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Through exploring technologies, I have learnt that the internet has enabled me to explore and research easily into the thriller genre. I received enormous help from the website IMDB ( here is a screen shot.

This website gave you every detail that you needed to research the film. It also includes user ratings of films so you can find out which target audience most liked the film. This way we could use similar techniques to help us target our audience specifically.

IMDB also provides an area of the website where you can see what other films were looked at by the same people, this way you could see relevant themes and story lines that attract your specific audience. Amazon also provides us with this information also for when they buy films, you can also see what other films they have also bought too.



Youtube has also been a massive help into the researching aspect, as we could easily find openings and short clips from films that we could analyse. It allowed me to utilise aspects of the genre through the directors choices of mise-en-scene, soundtrack, camera work and so on. I could then identify the particular psychopathic villains' attributes and connote them into my film. For example in the film The Butterfly Effect, a young teen attacks a stranger in a cinema in front of a crowd of people, event hough this isn't exactly a thriller location, the atmosphere it created and the challenge to the genre, made the scene a lot more gritty .

Example of the search facility on YouTube

Youtube also allowed me to identify intertexuality with soundtrack and character types. For example I could explore the similarities between Kill Bill 2, and The Good , The Bad and The Ugly. In the scene of ending shoot out of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, the soundtrack and character types are reinterpreted into the film of Kill Bill 2 when Bud comes out of the caravan and the Bride spits in his face. Bud represents the character types of those in TGTBTU and the soundtrack signifys the event also. It allows audiences to link the films together and takes an insight into what will happen. tgtbtu killbill 2 The soundtrack is crucial in a thriller genre as it heightens the tension and portrays how the audience should feel. Directors rely on soundtrack with no dialogue to emphasise the event. For example this is constructed in Heavenly Creatures in the ending scene.

Learning to present my work on a blog instead of paper allowed me to extend my knowledge of technological aspects of presenting work online and creating and using the blog myself. I am now able to incorporate powerpoints, videos, word documents, sound clips, prezi's, beeclips, pictures etc, onto the internet which is a much more easier and productive way of presenting my work and each element of the course is easy to find due to linked labels.

At the beginning of our course I had little knowledge of camera angles and how to construct them that fit specifically to the thriller genre. Filming the preliminary task confidently broadened my knowledge of successful camera shots and angles ready for the final task. Preliminary Task .

v=btbel8rZWqI&list=PL41C7588BE5F684A3&index=15&feature=plpp_video Using our own digital camera allowed us to upload and file our shots in an easier way than the older digital cameras at school. The use of the SD card made the process so much quicker and easier way of uploading the shots, although the computers were unable to cope with the newer format of the SD card so we found it very difficult in the steps leading up to the editing process because of the delay in solving the problem. If the programme Adobe Elements was up to date and modernised I think we would be able to have had a much easier and flowing experience, so from this I have learnt that older technology is a hindrance in terms of slowing down considerable the editing process of the film. However, I did realise that students that chose to use the school cameras didn't have such difficult problems although, the 'capturing' procedure did encounter many minor problems.


With editing our thriller, we were able to use our previous skills from the preliminary task of cutting and sequencing the shots in a narrative manner. But from researching other films, we then decided we needed to smoothen the shots so they fitted and played well together by using the cross fade option within the programme. We did this because looking back at our preliminary tasks, the shots awkwardly cut to the next shot and didn't look very well put together.

As we didn't input sound in the preliminary task, we were unsure of how to do this, but, however, with exploration of the software, within minutes could input sound, cut and fade it also, using our initiative taught us to do this. The titles of our film became a very long and tedious process, as you had to save each title individually and upload. This is made it difficult for us if we needed to move, and edit them after feedback. Using up to date software such as windows movie maker would have allowed us to do this with-out these troubles.


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Coursework - essay response to evaluation question 6

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