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My audience feedback

How I got my feedback •

I decided that I would create a questionnaire on survey monkey.

I decided to post the link in my video description bar on YouTube in case someone comes across it and would like to give feedback

I used social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to get my music video out to my target audience.

I also asked students in my other subjects If they could watch my video and give me Feedback as they were the age group I Was aiming my work at.

Question one

10 out of 14 people who answered this question are female this could be due to many reasons. 1.

Girls are more likely to give feedback then males


Girls are more likely to come across this music video


I haven't given enough time for proper feedback to be collected

Question 2

There was only 6 out of 14 of intended target audience that answered my survey. This means only 6 of the responses will be from people who I aimed to introduce to the band and the genre of music.

Question 3 What type of music do you listen to?

I asked this question so I could get an idea of who my feedback was coming from. It also allows me to see what people who like other genre thinks and how it effects them

This shows that I got my feedback from people who generally have an open mind about what music they listen to as the majority list down more the one genre

Question 4 Who do you think this video is aimed at?

Every response is within my aimed target audience for my video.

My intended target audience was 15- 20 year olds who enjoyed alternative music.

Question 5

The feedback from this question shows I was successful in making a video which went with the genre on music my chosen song was.

Question 6

What was your favourite and least favourite part of the music video?

Looking at the feedback I can see that everyone enjoyed the uses of the rabbit as it was ‘memorable’.

Most people seemed to have a problem with the shaky shots of the running. If I were to redo the video I would uses a steady cam instead of shooting everything handheld so it clearer. There were some people who didn’t enjoy the performance peaces. Again if I were to redo it I would try and make it more interesting or put more of the story part in it place.

Overall I got a really good response to my music video as there wasn’t too many thing people didn’t like.

Question 7

If you could change anything about the music video what would it be? What they wanted changed: Less band performance More blood Less abrupt ending A bit more colour All the music video in black and white The fact that someone though that the video needed colour and another though there shouldn’t be any shows That there are conflicting responses. 7 out of 14 people said that they wouldn’t change anything about the video. This shows that half of the audience That took may survey was happy with the overall outcome of my music video

Question 8

The results from this question shows that 10 out of 14 people wanted to find out more about the band. This shows that the video had achieved its aim 74% of the time. This shows that there is room for improvement in getting the 26% interested.

Question 9

What do you think the music video aims to do? 8 out of 14 people through the aims of the music video was to promote the band. This shows that just over half the people who watched the video saw that it main aim was to promote the band and it music. Where as everyone else saw its aim to entertain. This shows that even though they might not of liked the video or wanted to find out about the band they got what I was attempting to achieve.

Overall Overall I feel that my music video got good response as well as good ideas on where I can improve on my work to make it a more entertaining and effective.

audience feedback  
audience feedback  

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