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781472512437 £75.00 / $128.00 Library eBook 9781472505019 £225.00 / $362.00 Series: Bloomsbury Academic Collections: Philosophy

Although associated with the movements known as ‘modernism’ and ‘liberal Protestantism’ W.R. Matthews was essentially a Christian Platonist who moreover was theologically orthodox on all vital points. Owen quotes widely from Dr Matthews’s published writings on The Concept of God, Religion and Reason, and Christology and Ethics. He brings out their significance both for an understanding of the ways in which religious thought developed in the first half of this century and for the light they shed on questions discussed by theologians today. H.P. OWEN is Professor of Christian Doctrine at King’s College London, UK. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 84 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781472510884 £75.00 / $128.00 Library eBook 9781472507426 £225.00 / $362.00 Series: Bloomsbury Academic Collections: Philosophy

On Being Sure in Religion Ian T. Ramsey Prompted by F.D. Maurice lectures delivered at King’s College London in 1961, Ramsey discusses ‘eternal’ punishment; Christian social duty; and the problem of subscription ex animo to Articles, and argues that it is reasonable to be sure in religion while being tentative in theology. In the course of his discussion, he compares Maurice and Newman in relation to their views on theological certainty, and also considers the question whether the time has come for revision of the Thirty-nine Articles. IAN T. RAMSEY is Nolloth Professor of Philosophy of the Christian Religion at Oxford University, UK. UK November 2013 / US January 2014 92 Pages / 234 x 156mm / 9.2 x 6.1 inches HB 9781472510617 £75.00 / $128.00 Library eBook 9781472512130 £225.00 / $362.00 Series: Bloomsbury Academic Collections: Philosophy


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