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Abandoned subway. Center City, Philadelphia

Close your eyes and imagine. Tree House Books, North Philadelphia.

Summer school. North Philadelphia.

A fresh cut to start the day. Tommy’s Barber Shop, North Philadelphia.

A loyal costumer. Tommy’s Barber Shop, North Philadelphia.

The fire hydrants are open. Northeast Philadelphia.

It may not be perfect, but its his. Penrose Park, North Philadelphia.

After school. West Oak Lane, Philadelphia.

A look into Tyrique’s world. South Philadelphia.

Youth in all its beauty. VARE Recreation Center, South Philadelphia.

Just another day. Rockland Street, Philadelphia.

Rizq, giving back from what he once took away from. North Philadelphia.

“This is the eye the got hit with a crossbar.� North Philadelphia.

Notes written anywhere and everywhere. Center City, Philadelphia.

Jason, a perfect stranger. Center City, Philadelphia.

Caught on camera. Germantown, Philadelphia.

A simple smile. South Philadelphia.

Time for a break, forgot the camera was around. Tommy’s Barber Shop, North Philadelphia.

Tommy himself, starting his shift at 4AM. North Philadelphia.

Cali life in the city of Brotherly Love. Point Breeze, South Philadelphia.

Timeless. Point Breeze, South Philadelphia.

It’s been a long day. North Philadelphia.

There’s always time for chess. West Philadelphia.

“This is my block.” North Philadelphia.

“I sell water to make a few extra bucks.” Germantown, Philadelphia.

“My mom told me I can’t ride my scooter until my shoes are tied.” West Philadelphia.

One can’t hide true innocence. South Philadelphia.

TO THOSE WHO HAVE MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY and to the city that taught me a little something about life


came from a small town, which had both its positives and its negatives. In my young adult years I moved to Philadelphia. My new journey opened up a new world for me; one that I had a difficult time interpreting. Life suddenly became very real.

Philadelphia forced me to build a home of my own in a place where others didn’t look like me, didn’t act like me, and didn’t necessarily want to know me. Through the years I have met people I will remember forever. Ones who let me into a tiny frame of their life. Their portraits embrace reality, each moment easily becoming a lesson. And those lessons are ones I wouldn’t be able to find unless I was out on my feet [camera in hand] doing so. My shyness and passion to learn about others seem to simultaneously go hand-in-hand. I want to learn about the rawness of life, and I look to others for that. Like many cities around the world, Philly is just another place full of all walks of life. These photographs are a tribute to those who have shared a moment with me. Those who have trusted me and my camera enough to look past it. And most importantly, those who continue to teach me about my own authenticity. These images [for me] have become timeless. They have taught me that we all have stories that create a presence. We are all vulnerable; for a minute, a day or a lifetime. I strive to catch those instances as they are the most sincere. A true illustration of our surroundings.




To those who have shared a piece of their world with me.


To those who have shared a piece of their world with me.