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Jess {ica} Harte Portfolio 2014

Contents {Projects & Skills}


Lime Jam

Creative Building Blocks


Cookie Cradle

Snack Holder


Bionic Shiver

Spinal Jewellery


Sushi Roller

Group Project


Pop-up Bar

Front Lawn Bar


Altered Perception

Scuptural Table {Personal}



Rock Climbing Rehabilitaion Glove {Major Project}


About Me

Education, Experiences & Skills

Welcome to my industrial design portfolio.

Lime Jam

{Creative Building Blocks}

The aim was to design a modualr playground for children in an urban setting. The Lime Jam Playground is space saving as it is able to be packed away easily. Therefore the user can utilise space for different activites.

The join multiple pieces into the base.

Multiple pole into one shared cavity.

The purpose of this feature is to simplify the product, making it suitible for children of all ages and dexterity. Material: Closed Cell Polyethyene foam. Manufacture: Reaction Injection Moulding.

Part Line

Cavity Locator

How to

From Parts to Play: Booklet sequence.

Parts L


Lime Jam is a kit of 150 pieces capable of many games: Including cricket wickets, a soccer goal or a fort from the booklet. With this kit children have the freedom to create from their imagination.

Instruction Manual.


Cookie Cradle {Snack Holder}

The objective was to create small products in Rhino CAD, rendered in Bunkpspeed then 3D printed and up loaded to "Thingiverse. com". As group we pack 3D printer to print out the objects we designed.

Design Features: Be suitable for a variety of cup shapes and sizes. Hold the weight of the snack. Comply with food saftey requirements. Be visually appealing. Withstand heat from the beverage. Material: Food safe PET reel. Manufacture: 3D Printed.

The Cooke Cradle is a small object used to hold cookies or other snacks on the side of a coffee cup.

Skullcandy {Head Phones}

Sketching and photoshop rendering.

Bionic Shiver {Spinal Jewellery}

Design and craft a ‘wearable product of desire' with a ‘’Sci- Fi'

A water jet cutter was used to achieve the uniformity of

The design is based on 'The Chronicles of Riddick',

Material: Stainless steel and

It contrasts the harsh nature of the sheet metal on soft bare


The vertebrae are made from small shapes that overlap to mirror the The design has contrasting elements of sharp and aggressive with the circular and The brass wire mimics

Sushi Roller {Group Project}

The design relfects the traditions and cultureof the art of sushi making.

Breif: In groups of three to 'make something that makes something 3D'. The pin holds the tension when turning the cog.

This product has the uniformity of production and elements of hand crafting.

Manual turning of cogs.

Materials: Pet plastic and Manufacture: laser cutter.

The design feature takes inspiration from the japanese cheery

The design was a cigarette holder. The colour pallet was kept simple to match the Japanese using the sterile qualities of

Bosch {Hand Drill}

Sketching and photoshop rendering rendering. excersize.

Pop-up Bar

The concept is to bring the public of Christchurch (NZ) back into the CBD. Reuse and up-cycle as many materials as possible. Use the empty lots left behind from the demolished buildings. The front lawn bar brings the familiarity and safety of home into the city.

Kitchen Fridge

{Front Lawn Bar}

The facade is from a condemned home. The kitchen and fridge are refurbished shipping containers. The fence is made from shipping pallets. The growing hops vines are guided with reused windows.

Photoshop rendering, sketching and Rhino CAD.

This space could be adapted by different micro breweries.

Altered Perception {Sculptural Table}

This piece explores the balance between form and function. It draws the eye and engages curiosity and intrigue. Material: Poplar and Swamp Rimu to contrast in colour and weight.

This was a personal project that encouraged me to develop my personal skills. Table features: Hidden draws. Hand turned spheres. Over 1000 hand cut pieces.

All spheres were hand turned on a lathe.

Altitude {Aim}

{Glove Requirements}

{Rehabilitaion Rock Climbing Glove}

3 1 Be accepted into the climbing culture. Instill and reassurance with the climber. Use quality materials to develop trust.

Physical Needs

Must not obstruct climbers grip.

Emotional Needs

2 Work with existing climbing products. Allows climbers to both climb and belay with ease.

Material Needs

Allow as much movement as possible without agrivating the injury. Reducerisk of reinjury. Helps hold place but allows necessary movements.

"Climbing is surreal with physical and psychological barriers, it has a huge element of problem solving- it becomes addictive you Altitude is a rehabilitaion glove. It is for the indoor environment only. This is because a climber should initially climb in a controlled environment to reduce the risk of reinjury.

the problem to get to the top. '' -Fergs Kayaks Employee

Altitude {Identified Injury} {Rehabilitaion Rock Climbing Glove} Ring, Middle and Index Fingers Lateral Band Annular Pulley

Annular pulley

Distal Interphalangeal Joints Proximal Interphalangeal Joints

{Injury Details} Glove pattern design allows restricted movements and brings hand back to a comfortable resting position without strain on the recovering injury.

Lateral band

{Clip and Strap}

Safe. Controled. Fits more sizes.

Altitude {Features} {Rehabilitaion Rock Climbing Glove}


Other rock climbing gloves ahve failed because rock climbers need to feel conected to the rock face.

Unfortunately there is always a risk of human error and not even the best climber can prevent injury. Climbers are very active passionate people who not climb when they have an injury.

{Tension Points}


My Resume

{E: P: 0447738356}


Bachelor of Design with Honors in Industrial Design Graduate ‘12


College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. Diploma in Furniture Design and Making Graduate ‘08 Universal College of Learning, Palmerston North, New Zealand. Nelson College for Girls '06 Nelson, New Zealand

2D Adobe Creative Suite, Hand and Digital Sketching. 3D Rhino CAD and Bunkspeed. Hard working, Passionate, collaberative.


Hand Crafted Jewelry Display Table ‘08 Commissioned for The Hotel Coachman Hotel, Palmerston North, New Zealand. Volunteer at Fab Lab ‘12 Assisting with cleaning and maintenance on 3D printers and Laser Cutters.

'Design has no boundaries. The only limitation being imagination.' -Jess Harte

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