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Have you ever thought about how normal and complex issues are created? Nowadays, people face many problems in their daily life. These problems can be easily solved and prevented if we used a very important moral virtue, tolerance.

Tolerance is a fair, objective, and permissive attitude toward opinions, beliefs, and practices that differ from one’s own. One clear example of it is having a little brother or sister. The big brother or sister has to be tolerant in order to live peacefully with his/her little brother.

The main cause of problems in our society is misunderstanding and disrespect between people, in other words, the lack of tolerance in our actions. When people does not use tolerance in their decisions a little discussion can be transformed in a very complicated fight.

So now, how can we be tolerant with other people? As human beings we need to understand that we live in societies, and each society is composed


by individuals. Each person has a unique way of seeing the world and therefore a different opinion about specific topics and situations in our daily life.

Respect other people’s opinions! And if you don’t agree with them try to explain your point of view in a calmed and pacific way.

To conclude, we can say that we must be tolerant and respect other people’s beliefs. Being tolerant leads us to a more productive and happy life. Tolerance provides an opportunity to learn from others while respecting and valuing their differences and brings people of a community together.


The lullaby of a red bird. Is passing through the September skies. Everything here is life. Full of peace and perfection. Harm your fingers with the wood of the trees. Appreciate the colors flowers give. But never forget to fear the beauty of the forest. Enter to the river, let yourself flow with it. Feel is coldness and close your eyes. Sleep in the crystalline water. Sunshine is stroking your white face with joy. Feel alive for the first time darling. Join to it and be part of its exuberant collection. Take your last breathe while. A red bird sings to you. Let your soul free in the beauty of the forest.


Manuel Acuña Well, then, I am compelled

At night, when I rest

to say that I adore thee;

my temples on my pillow,

to tell thee that I love thee

and towards another world

with all my heart;

I wish to turn my mind,

that there is much I suffer,

I walk on, and on,

and that much I weep;

and at my journey’s end

that more I cannot bear,

the forms of my parents

and at the cry in which I implore

are lost in vacancy,

I entreat thee and speak in the

and thou again returnest


to appear in my heart.

of my lost illusions.

I understand thy kisses are never to be mine; I understand that in thine eyes I ne’er shall see myself; and I love thee, and in my mad and ardent deliriums I bless thy frowns; I admire thy indifference. And instead of loving thee less I worship thee much more. At times I think of giving thee


my eternal farewell;

so black and gloomy

to blot thee from my memory

that I know not even where

and drown thee in my passion;

the future is fled.

but if all be in vain,

How beautiful it would have been

and my soul forget thee not,

to live beneath that roof,

what wilt thou that I do,

we two united always,

part of my life,

and always loving each other;

what wilt thou that I do

thou always enamored;

with this—my heart?

I always contented;

And then, when thy sanctuary

we two a soul in one;

was completed,

we two a single heart;

thy lamp was burning,

and between thee and me,

thy veil on the altar.

my mother like a god.

The sun of the morning behind the belfry, the torches emitting sparks, the incensory smoking, and there, open in the distance, the door of my home. I want you to know that already many days have I been ill and pallid from so much lost sleep; that all my hopes have already died; that my nights are dark—


Imagine thou how beautiful

did I abridge my diligence,

the hours of such a life!

but to love thee much

How sweet and beautiful the

within the smiling home


that wrapped me in its kisses

through such a land!

when it saw my birth.

And I dreamed of that,

Such was my hope—

my holy betrothed,

but now, against its brightness,

and when

is opposed

upon it

the deep



with my

that exists


between the



I thought to

Farewell for

be good

the last time,

for thee, and

love of my

for thee



the light of my darkness,

Well knows God that this was

the essence of my flowers

my most beautiful dream;

my poet’s lyre,

my anxiety and my hope;

my youth, farewell!

my happiness and my joy. Well knows God that in nothing


All I see are blurry faces, a man shouts to me “Don’t turn back Jack and run as fast as you can” and a woman cries and gives me a big kiss on the check and then only darkness before I felt. A man and a woman telling me to escape is the only memory I have, every time I dream is the only thing I can think about. I wish I knew who I was and who they are. Wake up sleepy Boy- Emelia tells me and tousles my blonde hair. This woman is like my family, she has been taking care of me since I was 7 years old, and she told me she found me in the outskirts of the city. The great city of Santrium, it is full of the best technology in the world and important celebrities. It is a dreamy city for high people, but for people like me it is a pleasant hell. Even the best city in the world has its dark side.

Where are we going today? - I asked while getting dressed. Do you remember that fancy restaurant? The one in Lavender Street where rich families go and is full of treasures. – Emelia joyfully said.


Yes, I remember that place, their security is very efficient but can easily be hacked- I responded and took my red backpack so we could go in the night. Emelia is a great leader everybody admires her and fears her. She firmly explains the plan to our gang, it is simple, the same as always. Some people will be the distraction while others like me start hacking the system causing a blackout, that’s why we acquired that name, Blackout, the most dangerous gang in Santrium. After that, the strong members enter and start taking very specific elements from the place. This is my routine. I am in charge of hacking the security, if I fail we will be in trouble. Some hours passed and he result was perfect. We celebrated and the neon light caressed my cheeks. From the top of our distant building which I call “home” I can see the whole city and its beauty and I try to remember who I was before I was here with the gang. Why do you have that long face pretty boy? Come on! The night is young, take a drink and have fun. – Emelia said while offering to me a bottle full of apple vodka. Don’t worry, I am fine, and stop giving me those drinks! You know I hate the taste of alcohol. – I responded, took the bottle and put it on my right side.


Tomorrow we will do our most important work. We are going to assault the spectacular gem of this city, the subway. I’ve been planning this mission all my life. In that place all the celebrities, scientist, millionaires, all the powerful people travels there. Aren’t you exited? - Emelia told to me and offered me again the bottle. I guess I am, and I am sure this will not be easy, no, this is almost impossible. No one has ever hacked the subway. It is suicide, if the Officer Adler catches us it will be the end of the gang, she is going to kill us with her riffle. Are you crazy? - I said while drinking from the bottle. I always ended drinking what I said I wouldn’t. The unique flavors filled y mouth and my mind and I ended sleeping in the arms of Emelia. 5 a.m. and we started getting prepared for the great act. Some fill bags with computers and cables. Others prepare their fake identities and changed their appearance. Everybody had a serious face. This robbery can give us the power of the city. The subway is the support of the city. All the riches are there. Santrium is well known for its subway. This time I was really nervous, I will be in charge of the hacking team. If I tried to hack it by myself we would surely fail.


The time came and Emelia said some words to us just before the night covered the skies. Today, we are going to do our best, I will not accept failure. This night we have some special guests for our event. I’m sure you know the Officer Denim Adler and her college Alexis Kingston. Yes, those policeman who desperately try to kill us are going to come just when we start so we only have 15 minutes to go in, take everything and vanish. Everybody now go to their positions- Emelia finally said and the time started running. Intensity filled our hearts and the gang was doing great, only the blackout was needed and we would return victorious home. Suddenly a gray cloud covered the trail, the subway fall and a tragedy happened. When the blackout occurred some unknown bombs were activated and thousands if people were trapped under the debris. The city prefered the subway to be destroyed before anyone could took its secrets. The gang acted quickly, running away from the tragedy. They abandoned me, my right arm was cut by a window. Blood started going out of my system and the pain wouldn’t let me scape. I looked to my surroundings. It was a lie. Not only powerful people traveled here, but also workers, ladies, children and more. I could see all


kinds of people there. Many killed and many crying for their lives. Without thinking my harmed body started moving, I dismantled my computer and with all the useful technology I found I could create a gauntlet that connected to my arm, doing a prosthesis was something even a 7 year old boy could do. I hardly stand up and threw a big hit to the shambles. I was careful and with the impact the subway, well, its parts moved giving the opportunity of escaping to all the people. I gave some steps but I felt in the ground, my body started feeling cold and I could barely see a woman running at me. Emelia! - I shouted and realized I was not in my home. Where am I? I just remembered the accident but, why am I not death? Where is Emelia? Just calm down boy, you need to rest, I saw what you did just before you fainted. I am the Officer Adler, I will not kill you so relax. – The woman next to the bed I was lying said. And a man stood behind her. She explained to me I was on one of the cities’ hospitals. I slept for 3 complete days. Due to my conditions they couldn’t remove my improvised gauntlet. So I had to stay with it and rest until my body started working properly.


She offered to me a deal, she knew I worked for Blackout and she was working on finding them and make justice. I would work with her as a policeman and they would help me finding out my past. I accepted without questioning. When night arrived I took my things and escaped, I knew exactly where to go, my home. I walked throw the shadows of the city. And returned with my colleges. When I arrived, I couldn’t believe what I as sawing, all was death bodies and alcohol odor. A voice was laughing and I followed it to the top of the building. The sun was starting coming out. I found Emelia, she was covered with blood, which I deduced were from the gang members. What have you done? –I asked horrified. Welcome home, pretty boy! What happened to your arm huh? Stop looking at me with that face it breaks my heart – She started telling. Her voice was different. This wasn’t the Emelia I knew, she was completely out of her head. She was crazy! Let me tell you a sad story. I worked so hard for the event last night. I killed the couple that created that subway, the couple everyone admired, the most powerful couple of Santrium and even the world, they had this city in their hands. I planned everything, I killed them with this wonderful dagger. And I took their prodigy son. That’s you of curse. And now I have lost it everything darling. –She told to me and took her dagger and tried to reach me. Only one lock of my hair was cut.


A fight had begging, I was broken inside, the woman I looked like my own mother wasn’t the person I knew. She killed my parents, and destroyed my future.

I wasn’t very good at fighting, but my opponent surely was the best at this things. I am week by nature but I defended myself with my gauntlet and do everything I could. We danced in the wind while she was trying to reach me with her blinding dagger and I tried to hit her with my gauntlet with all my strength. Her sharp dagger hit my gauntlet and the sound of metals accompanied the orange sky. I resisted many cuts and hits, but once she reached me, she took my body in a way I could move. It was like when I used to felt asleep in her arms, but this time if I didn’t move I was going to sleep forever. She was going to cut my throat. I couldn’t move, many parts of my body. We were both severely harmed and she was about to kill me when a shocking sound filled the air. Adler was there. She pulled the trigger of her riffle and only silence remained. Emelia’s body felt and I took her. The bullet crossed her head and her blood covered us like rain. She was gone. I knew my past but it


wasn’t what I imagined. This woman was like my mother but sadly it were all lies. And now, I was alone. I was empty, I didn’t knew where to go. I knew I could leave properly by my own. But I didn’t belong anywhere. My life was over. I just wanted to disappear so I took Emelia’s dagger and just before I could kill me. The hands of Denim covered me and stop me. That day, I started living. I followed my own way. I was not going to live with my life like it was before and I wasn’t going to follow the rules of the police. I decided to be in the shadows. Reconstructing my own life while Adler tries to find me. Discovering how my family was before and helping the city without itself knowing.


Don’t be afraid honey. Accept my help. Raise your head and stop crying. Let me be by your side. I will follow you, don’t ask why. Get lost in the stars with me.


It's all lies, darling  
It's all lies, darling  

Here is my first digital magazine. It contains many literature texts written by my own (except one poem from Manuel Acuña) Enjoy!