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Question one: In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My music video ‘Epidemic’ by You and What Army follows some of the conventions of a music video. For example my video links both the images to the lyrics which is also one of Goodwin’s theories. My video also links the music with the images this is shown when the editing and music both speed up and slow down. Another point Goodwin makes about music videos is its uses of intersexual references which I used many of during the making of my video. The rabbit costume refers to Donnie Darko as it plays a similar role to the rabbit in the film. The same costume also refers to the Bat for Lashes music video ‘What’s a girl to do’ which we watched at the beginning of the course. I really liked the uses of the animal masks and how they kept on disappearing which creates the question are they really there.

(Bat For Lashes – what’s a girl to do)

The surgeon costumes reference to such horror movies as ’28 days later’ and the ‘Human Centipede’ as these costumes are connected to death and gore. These costumes also refer to the video ‘It Never Ends’ by Bring Me The Horizon which was one of the music videos I looked at for my research into genre videos and was one of my biggest inspirations on how I wanted my video to look. My video and digi pack refers mainly to Alice in wonderland this is done through the forest scenes in my music video and also some of the costumes and colours used.

(Digi pack image)

(Alice in wonderland image)

Unlike most music videos I used genre conventions which are normally used in horror movies such as the expressionistic lighting, long takes for suspense, rapid editing and the use of low and high angles. When planning my music video I wanted it to make the audience feel like they could be watching a horror movie much like the music video ‘It Never Ends’ does. I used fake blood to exaggerate the old horror movie feel I was trying to create.

The band I used for my music video fits under three different genres; rock, rave and rap. This gave me an array of genre options as each of them are very different. Rap videos normally sexualise women and focus on money and sex. Rave music videos are normally use strobe lights and dancing in clubs, where as rock videos are normally dark and involve band performances. For my final product I chose to focus on the rock and rave genre conventions as I thought they best suited the song as well as linking into the conventions of horror movies. I have used performance pieces in my music video in an abstract way to get the target audience and others who see this to want to find out more about the band. The strobe lights also add to this as it distorts some of the images.

My music video is aimed at older teens who are interested in the fantasy genre as a form of escape. The use of blood and costumes could be seen to be aimed at a male audience but the use of a female cast also helps keep it aimed and interesting to both.

question one  

question one

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