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Wedding day folklore Brides and grooms believe in many old wives’ tales, folklore and good luck charms to ensure a happy marriage. Here are just some of the wedding day superstititions. One enduring tradition is to throw rice at the newly betrothed. Rice was traditionally used to symbolize fertility and prosperity. Some cultures even believed it fed the evil spirits that crashed the wedding. The English believe a spider found in a wedding dress is good luck. A sugar cube in a bride’s glove is believed to sweeten the union, according to Greeks. The groom carries the bride over the threshhold to protect her from evil spirits below. Saturday is considered the unluckiest day to marry, according to English tradition.

Wardrobes for second-time brides Remarriage rates continue to increase, and many vendors are now catering specifically to couples entering second marriages. A bride getting married for the second or third time has just as many attire options as she did for her first wedding. Research indicates that more than half of all marriages end in divorce. The silver lining to that cloud is that 54 percent of divorced women remarry within 5 years, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. Furthermore, 75 percent of divorced women remarry within 10 years. These statistics show that the need for bridal gowns for women entering a new marriage remains strong. When choosing a gown for a second wedding, brides-to-be can use their discretion. Gone is the stigma of wearing white. However, brides still may want to choose an alternative color to bright white to be more complementary to their skin tones. Off-white, pale yellow and pale pink can be flattering shades. If second brides do choose to wear white, they may want to avoid a flat white color. Instead, they can opt to wear a shimmery shade of white and a gown with a little more pizzazz. The gown -- just as with first-time weddings -- should be as formal or as casual as the wedding itself. At afternoon weddings it may be acceptable to wear a tea-length gown or even a cocktail dress. Enhance beachside or casual affairs with less elaborate gowns. Formal second weddings should still feature a gown that is formal in nature.

A more mature bride may feel more comfortable wearing a well-tailored pantsuit rather than a gown. Again, the choice is up to the bride regarding what she wants to wear

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Getting engaged is just the beginning ... Are you one of the thousands of couples who got engaged over the holidays? This is the time for you and your soon-to-be to turn a whole bunch of mismatched mine and yours into a lifetime of ours. “When it comes to registering, relax, take your time and have fun,” recommends Audrey Stavish, a Bridal and Gift Registry expert at Bed Bath & Beyond. “Most brides update their registries online and go into the stores many times. Choose items that are right for you and your soon-to-be. Go through the registry process together and have fun!” Here are some additional tips to make wedding planning a breeze: Plan Ahead: Start a bridal registry as soon as you say “yes.” That way guests will have lots of options for engagement gifts and showers. Periodically update your registry by adding more products if you need to, even after the wedding. Be kind to procrastinators.

Do the Math: Experts advise registering for 2-3 items times the number of guests you plan to have. Close friends and family will rely on your registry for special events leading up to the wedding -- such as engagement parties, bridal showers, and holidays! Your guests will appreciate having lots of choices when they shop for you. Be sure to refresh your list regularly as gifts get purchased. Register Now: You may think you will ... but you won’t. Now is the time to let others get you the stuff you’d never buy yourself. Your friends and family might even get together to purchase a higher priced “group gift.” Dream Big: Register for gifts in a range of prices and categories. This will give guests and group givers lots of options to choose from. Remember the Rule of three: When it comes to setting your table, if you choose bold patterns

for your china and flatware, pick a more simple style of glassware. Prefer intricate stemware? Pair it with simpler patterns of china and flatware. Visit a Store: It’s in YOUR best interest to visit a store and schedule an appointment with an expert consultant who can help you with your gift selections and share great tips like “The Rule of Three,” what cookware you will need to prepare your favorite dish, what knife to use when and much more. When making your selections, it’s important to touch the towels, heft the flatware, see everything in person!

C’mon Back: Most couples don’t make all their selections in a single spree. Plan on making multiple visits. Once you’ve set up your registry, take advantage of Bed Bath & Beyond’s Bridal Toolkit, the complimentary wedding planning tools available at bedbathandbeyond. com, including your own Personal Wedding Web site, budgeter, task manager, guest list manager, gift tracker and even a seating arranger. Congratulations and best wishes on your engagement. Now get registering and let the gift-giving begin.

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Budget list: There’s no getting around the fact that weddings can be expensive. For many couples, they’re the first of the largest expenses they will make together. It’s quite easy for individuals to go over budget on their wedding day if they do not carefully keep track of what has been spent on all the elements of the big day. Use this budget planner to keep all of the costs associated with the wedding in one easyto-manage place. Venue and rentals Food and service Beverages Cake Miscellaneous fees Gown and alterations Headpiece and veil Accessories Makeup and Hair Groom’s tux or suit Groom’s accessories Floral arrangements Bouquets Ring pillow Boutonnieres

Corsages Reception decorations Lighting Ceremony musicians Reception musicians Photography Videography Transportation Favors Ceremony fees Invitations Stationery Wedding rings Honeymoon

Tips for Cost-Conscious Couples In a recent survey released by Visa Inc., 88 percent of couples believed they overspent on some aspect of their wedding. Over the years, weddings have become a major financial commitment, in many instances ensuring a couple’s first task as man and wife will be paying off the mountain of bills they accrued to achieved their dream wedding. In today’s economic climate, the cost of weddings is even tougher to swallow, as both the domestic and global economy remains difficult to predict. Economic uncertainty has left many young couples fearful of making a big financial commitment to their weddings. But it’s still possible for couples to make the most of their wedding without landing themselves in heavy debt once the honeymoon is over and the bills must be paid. In the Visa survey, respondents felt they overspent more on food, drink and cake than any other aspect of their wedding. The bar

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tab can quickly add up at the end of the night, but couples can limit the bar expense by making on a few different types of drinks available. Offer just two or three drink options instead of a full bar. Couples can also consider a cash bar for mixed drinks to help lower the bar tab by the end of the night. Saturday weddings are not only the most popular, but also the most expensive. Couples with some flexibility can save money by moving their wedding to a Friday or Sunday. Couples who move their weddings to Friday often find they get to spend more time with their friends and families the following day, as guests are more inclined to stay in town an extra day than they are on Sunday afternoons following a wedding. Seventeen percent of male respondents to the Visa survey felt they overspent on their honeymoon. While it’s certainly nice to fly off to the Caribbean and spend your first week as a married couple

soaking up some sun, a more local getaway for a couple of days can be just as relaxing and save couples substantial amounts of money. Once the bills have been paid, couples can then enjoy a more traditional honeymoon, possibly in celebration of their first anniversary. Inviting all friends and family members might be a nice gesture, but it’s also an expensive one. Cost-conscious couples can save a good deal of money by only inviting those friends and family members who are closest to them. Floral arrangements for a wedding can prove very expensive. But couples can trim those costs using more greenery in the floral displays and ordering less expensive, seasonal flowers. When discussing arrangements with the florist, explain that the budget can only allow so much for flowers, and work together to find ways to add aesthetic appeal without breaking the bank.

The Journal is happy to share news of your engagement and wedding free of charge. Forms are available in the office at Third and Cota or online at www. Submit your form with a black-and-white or color print (digital files are preferred). Pictures are available at the office for pickup as soon as the article is printed. If you wish pictures returned by mail, please include a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Deadline is 2 p.m. Monday. However, news of engagements, and weddings is always printed on a space-available, first-come-firstserved basis. Occasionally, space constraints or an overabundance of coming events will force us to hold one of these stories a week, or during peak seasons, two. • 360-426-4412 Thursday, January 13, 2011 ♥ Shelton-Mason County Journal ♥ Page S-7

Wedding or reception music Brides and grooms have a few options when it comes to the music played at their ceremony and reception. Live musicians or deejays are often the entertainment of choice. When hiring the entertainment, there are some important things to keep in mind. The music of the wedding will set the tone for the event and keep guests entertained during key moments of the day. Musicians will often work in conjunction with a maitre d’ to be sure the reception moves along smoothly and sticks to the schedule. Music will be played while guests are dining and when there are opportunities for dancing. It’s essential to listen to musicians or deejays before hiring anyone to ensure what they’re offering will fit in with the wedding. Also, it’s helpful to confirm the person or people being auditioned will be the exact individuals at the wedding. Some entertainment companies hire out contract musicians, meaning the preview musicians may not be the same person who will perform at the ceremony. That can potentially prove disasterous. If a certain musician or deejay is requested, be sure it is put down in writing in the contract.

Provide the musical entertainment with some information to further help the wedding go off without a hitch. This may include but not be limited to the following: • Names of all wedding party participants so they can be properly introduced. • Name of the married couple, including pronunciation of the last name, if necessary. • The title of the couple’s song. • The titles of songs to be danced with mother/son or father/daughter. • A listing of any preferred songs. • The title of a “spotlight dance” song. • Any music that is off-limits at the reception. • Special announcements that should be made, such as mentioning a guest’s birthday or another special event involving guests. • Whether a bouquet and garter toss will take place, and which songs should be played during these traditions. In most cases, wedding musicians are professionals who have handled many weddings and are very accustomed to what should be done to make the night a memorable one. Trust in the expertise of the musicians, and provide guidance where necessary.

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where it is they’re putting their feet up. Plan an off-season honeymoon. That dream honeymoon might be affordable after all if couples can wait till it’s not the height of tourist season. Most weddings occur during the summer months, when tourist season is in full swing.Couples who can put off their honeymoon until the off-season will no doubt find their dream honeymoon is much more affordable.

Honeymoon Planning the wedding has come and gone. Couples can take the following advice to ensure their getaway goes off without a hitch. Be budget-conscious. Many couples could enjoy a honeymoon to Siberia in the dead of winter after their big day has passed. After all the stress

of planning and paying for the wedding, couples will likely just enjoy the time away. Take this into consideration when planning a honeymoon. If a dream trip isn’t in the budget after all the wedding bills have come due, don’t fret. A less expensive getaway is still a getaway, and couples will enjoy their welldeserved break no matter

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Think outside the box. When asked about a dream honeymoon, couples will often bring up Hawaii or even Paris. While those are beautiful places to spend a honeymoon, they’re also expensive. Fortunately, there are a bevy of locales, be it domestic or international, that aren’t nearly as pricey as the most popular honeymoon destinations but still make wonderful options for a honeymoon getaway couples won’t soon forget.

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With all the work that goes into planning a wedding, it can be easy for couples to overlook their own honeymoons. But in the middle of all those seating arrangements and reception hall negotiations, couples also need to plan and look forward to the rest and relaxation that awaits, which will no doubt be a well-deserved escape once

Start early. It’s never too early to start planning the honeymoon. The earlier couples begin to research possible destinations, the better feel they will have for what they can and can’t afford. Research can be done well in advance to give couples an idea of what their dream trip will cost. But don’t book any flights or make any reservations too far in advance. The best deals are often available a few months before the trip.

Spread the news that you’re newlyweds. Hotels love hosting newlyweds, and many will upgrade rooms for recently married guests. Couples should not be too brash about it, as fully booked hotels won’t be able to upgrade their guests. But let the hotel know you’re on your honeymoon when checking in, and they might just upgrade your room and comp you a bottle of champagne as a gift.


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Wedding Cake Tr The multi-tiered cake that is a favorite wedding tradition that’s often presented at the end of the night. The happy couple takes a slice and enjoys the first piece. In recent years, wedding cakes have become more of an artistic centerpiece than just a confectionary treat. Couples often seek out renowned wedding cake bakers for a cake that will amaze the crowd and complete the theme of the wedding. The average couple will spend between $700 to $800 for their wedding cake. Although many catering

halls or reception sites will include the wedding cake in a package deal, many couples choose to order their cake from a specialty bakery who creates culinary masterpieces. If television trends are any indication, many people are opting to spend several hundred to thousands of dollars on a customized wedding cake. These fondant and buttercream creations may be elaborate in nature, so much so they’ll likely need to be ordered several months in advance. Couples looking for something a

Local Bakeries that make Wedding Cakes:

Black-and-white wedding cakes are one theme that couples routinely turn to for their dramatic flair and aesthetic appeal.

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rends This Season bit different for their upcoming nuptials, many want to consider these trends in wedding cakes.

• 3-D accents on the cake, such as graphic appliques. • A black-and-white motif that gives the cake a simplistic, yet trendy appeal. • A lot of bold color in the cake, instead of just white or ivory. • Dramatic monograms that can add class to the cake. • Painted cakes with edible food coloring paint that feature beautiful

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landscapes or a portrait. A work of art, they’re both delicious to eat and fun to admire. • Cakes that mirror the style of the wedding gown, including fondant ruffles and appliques. Many couples still opt for the traditional, and that is always in style. Instead of experimenting with the outside of the cake, couples can be creative with cake flavor and fillings. Imagine cutting open the cake to find red velvet or a chocolate ganache filling!

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