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Making your entire Organization more Productive & Profitable

4C’s DONATION 4 NONPROFIT The 4C model defines an integrated model where 4C’s core strengths and resources are contributed back to the community; for example, 5 percent of all services are donated to our client-selected beneficiaries. Select from a list of nonprofits or clubs and/or designate a beneficiary of your own. Upon approval, 4C will add them to our list of beneficiaries and give you an opportunity to raise money and awareness for your organization within your community. This is an introduction to the 4C integrated fund raising model and will demonstrate the advantages of our product donation program(s) for nonprofit fund raising. Upon conclusion, you will have a solid understanding of our nonprofit programs and have all the information you need to nominate beneficiaries and participate in 4C’s community donation and cooperative opportunities.

4C CORPORATE STRUCTURE L3C’s are a legal form of business entity created to bridge the gap between nonprofit and for-profit investing by providing a legal structure that facilitates investments in socially beneficial, for-profit ventures while simplifying compliance with the IRS. It is a blend between LLC and nonprofit business structures and is perfect to meet the vision and mission of our organization and team. For more information on L3C’s please visit

THE SUM IS GREATER THAN ITS PARTS At the end of the day, we hope that what we have created is greater than the sum of its parts. That is how we work, it is our mission, and it is how we connect. We see the power of the web providing the ability to deliver on-demand services while helping organizations making social investments as much as a business investment. Our goal is success, success in making your ideas real, success in scaling to great heights when the world takes notice. 4C, the Greater Sum.


I would like to nominate an organization for the 4C Donation for Nonprofit Program as a beneficiary. I understand that a nomination does not guarantee enrollment however, I feel strongly about this organization and its programs and, if accepted, I will use the 4C Donation for Nonprofit Program to raise money and awareness for their organization.

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Making your entire Organization more Productive & Profitable *Organization Name _____________________________ *Executive Director__________________________________ Website Address _________________________________*Phone Number _____________________________________ Address ________________________________________*Email Address _____________________________________ City ___________________________________________ St _________ Zip_____________________________________ *Why I am Nominating: ______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________ If this form is used please fax a copy to (877) 234‐1550. There are additional charges for Advanced Service Options. Please add total advanced option amount to discount pricing amount for your net cost of service.

CORPORATE PHILANTHROPY 4C is not only a pioneer in building and delivering on-demand internet service applications (Cloud Services = but also in the world of corporate philanthropy. 4C is committed to making a social investment as much as a business investment in the communities in which we work. The model that 4C has implemented is simple, yet yields incredible social impact as well as competitive advantage. This model provides a clear advantage in offering potential customers, employees, and partners the choice to work with a company that works to improve our communities.

WAYS TO PARTICIPATE 4C Ad Partner Requirements 1. 2.

Submit Partner Agreement Work with 4C to place digital ads on company websites, social media, and corp. signatures.

4C Customer Requirements 1. Submit Customer Order Form & Application(s) 2. Subscribe to one or more services offered by 4C

4C Donations Requirements 1. Passion to make a difference 2. Designate donation to 4C’s L3C or the 4C Foundation 501 (c) 3 Grants For Good Foundation

Benefits 1. Free Hosting 2. Free POP3 & IMAP Email 3. 90% of Net Proceeds Benefit Designated Beneficiary 4. Increase participation in Corporate Philanthropy 5. Increase revenue and awareness for community programs 6. Help people experience their community at up to 50% off while doing good Benefits 1. Improve Company Communication & Collaboration 2. Reduced OpEx Costs by up to 50% 3. Raise Money & Awareness for Designated Beneficiary 4. Improve Customer Experiences 5. Empower Employees Benefits 1. Become a member of 4C corporate initiatives by donating funds to further its mission. 2. Become a contributor to our foundation “Grants For Good” Help support programs that raise money and awareness for at-risk youth, elderly, and the homeless. 3. Product donation; help us provide incentives to contributors of the Grants for Good Foundation by donating products and or services.

4C Communications | 947 Lincoln Ave. Napa, CA 94558 | 800.616.0696 | Info Pac.doc

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Overview of the unique model 4C has created to help businesses save money while contributing to their community

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