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The masthead of the magazine is behind the main image this could make the magazine come across as confident as they don’t need you to see the name to know you’re buying the right magazine. The text for the masthead is made to look like a smashed window this gives the magazine a rebellious look. The texted also looks a bit like strobe light at a gig this could have been done to link to the magazines theme. In this issue you got to pick a front cover out of four different ones, each one is a different band member this could have been done to boost magazine sales as you can get your favourite member of the band on your copy. All images are done in a similar way which also helps you know you have picked up the right magazine. The artist’s are all dressed in similar clothing to show that they are a band; each member has their own colour. The colour yellow is happy and inviting, the shade of yellow that his t-shit is makes him look light and happy. The uses of black’s and dirty greens give him a mysterious look but the colours could also mean that he is a rebel or has a dark secret. The two colours are a bit like night and day because they are the complete opposite to each other. His clothing also makes him seem like someone exciting and noticeable.

They have been dressed in a comic book hero like way. I say this because as soon as I saw the front cover I was reminded of movies like kick-ass and X-men because they all wore leather outfits or similar ones in the comics or movies. This could have been done because all of the band members are comic book lovers and the lead singer (Gerard way) has written and published his own series known as the umbrella academy. The way the artists are dressed also reminds me of early punk bands like Sex Pistols as bands like them used to wear a lot of leather. For this front cover you see the band wearing things you don’t normally see them wear on TV or other magazine so their clothing could represent new begging’s as they have a new look. It could be said that the use of leather clothing is used to create sex appeal as leather clothing is often perceived this way.

The artist is stood with his hands in his pockets. If interpreting body language he could be read as nervous, hiding something or it could be seen as being board. It could also be a way of stopping a specific action or movement happening. However, for this magazine I think it signals a more relaxed pose as he has a friendly and inviting smile.

The white background helps him standout more. It could also represent his innocence making him the main focus of the image and drawing your eyes to him straight away. The magazines lead article is done in a similar text to the masthead giving it a worn look this could be to show its comic book links and to show the change in the bands logo. The lead article is in three different colours (yellow, red, black and white) this could be the magazines house colours. The textual sizes are also different this could be done to bring more attention to the bands name as they are well known this could help with sales. The pull quote ‘We found a new world’ makes it should like the band has been on an exciting adventure it also helps reel viewers in as you want to know what kind of world they have found and how it is different to before. It is also a way to link to there new album and new look. The cover line on the magazine helps get peoples attention as it updates you on where your favourite band are playing it also helps other people who may not of heard of the magazine know what kind of music the magazine looks at each week.

kerrang front cover