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Why have you chosen to study Media Studies A Level?

I have decided to study Media Studies at A Level because I am interested in learning about how the Media provides us with entertainment and information, and why they provide it for us. Also, for me to do the course I am interested in at University, I am required to have a good a good grade in Media Studies. •

Is there a particular area/genre of the media that you are interested in?

The area/genre of media that I am most interested in is Journalism, mainly because I’m intrigued to find out how much effort it takes to find a story and to publish it. •

Why do you think Media is important?

I think Media is important because it is where everybody receives entertainment and information, eg: through T.V and the Internet. •

How much power do you think it has over our society?

I think Media has a lot of power over our society. It stereotypes people and groups, it gets people to think what they want them to think, and basically, most people believe everything they hear and read. If they don’t watch the news on T.V, then guaranteed, they will receive the latest news via Facebook or Yahoo/Google (ect….) •

Chose 3 different groups of people and explain how you think they are represented in the media?

Young people/teenagers, in particular, are represented by the media as disadvantaged, uneducated delinquents who mainly get involved with things such as crime, instead of actually going to school. The media doesn’t only stereotype them; they also blame the parents for their apparent ‘lack of discipline’. They are represented in a negative way. Celebrities are always being included in newspapers, magazines, news and ect… They are represented as having some sort of more importance than anybody else, just because of who they are. The media always seems to want to publish who’s dating who first, before broadcasting more important manners like problems including the economy. Murderers. Murdering somebody clearly isn’t something that should go on unpunished. But, the media always never broadcasts/publishes both sides of the story of what went on. They always make the killer appear

as some sort of lunatic, but they never fully explain what could of happened to him/her which encouraged them to do such a thing. What skills do you hope to develop through learning about the media?   I want to develop my filming skills. I hope to develop the ability to use many different angles and shots. I always would like to develop my editing and directing skills.  

Media Studies: Six Questions  

Questions regarding my interest in Media Studies.

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