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The aims of horror Horror aims to make the viewer’s to feel a negative emotional response by playing with their most primal fears. Costumes I am using bloody surgeon uniforms to give the video a dark look, this will help to create a sense of fear as these can be linked to the movie ‘the human centipede’ as the doctor experiment using people as his lab rat’s.

Image from the human centipede 2

I find the idea of surgeons scary as they constantly hold people lives in their hands. The fact that people trust them to keep them alive and the power given to surgeons over the person they are operating on to save or even take a life is a scary thought. Another thing the makes them creepy is their knowledge of the human body and how they would be able to create pain.

Image from ‘The crazies’

The rabbit costume can be linked with the rabbit costume from Donnie Darko. I really liked the costume from the movie because it creates a creepy look, I also like how it takes an animal that looks cute and innocent and uses it to create fear. I am using the rabbit mask to give my music video a supernatural feel. I want to audience to question if the rabbit is real or just something created in the main characters mind. The use of the mask helps to create an uneasy feeling as you don’t know who’s wearing it, the mask is also used a lot in horror movies (like Halloween and scream) the masks are used as wall stopping the audience connecting to the killer.

Image from ‘Donnie Darko’


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