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RE/MAX Results Technology 201

Table of Contents RE/MAX Results Mobile App 1.—Mobile App administration Reserving your SMS Keyword Sharing your app with your clients Posting your app on your website Reserving unique property IDs for each of your listings

Cloud CMA 2.—Creating Property Flyers and CMAs with Cloud CMA Setting up your Cloud CMA account Creating a CMA

Dropbox 3.—Online Storage Creating a Dropbox account Installing Dropbox Sharing folders with other Dropbox users Sharing individual files with a public link

YouTube 4.—Uploading and managing videos with YouTube Creating a YouTube account Customizing your YouTube channel Adding a video to your channel Sorting videos in to playlists InstanetForms 6. InstanetForms & Authentisign—Electronic forms provided by NorthstarMLS Creating a transaction kit Adding forms Making changes to forms Sending forms to be signed via Authentisign 2

The RE/MAX Results Mobile App, Featuring Results Radar™ 1. Logging In To administer your personal mobile app settings, go to Log in with the same username and password you use on the OnlineOffice.

2. My SMS Keyword Click this link to reserve a keyword that you will later provide to clients to download your branded mobile app. The most common use is on sign riders. Here is an example sign rider:

You are allowed only one keyword

Your keyword should be letters only, no spaces, up to 15 characters.

Do not choose words that contain “MLS” or “RemaxResults.”

Note: Once reserved, your keyword is subject to final approval to ensure that it is not substantially similar to others and does not violate MLS rules. Do not provide your keyword to customers until you receive an approval notice by email.


Mobile App, continued

3. My Contact Info Under My Phone Numbers, you can edit the phone numbers used on your mobile app. By default, the first two phone numbers you have listed in the Online Office Administration tab are fed to your mobile app. You may change the phone numbers displayed here. If you change the numbers shown here, they will not revert back to the original numbers from the Online Office feed. In other words, manually changing your phone numbers on this site will break the “update� feed.

Under Default Phone Number for Outgoing SMS, Associates can choose from seven different local phone numbers to use on their sign riders. This is also the same phone number that the mobile app will use when text messages are sent to your customer. The available phone numbers to choose from are:

Sample sign rider:


Mobile App, continued 4. My Notification Settings By default, your mobile app will notify you via your email whenever you have a lead who: Requested your app by text Requested property information by text Requested property information by phone Requested a showing Under My Notification Settings, you may also add your cell phone number and request to be notified of leads via Text.

5. Change Outbound SMS Message If you’d like, you can change the content of the text message that is sent in the Send App Invitations by SMS section by clicking on Change Outbound SMS Message. Make sure that you have {URL} somewhere in your outbound message:

6. Send App Invitation(s) by SMS Associates can invite clients to download their app via text message! Enter 1- 100 cell phone numbers in the field provided and click Send. Your clients will receive a text message similar to this: Warning: Text Messages will be sent immediately. It is recommended that you only send group text messages between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. 5

Mobile App, continued 7. Share App by QR Code or Link Associates can invite clients to download their branded mobile app by scanning a QR code or by clicking a link.

Note: The link provided on this screen is a short URL that redirects clients to your branded URL, The short URL is an alternate option when you are limited to characters in texts and tweets.

8. SMS and Phone Call Log Generate monthly lead reports that show: Listing Info Requested by SMS (text) Listing Info Requested by Phone App Sent by SMS


Mobile App, continued 9. Get Website Embed Code for SMS Widget All RE/MAX Results Associates are provided their own custom widget to display on their websites. The widget allows consumers to enter their mobile number and click a button to download your branded app. From the Main Menu, click Get Website Embed Code for SMS Widget, and you will be provided the HTML code to insert your custom widget into any personal website that allows code. Here is a sample of your personal mobile app widget:

The text displayed on your personal widget is dynamic. Therefore, in place of RESULTS, it would be the custom keyword that you have chosen. And if you choose, for example, the 507 area code number, that would show in place of the default 612 number.

10. My Properties’ SMS / Phone IDs Each Property can now have a unique property ID number that can be printed on a sign rider and then given to clients for an easy way to find more information about a specific listing. To assign the 5-digit ID number contact your Office Manager to reserve it first, then click on My Properties’ SMS / Phone IDs. You will be able to search for your active properties by MLS number. Once you have found the property, you will be able to assign a 5-digit ID number. Simply put in the code you wish to use, and click Assign.


Cloud CMA Cloud CMA is a tool provided to all RE/MAX Results agents for free. These accounts are not set up automatically; contact the IT Help Desk (, 952-829-3829)to have your account set up. NOTE: Your account will be deleted after 90 days of inactivity.

When you first log in to your account, click on the Settings link to update your profile. User Info Make sure your name is entered correctly and upload a photo of yourself. This will display on several of the materials you create in Cloud CMA. You’ll also want to change your password when you first log in.

Contact Info This information will appear at the bottom of each page in the reports you create. Select a contact type from the dropdown menu (Blog, for example) and type your contact

information in the box on the right ( blog, for example), then click the Add button.

MLS Select your MLS Provider from the dropdown (Northstar— Minneapolis), enter your NRDS ID in the MLS User ID box, and enter your MLS password in the MLS Password box.

Page Contents Several different pages have already been added to Cloud CMA that can be used in CMA reports. If you would like, you can add your own custom pages to be added to CMAs in the Page Contents section. Click Create New Page, type in the name of that page, and type your content in the box below. You can also edit pages you’ve added to this section by selecting one from the dropdown and making changes in the text box below. 8

Cloud CMA, continued Creating a CMA Log in to your Cloud CMA account at, click on the CMA tab, then click on the Create a new CMA Report button.

Name the report Enter the name(s) of your client(s) in the Client field—this will help you identify this CMA later on. Subject Property Enter the address and property type in this section. The photo, square feet, bedrooms, and bathrooms are all optional fields which can help the system calculate a more accurate suggested listing price. How do you want to get comparative listings? You have two different options in this section: *Exactly what you want—By MLS Numbers: To use this option, log in to the MLS first and make note of the MLS numbers of the comparable properties you would like to feature on your CMA. Then enter those MLS numbers in the box (separated by commas or spaces). This method prevents “computer error” since you are hand selecting the properties. *Quick and dirty—By Proximity: Using this option is much faster than entering individual MLS numbers. Check the “Automatically find listings near the Subject Property” box, select the number of comparable listings you would like the system to find, and click the More Criteria link if you would like to be more specific. Not to worry—the system will automatically find comparable listings for you, but you will be able to filter out the listings that you do not want in your CMA. 9

Dropbox Dropbox is a FREE online storage service that allows you to keep files “in the cloud” and access them virtually anywhere.

Register To sign up for Dropbox, go to and enter your first & last name, Email address, and a password. Once you click Create account, the Dropbox desktop program will begin to download. Once installed, you’ll see a brief tutorial for the program.

How should I use Dropbox? There are quite a few different options: Files placed in the Public folder of Dropbox can be shared with anyone via a hyperlink. This means someone does not have to have a Dropbox account in order to download that file. Public URLs can even be used on property detail pages—the possibilities are endless!

Shared folders: You can share a folder within your Dropbox with any other Dropbox user by right clicking on it, then clicking on Share this folder link in the Dropbox menu. Shared folders can be used to share photos of a listing with front desk staff—just send an invitation to the front desk email address (, for example.)

When you plug your camera (or any other device containing photos) in to your computer, you'll be prompted to automatically upload your photos to Dropbox. This feature is also available on Android phones and iPhones—so any photo you take with your cell phone will appear in your Dropbox!


YouTube Creating A Channel To create a YouTube Channel (account), simply go to and click the Sign In link in the top right corner.

If you have a Google (Gmail) account, you can use that to sign in to YouTube—no new username or password needed! If you do not already have a Google account, you’ll need to create one in order to use YouTube. Click on the Create an Account button to do that.

Managing Your Channel Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and click My Channel to view your YouTube Channel. On this page, you can click Channel Settings to edit the appearance, Analytics to see how many people have viewed each of your videos, and Video Manager to edit and rearrange all of your uploaded videos.

Add any video which has been uploaded to YouTube to one of your playlists using the Add To tab beneath the video.


Instanet Forms & Authentisign Creating a transaction kit Log in to NorthstarMLS at using your NRDS ID and password. Contact the NorthstarMLS help desk at 651-251-5456 if you are not able to log in. Click on Instanet Forms in the External Links box. Be sure that you are using TransactionDesk Lite. This interface has the same functions as TransactionDesk Pro but is much easier to navigate. If you are in TransactionDesk Lite, the navigation buttons will be blue:

TransactionDesk Pro’s navigation buttons are orange. Click on the TransactionDesk Lite button in the top right corner to change interfaces:


Instanet Forms & Authentisign, continued Click on Transactions to view your existing transaction kits. To create a new transaction kit, select “Create New Transaction File” from the “I would like to” dropdown and click the blue arrow:

Follow the on-screen prompts and enter information about the transaction. At this point, you can also import forms from a Transaction Template, several of which RE/MAX Results has put together:

Click Save to add more details to the transaction. This will include the property information (address, school district, year built, etc), listing information (list price, mortgage balances, etc), purchase information (earnest money, purchase price, etc), and transaction dates (list date, offer expiration date, closing date, etc.) Once you have filled in all of the details, click the Save button in the top right corner, then move on to the Contacts tab.

Using the “I would like to” dropdown again, add each transaction contact (seller, buyer, seller’s agent, buyer’s agent, etc.) This information will auto-populate in your forms and will carry over to Authentisign. Once all contacts have been added, click the Save button in the top right corner and move on to the Forms tab. If you have used a transaction template, your forms will all be listed here. You can add forms using the “I would like to” dropdown. *TIP! If you add any new forms, select “Auto Populate All Forms” from the “I would like to” dropdown and click the blue arrow. This will fill in each new form that you added using the information in the Details and Contacts tab of the transaction. 13

Instanet Forms & Authentisign, continued

Using the “I would like to” dropdown, you can select multiple forms and save them to your computer as PDFs. Click on any form to make changes to it. Make sure you click the SAVE button in the File menu as often as possible so you don’t lose your changes! Click the Exit (or Exit Form Editor) button in the File menu to return to the list of forms.

Once your forms are ready to be signed, click on the Authentisign tab. All information from the Details, Contacts, and Forms tabs will be brought in to the Authentisign system. Follow the steps in the wizard to send the forms to any individual who will need to sign.


Websites to check out:—Articles on Social Media, Tech & Gadgets, and Mobile—Online Q&A page: real estate is a hot topic on this site!—Thinking of buying a new Apple product? Check this guide first to see if it’s worth waiting for the new one to come out!—The latest social media trend; users compile things they find interesting by “pinning” them to their pinboards. This is mainly a social place: it’s a great resource for recipes, home tips, crafts, and beauty tips.—RE/MAX Results Training Calendar: check this often to sign up for upcoming training sessions.—RE/MAX Results Training Videos: if you miss a session in person, the video will often be posted here.


Training and Support Provided By: Jessica Hayes, Technology Trainer 952-942-4741

IT Department Kevin White, IT Manager


Technical Support Staff:


Jon Wright, Lead Field Technician & Help Desk Support Jarrod Silver, Field Technician & Help Desk Support Grant Borden, Help Desk Support


Technology 201  

This guide covers the following topics: RE/MAX Results Mobile App, Cloud CMA, Dropbox, YouTube, Instanet, and Authentisign.

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